Shabbos Goy Hynes Calculates His Take from a Hasidic Fundraiser

Hynes email re expected Ben Barber yield july 2013On July 23rd Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes estimated a take of $7,500 from a fundraiser with Hasidim hosted by  Boro Park Hasid, Ben Barber .

It was at this fundraiser on July 29 that he declared himself a “real shabbos goy” meaning someone who could anticipate and deliver prohibited acts to his orthodox constituents without even being asked.

Henna White email to Hynes on 2-13-13 re Ben Barber fundraiserAt the same event, Hynes made a point of saying he was not asking for money, but mentioned how it was necessary for a campaign. But another email from February by Henna White makes it clear that he conceived of these sort of events as fundraisers and used office staff, on office time, on office email to arrange these events.

Hasidim routinely talk about funneling fantastic sums on the scale of a half a million or more to candidates. Apparently the sums are much lower and their power is primarily based on votes and political maneuvering, not raw cash.

Henna White, Eli Poltorak (Chabad), & Joe Hynes

Henna White, Eli Poltorak (Chabad), & Joe Hynes

It is a mistake to ponder whether Hynes conducted political activity with the resources of the DA’s office. Under Hynes the DA’s office and his political operation were one and the same thing. That mentality was so pervasive that many attorneys who should have known better could not even be bothered to take the precaution of using private email accounts for campaign work. And why should they have? They correctly understood their bosses message: “We are a political operation that also prosecutes.”






6 thoughts on “Shabbos Goy Hynes Calculates His Take from a Hasidic Fundraiser

  1. Hynes is using a racial slur in that first email .

    “Paki” is considered in many Western countries to be to Pakistanis what the N word is to Blacks. The more polite short form is Pak without the “i”.

    And they say that one thing Joe isn’t is a racist!

    • Re the archbiship cited in above link, Bli Busha. he knew nothing. was just following orders. what a gdf liar, to even think that in today’s world, these statements will somehow exonerate him, or lessen his crime/negligence, is beyond logical comprehension. reminds me of the uptown satmar rebbe the day before sentencing of weberman calling the plaintiff “zonah” prostitute, . see no evil hear no evil. of course there was evil, f n satmar rebbes that’s where the evil originated and in their yeshivot. and the triple locks on the Weberman’s door. where oh where were the adults to protect this female child, for she was a child when it started.
      . Two sons, vaux rien, worse, what a f n travesty. but so far, imho, David Twerski beats them in the race, he is the winner in the competition for evil…….i know i am going a bit far astray here……and i am ignoring Lev Tahor and Elior Chen, et al. the archbishop did not know that sexual relations with children was a crime. jfc, priests relinquish sexuality, but he didn’t know. bli busha., he did not know. he must have fallen asleep during that lesson.

  2. Yo, Omerta . . . . . He speaks of a fundraiser arranged by his son. Paki is the nickname of his son, Patrick.

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