Leiby Frankel of KJ Charged with Forcible Touching of a Child

Leiby Frankel

Leiby Frankel

Leiby Frankel, a Satmar Hasid who lives in Monroe was charged with forcible touching of child.

For footage of him scurrying from the cameras go to Nuchum Rosenberg’s blog and page down a few screens to a News 12 video.

The incident allegedly happened before Passover in Monroe Health,  a health food store where Leiby works as a driver.

The blog also has an image of a flyer where Leiby hosts a charity event.  Get ready for the caterwauling about how he is such a righteous man



8 thoughts on “Leiby Frankel of KJ Charged with Forcible Touching of a Child

  1. Vadai Vadai, can’t you tell from his photo that he is a righteous man. Look at the style of the peyot. What more could one possibly expect for proof. call in the dooshbags, ASAP. and don’t forget to have the pashkevalim for pidyon shevuim ready to go, for the worst case if the dooshbags doosh up.

  2. Expected plea bargain: no jail time, 6 months supervision as driver, has to say ” sorry ” in court(with the victim then supposed to say “I forgive you”

  3. Oh come on now, you all know it isn’t true. He was framed, it’s antisemitism, the so called victim is crazy. The so called victim was always a trouble maker. These things don’t happen in this community, What about Black people? You’re liberals!

    • and anyway, despite all that, if, in fact, there is a shemetz of safek, (a trace of doubt), it is because his uncle abused him, he had no free will, he must be exonerated. Not his fault. let him loose to teach boys in yeshivah or better yet, be a counselor in a dati orthodox summer camp. Sasson u’sameach lo. but what about the rabbanut, his superiors, well, they fn envy him his job. yeah. it’s quid pro quo, they envy him, but, how do they renege and lower their status, to get that desired contact, one on one??? A dilemma to be sure. maybe screw their yougins, and as surrogates for them, they will have zechut to that wonderful privilege, access to prepubescent boys. and send them away, send them home from camp, they did something wrong………tell some BS to the parents….will the kid tell the parents the truth, HELL NO. he is traumatized, and it is a fn embarrassment to be raped, even more so in our society for a male. NOT a worse sin, but more of a busha to reveal,

  4. In other Satmar news, Lemon Juice is progressing in State Supreme Court against Twitter, RIM’s Blackberry & Moses Klein. On June 6th, Klein was served with papers & Twitter filed a long winded argument as to why they contend they should not have to unmask their users. All the documents are e-filed and easy to find online.

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