Vecchione to Be Dino Amoroso’s Attorney on DA Corruption Charges

Dino Amoroso

Dino Amoroso

Michael Vecchione, the former Brooklyn DA head of the Rackets Division, in telling people he will represent Dino Amoroso. Amoroso is being investigated by the US DOJ and the NYS Attorney General on charges of spending DA funds on Charles Hynes’ election campaign.

Amoroso was backbenching the DA response to the Jabbar Collins lawsuit for wrongful conviction for murder. The lawsuit claims that Vecchione withheld Brady material and violated Collins’ rights in other ways. Vecchione and Amoroso are also alleged to have participated in a scheme to exaggerate Costs of Prosecution (COPS) in money laundering cases to earn the DA monies and in return gave sweetheart deals by not reporting or prosecuting the associated tax fraud.

Amoroso also violated the ethical rule of not doing private work for your boss when he worked for Hynes and also served as his Power of Attorney in private real estate transactions

Michael Vecchione (

Michael Vecchione (

When Vecchione was attacked during the campaign, Hynes doubled down and described him as a “very, very ethical” prosecutor. I suspect Amoroso would be using Vecchione precisely because he knows how not to be ethical but yet avoid legal consequences. When Vecchione was deposed in the Collins lawsuit he said “I don’t remember,” or words to that effect to almost 400 questions. It was clear he was lying but it is hard to convict someone for perjury when you have to prove they remember something.

As the Hynes era was winding down, and it was clear that Thompson would not keep him on, I offered Vecchione some career advice. I thought I was pretty creative but I never thought of him defending the other culprits in the Hynes cabal. But, if he can pull it off, he should have plenty of clients and cases that will go on for  quite a while. Before this is over, the defense table in a Federal courtroom might be the site of a DA staff reunion.


3 thoughts on “Vecchione to Be Dino Amoroso’s Attorney on DA Corruption Charges

  1. One of my readers asked if this is satire. No, the report of Vecchione saying he is representing Dino is real. All of my satires are labelled as such in the title. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. I can just see it, a re-enactment of OJ Simpson trial follies. They will all be huddling together, the legal dream team comprised of Vecchione, Dershowitz, F. Lee Bailey, Robert Kardashian & Yeshiva University’s Barry Scheck. Between all the shoulder rubbing they will cracking jokes & laughing with the defendant as if he is a defense counsel himself.

  3. Do you know how much corruption there is in the Hancock, nicknamed now the “Han-cuff” community in Los Angeles? Just ask David Suissa or Luke Ford if that is indeed an expression that has been circulated among us.

    Richard Cohen, Philip Fishel Cohen’s Father of Willco Constructions has lots of political influence, and has used government agencies to contact me and know my whereabouts to cover-up his and his wife Judy Cohen’s sons abuse on me. Richard Cohen of Willco / Axent/ Greenhout Family Business has hired famed Los Angeles attorney Dana Cole (representing Rabbi Menachem Towel pervert, Baruch Gradon (I call him just Gradon, and he fkg hates that!, and Philip Fishel Cohen) to whom is in bed with Judge Lisa Cole. Literally, in bed with a Judge!

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