The Brooklyn DA Inflates Recovered Costs of Prosecution in Exchange for Not Reporting Tax Violations

Cash Register 1This post first appeared with the title, “The Brooklyn DA Inflates Recovered Costs of Prosecution in Exchange for Not Reporting Tax Violations” (10/21/13) while Charles J Hynes was still DA. It seems pertinent with the recent revelations that

An investigation into former six-term Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes found his office spent more than $200,000 in seized criminal funds on consultant services for his failed reelection campaign last year.

My previous post also included a lot of information about the ongoing election campaign which is no longer directly relevant. Below is my description of another of Hynes’ corrupt schemes. While reading this story, remember it was written while Hynes was still in office in October 2013 but he had lost the all-important primary.

Dino Amoroso

Dino Amoroso

Deputy District Attorney Dino Amoroso is concerned about prosecutable conduct in the money laundering division. The scam is simple. When doing a plea bargain, exaggerate the “Costs of Prosecution (COP)” which are kept by the Office of the DA in exchange for lesser sentences and fines. These deals violate the law requiring KCDA to report relevant information to the Tax Commission. Tax fraud virtually goes hand-in-hand with money laundering and exposes the defendants to serious financial and criminal liabilities. Naturally, this makes defendants especially amenable to gross overestimates of costs of prosecution.

According to a source, John Steffy handled the tax cases along with financial investigator Robert Stahl and ADA Steve Kramer. (Kramer is also alleged to have had a role in seizing the assets of Judge John L. Phillips). They regularly threatened alleged defendants by telling them they would report them to the Tax Commission. The defendants would respond immediately by asking what the office wanted. That is how the DA got the money. There is no record of anything and everyone leaves happy. Not surprisingly, many of the deals filed with the courts conveniently left out the amount charged for costs of prosecution

I am told that according to Dino Amoroso, this last year was ‘a good year’ with profits of four million, ‘but Vecchione and McCarthy could have done better.’ I imagine some ADAs may have gone a step further and pocketed some money for themselves in exchange for “adjusting” the costs of prosecution. I can understand Dino’s distress. That would be wrong. It would be plundering his public treasury.

Folks in money laundering are scared and distancing themselves. ADA Casey Taylor who worked on the financial cases in rackets recently left. Deputy ADA Mike Morelli, Jr. (son of Angelo Morelli in Investigations) formally requested a transfer out of money laundering. He was placed in the Labor Law Bureau. The Bureau’s Chief, Joe McCarthy, was just given an office on the 20th floor and will be in the Health Care Fraud Unit. Going from Chief of Money Laundering to an ADA in Health Care Fraud is not a step up in one’s career. It is probably not due to his afternoon imbibing, since even with time off for health reasons, his career has progressed till now. Toni Lichstein – Deputy Bureau Chief of Money Laundering – has also moved out of the 17th floor.

I think the folks who are scattering are wise. The alternative might be staying around and being maneuvered into covering things up. That can only mean destroying evidence, a crime that would compound their problems. I would hope everyone is smart enough to stay calm. If they are really astute they will start talking to feds, so they can be at the front of the line for the leniencies afforded to cooperating witnesses.


3 thoughts on “The Brooklyn DA Inflates Recovered Costs of Prosecution in Exchange for Not Reporting Tax Violations

  1. Hynes is the New York District Attorney that brought his mentor/former boss/advisor/ convicted/confessed child rapist Eugene Gold to Hynes’ inauguration and publicly honored him years after Gold’s confession and conviction in regard to multiple sex assaults on a 10 year old girl. Gold remained Hynes advisor for decades.

    In 1983 former NY District Attorney Eugene Gold was charged with the rape of the 10 year old daughter of an Alabama district attorney while, according to the girl’s father, two other children, children of another district attorney, were present. Gold faced a minimum sentence of 20 years on the aggravated rape charge. Instead Gold plead guilty to lesser sexual molestation charges and acknowledged that he sexually assaulted the 10 year old girl on an additional occasion. The plea agreement was touted as saving the 10 year old girl the trauma of testifying at trial. Gold only received probation and moved to Israel where he was to get counseling. Does the deal sound familiar? The same deal Kolko senior and Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner got.

    This is the monster that Hynes has associated himself and the his former office of the New York District Attorney with. Gold used to hold Hynes’ former job.

    Understand who Hynes is? A protector of pedophiles. The pedophiles and their protectors have Hynes ear. Hynes is in their pocket.

    Here’s Hynes inauguration speech where District Attorney Charles J. Hynes publicly honored confessed/convicted pedophile Eugene Gold (square brackets have been added by me):

    In the same year a prominent New York City trial lawyer [pedophile Eugene Gold] was chosen to run for the office of Kings County District Attorney. During his [Gold] campaign, he [Gold] added one word to that slogan, which came to embody the goals of his [Gold] administration and mine [Hynes]. The word was Justice, and so his [Gold] campaign promise, which he [Gold] later fulfilled became; Law and Order with Justice. He [Gold] was my [Hynes] mentor for the six years I was fortunate to serve in his [Gold] Office, and he [Gold] has been one of my [Hynes]most important advisers ever since. Please welcome the three term former District Attorney of Kings County, Eugene Gold.

    Hynes has been protecting Orthodox pedophiles for decades. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko got the same deal Rabbi Lewis/Lipa Brenner got a decade earlier, no jail time and their names were not put on the public sex offender registry. This is the same sort of deal Hynes’ advisor Gold negotiated for himself.

    A message was sent in the recent election to Charles Hynes and the rest of the “fixers” in Brooklyn who have protected Brooklyn’s pedophiles for decades. Child rapists belong in jail not as honored guests at the DA’s inauguration ceremony.

    Hynes’ legacy is the injustice and corruption that he was part of.

    I regret that Hynes has yet to be taken out in handcuffs and prosecuted for his part in the protection of pedophiles and the injustice and corruption that has characterized his office for decades. But hopefully a further investigation will publicly expose Hynes’ full conduct (and the conduct of all his vile henchmen) over the decades and lead to criminal charges.

    Good bye and good riddance to Hynes and the rest of his former gang in the DA’s office that will hopefully be charged shortly.The trash in Brooklyn is finally being taken out. Fixers are being exposed and hopefully soon arrested. More hopefully to follow.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. I still find it incredible that someone could have gone to jail for years for a crime committed when they weren’t even in the same state.

      Let’s get everyone wrongly separated from their families home. As to the pedophiles – your time is coming.

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