The Friday Afternoon Massacre at the Brooklyn DA

Grim Reaper 1About a dozen people were fired (or allowed to resign) on Friday afternoon at the Office of the Kings County District Attorney. Some of those forced out were allowed to resign effective a few weeks from now.

Headlining the confirmed list are ADAs Mike Morelli, Jr. and Steven Kramer, both implicated in misconduct in the collection and spending of Costs of Prosecution (COP) extracted from defendants charged with money laundering. I reported on that scam in 2013. Kramer was also implicated in misconduct that cost the late Judge John Phillips his estate, a crime that also involved Harvey Greenberg, husband of Mary Hughes, a “Confidential District Attorney” in the Hynes era.  I have an  unconfirmed report that another associated with the scam who is out is ADA Joe McCarthy . [update, McCarthy’s downfall has since been confirmed].

As I reported earlier, the Jewish liaison, Wolf Sender was forced to resign. [Update 69/14 According to KCDA press office, Sender “is not leaving… He is not being terminated or resigning now or in a few weeks.”]

Two people hired for press and communications by Thompson, Sheila Stainback and Sharon Toomer, are out.

ADA Lauren Mack who headed a unit for prosecuting subsidy fraud is also out, allegedly for extravagant use of funds in a special grant to prosecute subsidy fraud (e.g., government social welfare benefits).

Also out are Anne Seeley, Christine M. Grillo, and Annemarie McAvoy. It is not clear if it was for lackadaisical performance, or a history of fierce and suspect loyalty to Michael Vecchione, Hynes’ ethically challenged Rackets man.

Not included in the list, though losing ground by the day, is the Head of Crimes Against Children, ADA Miss Gregory, who mishandled the Baruch Lebovits case, and her number two, Roger McGreedy. I expect to write more about Miss Gregory’s abysmal performance in that case, conduct so negligent that it should be considered criminal, but alas, prosecutors have immunity.

Equally culpable is Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi who did most of the court work on Lebovits under Thompson, who is also on short lease at KCDA. Insiders expect the DA to overturn the John Giuca conviction because of gross prosecutorial misconduct by Nicolazzi.

Both Gregory and Nicolazzi had every reason to avoid a trial that could have ended in acquittal. A bad showing would have hurt them as they sought other jobs. Instead they helped to persuade the DA at the last minute to settle for less than one year of additional jail time instead of four more years. Until that momentthe DA was holding out for the longer sentence. This begs the question: Why would the DA leave the case in the hands of prosecutors whose best interests did not lie in going for the max?

UPDATE 6/8/14, 7 am: Since I posted last night, The Daily News confirmed that Joe McCarthy was let go. Also let go was James Leeper who failed to show up to complete a trial because of alcoholism and was also identified in connection with two instances of wrongful conviction.


23 thoughts on “The Friday Afternoon Massacre at the Brooklyn DA

  1. Notably, Anne Seeley worked directly under Mike Vecchione. And you missed a while earlier that Mike’s son was also canned.

  2. Yes – brilliant idea “fire Nicolazzi” then the KCDAs office can be left with virtually no one who has any talent or experience trying complex cases.
    Lopin you are going to get the DAs Office you deserve

    • Are you really claiming that prosecutorial misconduct leading to wrongful convictions is tolerable. Under Vecchione a culture developed to conflated securing convictions illegally was the mark of a great prosecutor. That must be undone.

      • No I am claiming that you dont know what prosecutorial misconduct is and just because a defendant, defendant’s mother or other biased observer says that there was misconduct, doesn’t mean there was.
        Nicolazzi is one of the most experienced and respected attorneys (by colleagues, defense bar and judiciary) left at KCDA and while that likely wont stop Thompson from firing her (he may be more out of touch with reality then Hynes was), it would be a dumb move in an office with little talent, less experience and almost no bench.
        But hey – dont let ethics, the talmud or just good sense keep you from attacking people you dont know, about subjects you know even less about….you’re against child abuse so whatever you say is justified…right???

        • Passion is no substitute for rationality and the truth. As a matter of truth, and attention to facts no yet officially disclosed I believe Nicolazzi will be discredited because of misconduct necessitating overturning conviction and perhaps even leading to ethics sanctions or criminal charges. Come back August 1 and we will see.

          • Hmm and what or who holds you accountable when your “belief” is not born out by reality? Will you apologize? Stop posting? Or does your ’cause’ somehow absolve you from any accountability?

            • I am usually right and when I am wrong I put out corrections. Will you come back to concede you are wrong if Giuca conviction is overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct by Nicolazzi?

            • Yes I’ll be back

              But you simply saying you were wrong will hardly be accountability when you wrongfully accuse someone of unethical and even criminal (which is almost idiotic btw) misconduct. Especially since you have no basis, as you cannot possibly know what the appeals court will say nor do you have any subject matter expertise.
              You are a shameful person but i am willing to wait until august for my evidence

  3. For the sake of efficiency, perhaps you (YL) should post daily a list of those NOT YET fired? also, i think that a 5% statistical error would be acceptable on an ongoing basis.

    • Well look what slithered out from under a rock! None other than Disgraced Joe ‘ sock puppet, Conman Simpleton.

      Stop worrying about YL’s apologies and get Breezy Point Joe to practice some of his own. Judges like hearing them from the convict before sentencing.

        • Feel free to search for them. Conway, could you search your assorted comments on Frum Follies defending Hynes and issue retractions. If you produce a thorough listing of your bad calls, I will be glad to list mine.

      • Now that Attorney General Schneiderman’s office has finished picking Barbara Burke’s brain for all the dirt she has on ‘ol Joe, he will be sitting in front of a judge sooner than you think.

  4. Yerachmiel I hope you are right about the Giuca case. What Hynes did to that poor man- what he did to all of the men that were wrongfully convicted by his office- is a disgrace. I hope to god they let him out soon and that whoever was responsible- probably a combined effort by Nicolazzi, Vecchione, and Hynes- are exposed.

  5. First i must say congrats to you frumster. i know it must feel good to have been proven right time and time again. as for hynes and his flunkies i have 2 things to say: their gall is only superceded by their FANTASTIC STUPIDITY and they should have remembered when you dig a grave for somebody be sure to dig one for yourself.

    • On 12/19/13 you wrote, “Your position then is that Barbara [Burke] has given “information to enforcement authorities or other potential plaintiffs.” That is a bet I am willing to take. Because, no, I do not believe that she was a whistleblower.”

      Do you still stand by that in spite of yesterday’s NY Post article attributing the new joint Fed-NYS AG investigation of Hynes which they say was triggered by complaints by ex-ADA Barbara Burke? Yeah I know that piece of trash formerly known as the Brooklyn DA hasn’t yet been convicted or even indicted. But I think we can agree that things look awfully bad for Hynes.

      PS, you were right. I should have included Amy Feinstein in my list of culprits last year.

  6. This just brings home what i said months ago. If thompson wants to have any credibility he must terminate everybody -including clerical staff- that worked on the 19th floor immediately.

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