PARODY– SitWell Suppository for Hemorrhoids Receives OU Kosher Certification

SitWell Inc. (NYSE:TCHS) today announced that the Orthodox Union (OU) has granted kosher certification to Preparation K®, a suppository for relief of hemorrhoid pain and itching. Preparation K® is the first suppository to be certified kosher by the OU.

sitting“Hemorrhoids is a condition frequently found among individuals consuming low-roughage Sabbath diets and those who sit for many hours such as white collar professionals and Kollel men” said Ina Kisay, SitWell’s VP for Marketing.

Preparation K® is an FDA-approved, plant-based treatment option for Type II kollel onset hemorrhoids that, in addition, meets stringent standards of kosher regulation and inspections. It uses SitWell’s newly-synthesized, proprietary, plant-based K-Oil®. In contrast, Preparation H™ includes shark liver oil; sharks are not kosher.

The OU, the most recognized certifier of kosher products worldwide, inspected the Sitwell manufacturing facility in Israel in which Preparation K® is produced to ensure that the product met all applicable qualifications.

“We are proud to grant kosher certification to Preparation K®. Hemorrhoids and its treatment options are an important issue in the Jewish community,” said Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher. “Jewish law clearly sets aside the kosher status of a medicine taken rectally, but it is preferable and sometimes recommended that a medicine be certified kosher. We commend SitWell for taking this step and making this commitment to concerns of the Jewish community.”

“Our recent strategic alliances with big pharma, OTC manufacturers, and the cosmetics industry will further strengthen OU’s status as the world’s most recognized, trusted, and profitable kosher certification,” said Rabbi Genack. “Marketing Weekly granted us an award for most ingenious extension of a brand, last month. Stay tuned for more innovative certifications in the future.”

OU Kosher Toilet Bowl CleanerADVERTISER NOTICE

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OU-Kosher certified Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner. “When we promise end-to-end kosher, we go all the way.”

Hat Tip to J Braun


8 thoughts on “PARODY– SitWell Suppository for Hemorrhoids Receives OU Kosher Certification

  1. “…Type II kollel onset hemorrhoids…”

    Inspired! I’m still chuckling over this – somehow it reminds me of gag pic online of the revolver loaded with Preparation H bullets “..for those days when you have to deal with one inflamed a**hole after another…”

    • Great! This should go viral in multiple frum molester neighborhoods (does that imply all?), obviating the necessity of an ethical DA.

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