Reasons for Stiffer Sentences

The Brooklyn DA’s office has handed down some very lenient sentences for orthodox sex offenders lately, insisting it treats those cases like an others. But consider the quotes below justifying stiffer sentences when a community still does not take a crime seriously. They come from a 2009 sentencing session in Brooklyn.

  • “The assistant district attorney prosecuting the case, also argued for jail time as opposed to therapy, which the defense was seeking, emphasizing that the absence of jail time would send “just a very bad message … [not only] to the community.”
  • “Judge __ praised the victims and their families for the having the courage to come forward despite communal pressures. And he made a point of indicating that precisely because of the community’s “‘circle the wagon attitude’ there is going to be a jail sentence in this case because anything less, I believe, would offend not only the appropriate sense of justice but would also further, in some way, if not penalize [and] … indicate to the victims here who have … suffered the opprobrium of the community that somehow what happened to them was not important, was not significant.””
Yona Weinberg

Yona Weinberg

This case prosecuted by ADA Kevin O’Donnell involved Yona Weinberg, an orthodox social worker and bar mitzvah tutor. The court session also included the drama of Judge Guston Reichbach attacking the community response to abuse.

As this case shows, there is every reason for the DA’s office to consider community minimization of the crimes and harassment of victims when seeking and assigning sentences.

Weinberg was sentenced to 13 months and he is now a Level 3 registered sex offender.








6 thoughts on “Reasons for Stiffer Sentences

  1. The allegation that the alleged victims were shunned by the community was a lie fabricated by the District Attorney’s office and proven using documents produced by Hynes’ office. The alleged victims committed perjury and their testimonies were rife with factual contradictions. The Prosecution argued that the Rape Shield and Confidentiality laws should prohibit Defense from even acknowledging the existence of a relationship between the Defendant and the alleged victims, much less being permitted to cross-question the alleged victims. Gustin Reichbach admitted to smoking the reefer every day of the trial in the New York Times.

    • 1. Mark H. Kaplan, you are being absurd. There isn’t a convicted defendant in the world who can’t claim the evidence is fabricated.

      2. The Honorable Guston Reichbach was dying of painful cancer a few years later. During the last months of his life he wrote an op-ed decrying ban on medicinal pot to relieve chemotherapy neausea and stating he used it but I do not believe he was any longer on the bench and it is not clear from his article whether he was even using it in NYS, as opposed to other states where it was legal. No, he was not smoking reefer every day of the trial. Bully for you that your sympathize with Yona Weinberg but that does not make your allegations true.

      • You should check the article again. He said at the time he’d been using it daily for the past three years – in his home in Downtown Brooklyn. That Rape Shield argument was used in a different Appellate Court ruling and Weinberg has right to challenge right now. The testimony was put online during the trial, and the AJ started taking cases away after the Camp & School submitted DA-authored letters showing no discrimination against the alleged victims. Check it up: we know you have Lexis-Nexis.

  2. YA – Y the L do you bother responding to the knuckle draggers???

    If you showed these twits pictures of Weberchazer, Weingarten, Weinberger, Kolko, Michael Jackson and Mondrowitz with their hands in little boys’ underwear and they’d tell you the kids all seduced the adults.

    give it up. The Torah calls this olam hasheker. The frum world today is all about chumros so we are trying to bring as much sheker into the world as possible, to be sure we have enough sheker for all shitos.

    Even the Briskers.

    • RationalFaith,
      Denial is denial. were there not video surveillance tapes of Deutsch on the day he snatched two boys and dragged each to the basement of (sorry, i am bklyn handicapped, but i think it was what is commonly referred to as the “molesters” shul). videotapes, how much better, i.e. worse can ya get?
      I was just reading history on wiki and one of the Vishnitzer rebbes from Bnai Brak (spelling not going to check but you know who i mean), had one daughter marry Aaron Teitelbaum and another evil of evils David Twersky). wow. what a great percentage yield. He must have been thrilled, such yechus, to bring into his genetic pool, the DNA is combustible. . oh, save me from these, er , uh,. “tsadikim”.
      How did Am Yisrael get here?
      As a MO friend wrote me, chumrot of chumrot, don’t eat Pesach at home, LOL, Trying to lighten up a bit.
      The Y and the L are the guiding lights in today’s world, halevai that the rebbeim should have even half of his integrity and morality…..and no, LOL, I am not related and have never met YL.

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