Documented Ethics Violations by Hynes Go Back to 1996

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

Charles Hynes photo by Patrick Cashin / Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 2012

I reported in October that then Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes Violated NYC Ethics Law Using DA Staff for Personal Legal Work. The employee in question was Dino Amoroso who served as Hynes’ representative in private real estate transactions. Amoroso is now also alleged to have committed larceny in using DA funds to pay for 2012-2013 campaign work by Mortimer Matz. I also reported, Fraudulent Hynes Signatures Were Attested by Top Brooklyn DA Officials Dino Amoroso and Virginia Modest. My reports cover violations that occurred almost twenty years ago.


5 thoughts on “Documented Ethics Violations by Hynes Go Back to 1996

  1. Excellent. Expect to be contacted by investigators from the AG’s office.

    Hynes and his goon squad may soon know what their innocent victims felt like while languishing in prison. Perhaps they’ll also learn what it feels like to be a victim of one of the many child molesters they allowed to roam free and rape children.

    All for votes and $ from corrupt ultra-Orthodox and Chasidic rabbis and power brokers.

  2. Is there a superlative higher than “kol hakavod”??? well, if so, it is rightly yours, YL.
    You deserve some journalistic award. You called it all. amazing. When you wrote all of the emes, did you believe then, that it would ever come to pass, that the shxx would hit the fan for all of them?? Did you have that faith? Just curious.

  3. I did believe it would come out, especially once he was out of office. I wasn’t sure which piece would be provable and which agency would care enough to investigate. I was shocked to discover that Amy Feinstein was also involved in larceny. I actually thought she was honest. Go learn. The man corrupted almost everyone in his executive retinue.

  4. Ethics…I love it when these guys get caught. Dana Cole who represents R Menachem Tewel, R Baruch Gradon, and R Fishel Cohen, wife [the Honorable Lisa Cole], is buddies with the Judge who Dana Cole was defense counsel for in my case as plaintiff Polonsky v Cohen.

    Judge Elizabeth White refused to recuse herself, even per my written request stating that the relationship with her and the the defense counsel could make her somewhat biased, as she knows them, and she does not know me.

    Judge White makes dinner for the defense counsel at her house. Sounds funny right? What was the emergency deposition “importance” that she authorized for? What was so important that if I didn’t go for 14 hours and be asked about oral copulation 50x that made me throw up all night, so important? Really? Seems abusive to me.;pageID=4142530622535533100;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=3;src=pagename

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