Matzav.Com Still Treats Lebovits as a Rebbe in Spite of Molesting Conviction

Baruch Lebovits

Baruch Lebovits, Kamarneh/Komarneh Rebbe aka Atlantic City Rebbe

Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits (aka Kamarne or Komarna Rebbe) pled guilty to multiple counts of sexually abusing a teen boy. But that didn’t stop for regarding him a respectable influence on his nephew, Rabbi Chaim Daskal O”H, whose obituary was posted today. They described Baruch Lebovits as a Rebbe who had a beneficial influence on the late Rabbi Daskal.

The funny thing is that when reporters described Lebovits as a rabbi, orthodox media spokespeople made a point of denying he was a rabbi. At most they were willing to concede he was a cantor.

Clearly, they knew enough to realize a molester is an embarrassment to the outside world. But apparently, it is not a problem inside their world.

Informally he was also known as the Atlantic City Rebbe because of his notorious pleasure excursions in Atlantic City.

Chaim Daskal Obit part 1 Matzav

Chaim Daskal Obit part 2 Matzav


15 thoughts on “Matzav.Com Still Treats Lebovits as a Rebbe in Spite of Molesting Conviction

  1. Sorry, but for once I need to disagree with YL.

    The family is suffering enough right now. His mother just buried a child, one of the worst, if not THE worst pain a person can experience.

    No harm done by letting her keep her dignity by not calling attention to the fact that her brother is a scumbag deserving of daily gang rapes in prison.

    • I am not asking Matzav to declare Lebovits is a sex offender in the obituary. But they could have omitted his name or at least omitted the honorific Rebbe and they could have downplayed his influence. Hamodia excluded Mondrowitz from the list of those to be menachem aveil (shiva visiting) when his mother died.

      Lebovits will return from jail in about a year after his sentence starts sometime on or after July 9, iirc. The community should not be lulled into thinking he is a man in good standing. That will leave other boys vulnerable.

      • No one will remember if called him rebbeh, pope or imam, any more than they will remember that Frum and Krum follies protested.

        You really are a little obssessed if letting her brother keep his worthless unearned title so as not to increase her suffering while she mourns her son offends you.

    • sorry, could you explicate, “his mother just buried a child” no harm done by letting her keep her dignity……by not calling attention to the fact that her brother is a scumbag deserving of daily gang rapes in prison”. Sorry, the familial connection sounds confused, it was his mother who lost a child???? is he a brother to his mother, sheesh, in those circles, everything is possible, i have parsed this over and over, and perhaps i am getting senile, but, would you be so kind as to spell out the relationships for me? who died? who was the mother of that person? thanks…..

      and agav, a worse pain than losing a child, she lo nidah me zeh, , is when a living child cuts off a parent lachalutin without any explanation, a death eventually can be dealt with, eventually, but having a living child who chooses zero contact for no known reasons is far far worse, Read Dennis Prager,, from two summers ago:

  2. Enough can be said about Chaim’s “kiruv” methods without dragging in his uncle.

    Perhaps we can be meilitz yosher on the meis that he was himself a victim of family abuse, so is not entirely responsible for his own reprehensible actions later on in life

    • oh he is entirely responsible – acting on your perversion is a choice they make, they may not be able to choose whether they have these thoughts but they do choose their actions. They could request help but most just choose to indulge their wants because they are selfish and narcissistic monsters.

  3. are you sure the kamarneh rebbe that matzav is referring to is lebovitz? there is more than one kamarneh rebbe.

  4. my comment to matzav was censored. why doesn’t everyone comment-bomb the article until they relent and edit the article

  5. Would Pinny Lipschitz do the same in Yated or only in Matzav where he still deludes himself into believing no one knows it’s his website?

    • Diane, kol hakavod re your comment. it is possible that davka, parents who have been abused as children, have great difficulty broaching the noseh with their children. at what age, and, they the children are with me 90% of the time, and, lots of time to bring it up. they are never really alone. i know the parents of their friends. gets super complicated. Your post gives me great pause, not for this lifetime to be sure. and i pray and hope that my not engaging in this subject early on, did not cause any harm. i am not aware. but teenagers are a strange bunch, lech, tedi???? would i know? not necessarily. l’daavoni harav. teenagers exhibit behaviors that are incredibly difficult to understand.
      kol tuv

  6. Reading the article on Matzav is quite disturbing for another reason. It is written so poorly that I kept being shocked as I tried to read it. Surely the frum world has people who are more skilled at writing than this drivel.

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