Schnitzler Expressed No Remorse Over Bleach Assault in Pre-Sentencing Letter

Meilech Schnitzler

Meilech Schnitzler

Meilech Schnitzler got the deal of a lifetime. He assaulted Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg by throwing a cup of bleach into his eyes. But for helpful bystanders who helped douse Rosenberg’s face with water, Rosenberg might be blind. Schnitzler got off without spending a day in jail, even though he pleaded guilty. At his sentencing today (6/18/14), According to DNAInfo, Judge Joseph Gubbay said

He didn’t “see remorse” in the man’s confession letter.

“Were you sorry?” Judge Joseph E. Gubbay asked Meilech Schnitzler, who nearly blinded Rabbi Numech Rosenberg in December 2012 when he hurled a cup of bleach into his face in what Rosenberg called an attempt to silence him from defending sex-assault victims in the Orthodox community. “The facts are very, very disturbing.”

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg Free Kellner Rally (7-11-13)

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg
Free Kellner Rally (7-11-13)

Schnitzler then made a pretense of asking forgiveness. It was an empty gesture under duress, and Rosenberg rightfully rejected it. Judaism is quite clear, remorse must precede forgiveness.

Schnitzler was living by the code of Satmar under which the worst sin is neither felonious assaults with bleach or sexual assaults on children. The worst sin is cooperating with the civil authorities to send another Jew to jail. By that standard, Schnitzler is a better man than Rabbi Rosenberg. His synagogue will probably celebrate his triumph over Rosenberg and the criminal justice system.

DAs like to blame Hasidic crime victims when they hand out sweetheart deals. Most commonly they complain that Hasidic victims are not willing to testify. Rabbi Rosenberg was ready and willing to testify. He was sold short by the office of the Brooklyn DA and ADA Ari Farkas (no relation to Weberman attorney, George Farkas).


5 thoughts on “Schnitzler Expressed No Remorse Over Bleach Assault in Pre-Sentencing Letter

  1. Why couldnt the judge give him jail time? Is the plea agreement legally binding on a judge? If so, the KKK should have a field day in some areas of the Deep South.

    • The plea bargain is binding. the judge can only refuse to accept a plea when it is entered. But that opportunity was lost at the previous session. At sentencing the plea bargain can be refused if the pre-sentencing report by the Department of Probation raises discrepent information. Even that is extremely unusual.

  2. Our Jewish Communities have Gmach (banks and loans), Judicial Systems (Beit Din), Schooling (Yeshiva’s), BUT WHAT WE LACK IS A “Policing Agency, ie the police and the detectives whom investigate allegations and behaviors considered dangerous for abuse (be it money, sex, or stalking, drugs, domestic violence). Our entire system lacks a policing force/detective agency. So here we have a community, that promotes going to the Rabbi’s for justice. But the Rabbi’s don’t do shit to protect their congregants. Just ask Rabbi Moshe Cohen of Aish HaTorah Los Angeles. He takes your money, and tells you to trust him – Fraudster. He let my husband die!

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