Two Million Views on Frum Follies

scales of justice and childSince I started blogging in October 2009, my pages were called up two million times as of yesterday evening. I only reached the one million mark nine months ago; the volume of readership has increased dramatically, driven mostly by my coverage of the Yosef Kolko trial in Lakewood, the 5T defrocking of Dovid Weinberger over his sexual abuse of young women and most recently, the unfolding revelations about Elimelech Meisels and his seminaries in Israel. I also covered many other topics. I encourage my newer readers to dig into my archives by using my search box or my month-by-month archives. Both can be accessed on the upper right of each page.

From my first post, I focused on abuse in the orthodox community with a mixture of satire, reporting and analysis-commentary. I also found myself getting into corruption in both leadership and the ex-District Attorney of Brooklyn, Charles Hynes. He mattered because he was colluding with the orthodox leadership to go easy on Haredi child molesters. I feel vindicated now that he is being investigated by the US Department of Justice, the New York State Attorney General, and the Brooklyn District Attorney. Hynes will probably be indicted in the coming weeks on charges of abusing the monies and other resources of the office for his own campaign. This is no surprise. He also sold the safety of our children for the orthodox block vote.

I thank my growing readership for your confidence in my reporting and analysis. I hope I will continue to justify your confidence, interest, interaction, and confidential sharing of information.

I am optimistic that together we will make progress in the fight against abuse in the orthodox world. It won’t happen quickly enough but it will happen.


5 thoughts on “Two Million Views on Frum Follies

  1. the reason you are getting so many hits is that you are discussing contemporary issues facing American Orthodox Jewry, as opposed to other blogs that whitewash them (Yeshiva world, etc.) mildly gloss over them or ignore them, (Vos is Nayis, etc.) and blogs that do discuss them, but have developed such bad taste that are hard to stomach (UOJ, Failed Messiah-though while FM is crasser than South Park, Rosenberg has brought up important scandals such as Rapfogel, Hiller, etc.). Weinberger, Meisels, Lanner et. al. are right in our communities-they are the places we daven, send our kids to school, etc. We want to know about what’s going on in our backyard,-because it is going on!

  2. The reason you are getting so many hits is because unfortunately, you are the only source of information in this whole scandal.

    • True. I have done my best to interest other blogs and media with limited success with blogs. Jewish media have been shamefully silent on this question of vital interest to thousands of students. Almost all Yeshivish girls end up in Israeli seminaries. This is a community-wide issue that deserves attention. It should go beyond this scandal to creating policies and standards as well as evaluating the seminary norm of one or more full years in Israel. One size does not fit all, and the costs are prohibitive for many families.

      • Yerachmiel- you made a tremendous amount of progress. Your blog handles the issue with respect and circumspection. I totally understand why the details of Meisels perversions are not detailed. I think your blog should be required reading for every Israel bound seminary girl.

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