Burke, the Whistleblower Who Brought Hynes Down

ADA Barbara A. Burke (Samide)

Barbara A. Burke

 The New York Post reported  (6/16/14) that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has now formally joined the New York State Attorney General in investigating corruption by ex-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and others in his office. The alleged corruption included using office funds to pay Hynes’s campaign consultant, Mortimer Matz. Matz was also chauffeured to and from work by DA Investigators.

According to the Post, “One reason federal prosecutors may have gotten involved is because fired Brooklyn ADA Barbara Burke first went to them with allegations of DA wrongdoing last year.”

I first drew attention to Barbara Burke on August 8th when I reported that she was punitively transferred on August 5th. I then reported on her subpoena in the Jabbar Collins lawsuit on August 18th.


7 thoughts on “Burke, the Whistleblower Who Brought Hynes Down

  1. Let’s hope that this investigation leads to another focused on the preferential treatment given to Haredi child rapists and that the fallout from that is severe enough and wide-ranging enough to put the fear of God in Thompson and his staff about ever doing the equivalent. Only then in my personal opinion will we have realized a significant social and societal benefit. Putting Hynes in jail for financial and political skullduggery will prove his many longstanding critics to have been right about the corruption in his office but that’s about all. Nailing rapists and putting them away is of far greater value than is jailing one elderly ex-DA and some of this staff.

      • Thanks – glad you agree. To respond also to Vincent: yes, Thompson’s job is to serve the people of Brooklyn however so was it Hynes’ job and he served primarily those who could deliver the bloc votes to keep him in office. Stark evidence that times have changed will keep Thompson on his toes.

  2. The investigation should itself strive to serve justice; Thompson’s job is to serve the denizens of Kings County, and he shouldn’t require an example to do so.

    Unless we want another Leiby Kletsky, we should all do our part in making sure that it can’t possible ever happen again.

  3. Lets not forget GOODFELLAS. You just know one or more of hyne’s flunkies will pull a ‘Henry Hill’ and rat all of them out. Tell me frumster, who do you think will start singing first? I go with Amy Feinstein.

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