Meisels Must Come Clean about His Sick Sexual Encounters According to Emes Ve-Emunah

According to the blogger of Emes Ve-Emunah, Harry Maryles:

Until yesterday, I did not know just how sick the sexual encounters Elimelech Meisels had with his victims were……

I have found out exactly what he did. To call it unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature is an understatement. I am not at liberty to say what it was. But suffice it to say it was disgusting by any standard……

He violated the… rest of his student[s] who still believe in him and defend him……

Elimelech Meisels must come clean and tell the truth……

 [The abuser is often a charismatic figure]. The behavior of a charismatic leader is well described by Yerachmiel Lopin about Meisels in response to comments made in a recent Facebook post:

Amazing”, “friendly, “always available,” and “fun” came up over and over in comments from many of the Meisels students. It is also clear that he was in the seminary at all hours and took girls out for “drives” or “coffee” in the early a.m. hours. Unfortunately, so many of them were besotted by him to the point that they would not let themselves admit the pattern or recognize how far along they were in themselves being potentially seducible.

My advice to parents contemplating a seminary experience in Israel for their daughters is to stay away from charismatic seminary heads. Young women are too easily drawn to them which can lead to an intimacy from which they will never recover.


11 thoughts on “Meisels Must Come Clean about His Sick Sexual Encounters According to Emes Ve-Emunah

  1. Harry Maryles can keep dreaming. Meisels had a cousin named Moshe Sherer, first cousin of his grandfather Mike Tress. When any rabbi would say anything at the Agudah convention that certain people wanted kept under wraps, Sherer would just cut the microphone & that rabbi would never be invited back.

  2. You kindly referred to my ‘Pied Piper’ piece (actually an extract from my book). Relevant to this sad case is what I posted on Harry’s blog:

    “Thanks – that piece is probably the most widely-read thing I have ever written.. In the actual book (“The Jewish High School – a complete management guide”) that section is followed by a section on ‘The inappropriate teacher – sexual / abusive’. The second section is prefaced by the following introduction, which should be read by everyone commenting on this latest case:

    “Literally as this book goes to press, I am left wondering if my warnings in either the preceding section (‘The Pied Piper’), or in this section are strong enough. Both were originally written
    before I had to confront an alleged case of a real sexual predator in my own school, whose activities became known only years after he had left. It is sobering to understand how charm, charisma and talent can mask an altogether more sinister agenda. It is even more sobering to face the reality
    of how far people of all ages can be deceived by skilful confidence tricksters, sociopaths and predators – to the extent
    of maintaining faith in them even after their evil has been exposed. I can only give this trite, but simple, street-smart advice:

    ‘In this, as in every other walk of life, if it looks too good to be true – it is too good to be true’.

    The school can never be too suspicious, or too careful. The Principal must be prepared to question, even when everyone else has ceased (or have never started) to do so.”

  3. There are a few things about this whole story that still remain unclear to me, just some technicalities which i was thinking about:
    1) I dont know about the more recent years, but when i was in Pninim they were pretty strict about curfew..they would double/triple lock all the doors at about 10:15, and you would need a madricha to get you in or out past how would the late night drives happen without everybody knowing about it?
    2) Where would all of these encounters take place? In his office? In his car? His office always had people walking in and out at all hours of the day..someone is bound to walk in and see if something was happening
    3) It seems to me that if this kind of thing actually did happen, it was probably consensual between both parties…I saw how girls with crushes looked at him, and it could be that they wanted it also, but everyone is trying to spin it to blame the whole thing entirely on Meisels.
    These may sound like weird questions, and i am not defending Meisels, its just that based on what I saw and what I was accustomed to, I dont think the blame is entirely on him.

    • 1. Clearly the owner and he obviously has his own keys. Thus yet more proof of enabling by other staff who looked the other way

      2. Some of his abuse was carried out in Meisels’ large vehicle parked in secluded spots.

      3. Irrelevant. Chicago did not rule that the victims were fit to run the seminary. They ruled that Meisels, and others fronting for him are not to be trusted.

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