Correction About Wolf Sender: My Reports About His Termination Were Simply Wrong

Wolf Sender

Wolf Sender

I erroneously posted a report that Wolf Sender was among those forced out of the Brooklyn DA on Friday. I have since corrected all the posts where I made that statement.

It is now clear to me based on information from several sources including the press office of the Brooklyn District Attorney that  Wolf Sender is not in any immediate danger of being terminated or being forced to resign. I apologize to Mr. Sender for my error and for any difficulties it caused him. It is my job as a blogger journalist to sometimes be critical of public figures. But even when I disagree with someone I owe them accurate reporting.

I did rely on sources and had good reason to believe what I reported. But I was wrong. I am reprocessing and evaluating how I made that error, both reviewing my own notes and consulting with others, to make it even less likely I will make any such error in the future.

I have left up the primary post with corrections. I know it is out there and I want those following the link to see the correction. I stand by some other observations about Wolf Sender.

I am also leaving it up as a cautionary lesson to myself. I feel it is good to suffer the embarrassment of being wrong and I do not believe in effacing serious errors. Admitting and remembering our mistakes, and learning from them, is the best way to avoid making them again.

I know I have many readers who depend on me for revelations about conduct and misconduct which is not reported by others. I appreciate your confidence in me and want to keep earning it by making my reports reliable.



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