Quick Updates on the Meisels Seminaries

Problems with the Israel Psak: David Morris in Israel translated and analyzed the ruling of the Israeli Beis Din (BD) of Rabbi Shafran. It is a devastating critique of its standing, procedures, investigation, and findings. It’s a must-read.

Elimelech Meisels

Elimelech Meisels

Chicago Retains Jurisdiction: The Chicago Beis Din (CBD) is adamant that it never transferred jurisdiction of the case to the Israeli Beis Din.

No US Financial Aid: HTC-TI and Touro has suspended accreditation of the four Meisels seminaries. Thus attendance is not eligible for US government loans and grants or for transfer credits to other colleges. I am quite confident they will stick to that suspension.

Next Moves by Chicago: I am guessing they will soon directly confront the problematic ruling of the IBD and make the case that other seminaries should accept students fleeing the unsafe environment of the Meisels seminaries.

Lawsuits: I expect various lawsuits against Meisels and others cooperating with him.

Getting Your Money Back: I hope to soon write about tactics parents can use to recoup their deposits with Meisels and secure admission to other seminaries.

Feldman Scandal: I hope to write soon about the irregularities in the conduct of the IBD, and the especially scandalous role of R. Aaron Feldman of Ner Israel Rabbinical College (NIRC) in Baltimore.

Support Chicago: If you appreciate the courage of Chicago in fighting for the safety of students, please, please send them messages of support by email, mail, phone, fax, shared acquaintances, etc. The Meisels camp is bombarding them with nastiness and slander. The CBD is confident that it is right. Give them chizuk; you can’t fulfill that obligation by writing comments on blogs :-).

–Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz via info@crcweb.org   Subject line: Attention Rav  Gedalia Dov Schwartz
–Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst – still looking
–Rabbi ​Zev Cohen: ​office@adasyeshurun.com    Subject line: Attention Rav Zev Cohen

Spread the Word: If you agree with my posts or others I reference, please share them with others by email, printouts, or by sharing links through texting and Twitter (@frumfollies). If each reader who agrees with these posts were to share them with a handful of others, we could reach almost every affected family.


23 thoughts on “Quick Updates on the Meisels Seminaries

  1. Amazing. I want that article posted asap of how corrupt the IBD is doing things, so hopefully ppl will realize how untrustworthy they are.

    And the CBD should send out a letter encouraging other seminaries to accept these girls asap as well.


  2. I have already called the CBD a number of times of my experiences.

    I also just spoke to a friend; I said “the people who are refusing to talk about it are just as worse as the ones who defend him.”

    Please please open your mouths. Stop abuse in our communities.

    Now is YOUR chance. Pick up the phone and call.

  3. If the Chicago Bais Din has done what they are supposed to do, they do not need my chizuk. What sort of times do we live in? Doing what is right is enough and does not require my chizuk!

      • Chicagon rabbis most definitely desearve hakaras hatov! They are worn out and have been working day and night for months on this situation and trying to help the many victims. These brave rabbis stood up and did something to stop the abuse while many other “rabbis” teachers and administrators kept silent for years. We will probably never know the full extent and number of lives damaged and ruined by meisels and how many poor girls left yiddishkeit because of his abuse. But Hashem knows and may he heal and comfort all of the victims.

        • I don’t believe the Chicago Baid Din needs my chizuk nor my hakaros hatov. If they are good rabbonim, their only concern is to do what is right before G-d. This is enough. Unless, of course, they are not sure they have acted properly before G-d. A problem so prevalent in our times.

          • On one hand, you are right. As I commented on another post, some things shouldn’t be news, like a Chicago politician caught refusing a bribe. It shouldn’t be noteworthy that a Beit Din conducts an investigation, resists pressure, and judges reasonably. On the other hand, the best of us are human. I’m sure it has been forcefully argued, “How can you be so sure that girls will be in danger that you would shut down the seminaries, and cause definite harm to innocent third parties?” And “How can you show such disrespect for the Israeli Beit Din?”

            The answer is that if the seminaries had been properly “kashered” after a real investigation by the Israeli Beit Din, the Chicago Special Beit Din would not be expressing these reservations, and in such matters it is necessary to err on the side of caution. But it’s not easy to stand one’s ground against professional colleagues whom one respects and with whom one must preserve a working relationship. R’ Yochanan ben Zakkai said to his talmidim, no less, “My you fear Heaven as much as you fear human beings.”

            So, yes the Chicago Special Beit Din only did what they were supposed to do, but when someone does the right thing when others in that position regularly haven’t done it, who, to paraphrase Hillel, has tried to be a mensh where there are no menshen, he or she should be recognized and encouraged, ultimately for our own sakes.

  4. What is the contact email for the Chicago Beis Din to show our support for their courageous actions? Thanks.

    • The Chicago Special Beit Din may not have a published contact address. I sent an e-mail expressing appreciation for the work of the CSBD to Rav Schwartz via the e-mail address listed for him on the website of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (actually that of his assistant, Shalva Meyers): smeyers@crcweb.org .

      • Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz via info@crcweb.org (I suggest subject line – “please give to Rabbi Schwartz” or something like that)

        Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst – still looking

        Rabbi ​Zev Cohen: ​office@adasyeshurun.com (I suggest subject line – “please give to Rabbi Schwartz” or something like that)

    • Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz via info@crcweb.org (I suggest subject line – “please give to Rabbi Schwartz” or something like that)

      Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst – still looking

      Rabbi ​Zev Cohen: ​office@adasyeshurun.com (I suggest subject line – “please give to Rabbi Schwartz” or something like that)

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