My Bucket List

Elimelech Meisels

Elimelech Meisels

Here are things I would like to see from the defenders of Meisels and the Israeli Beit Din (IBD) of Rabbis Shafran, Malinowitz and Gartner:

  1. Written proof that the Chicago Beit Din passed over authority to the IBD to rule on the misconduct of Elimelech Meisels and the staff in his seminaries who allegedly enabled his misconduct,
  2. Full documentation establishing that Meisels no longer controls the seminaries’ incorporated entities and bank accounts,
  3. A signed statement by Meisels agreeing never to return to work with females,
  4. Herzl tefilin bagTefilin and Tallis regularly worn by Theodore Herzl.

I am not holding my breath on any of them.


36 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. The last wish reminds me of a story: The Ponevicher Rav made sure to fly the flag of the State of Israel on the roof of Ponevich Yeshiva on Israeli Independence Day.

    He was once asked whether he says tachanun or Hallel on Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

    “I do exactly what Ben Gurion does,” he replied, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

    • That reminds me of William F Buckley saying: “They told me if I voted for Barry Goldwater [against Lyndon Johnson] the war in Vietnam would be escalated. I voted for Goldwater and the war was escalated.”

  2. 3.A signed statement by Meisels agreeing never to return to work with females,
    we got that from David Weinberger and what did it help? nothing ..

  3. How about a written letter by meisels that he committed and admitted his actions already to BD.

    That would be pretty nice too.

    • Its weird that we literally dont hear anything from him or his side about any of these occurrences…
      i guess he doesnt really care if his name goes down the toilet

      • His reputation is in the toilet. He is playing and focusing on minimizing the financial risks from lawsuits and the IBD seems determined to aid him by deflect as much as possible at this late date.

    • You may well be correct — I wouldn’t bet against it — in equating Meisels’ defenders and the IBD, but you haven’t yet offered the evidence, such as evidence that the sale to Yarmush is a sham and that the IBD knew it. AFAIK, the IBD has at no time claimed Meisels is innocent. From what has come out, I can accept that their “agenda” was to preserve the seminaries, but I haven’t yet seen evidence that their agenda included preserving Meisels’ financial interest or control over them. And BTW, I personally have Theodore Herzl’s t’fillin and tallit, which I will show you after you pay me $5.00 in tolls for each time you crossed the Brooklyn Bridge since I bought it ten years ago. 🙂

      • Kevin, don’t know how to break it to you. The Brooklyn bridge was sold to you by Artie Failedman acting as an agent of Brooklyn & Chicago Inc. It turns out Failedma has no proof that B&C assigned him his power of attorney. Failedman relied on the word of a shady Charlie Malignowitz hailing from BS, Israel. Good luck getting a refund. I hope for your sake you did not buy Herzl’s purported religious paraphernalia from Charlie Malignowitz. If so you now have grounds for two lawsuits. But good luck dealing with courts in BS, Israel. Dealing with them will make you want to jump off the bridge you don’t own.

        • LOL!!!

          And here I thought my uncle was owner of the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve been paying HIM the tolls all these years! Now I really want to see those sale documents!

          • Seriously?,

            It is terrible. A Chicago Beis Din is being established for victims of the Brooklyn Bridge scam. But they keep on having to postpone their testimony stage till they can find a space large enough for all the plaintiffs. It seems that all the stadiums in town are booked.

        • I was wondering why I wasn’t receiving payments. BS= Beit Sheker? But I do have proof that the tallit and t’fillin belonged to Theodore “Ted” Herzl of Skokie, although I have no idea why you would want them.

          • According to my attorney, Mr. Gornisht Klar at the firm of Malign & Retract “All references to Theodore Herzl are to the guy with the big beard on Israeli currency (not to be confused with Persian kings or the Smith brothers of cough drop fame). The said Doktor Theodore Herzl is known as the founder of modern political Zionism having convened the important early Zionist conventions in middle Europe and having authored the influential “Der Judenstaat” in 1896. Any further attempts to muddy the issue with the tefilin of Skokie Ted should cease, forthwith.” 😉

    • Adkan, i do not wish to sound like a hawk or someone who would not accept real real teshuvah, but i, personally, if i were a victim of this meisels creature, would not be satisfied by a simple statement of remorse, FIRST OF ALL, it would be fake, a tiger does not change it’s stripes overnight, and second of all, he needs to request Mechila from each and every victim, and as it sounds. perhaps i am mislead, it sound like over 5 years or more, there may be quite a list. many of whom may pray to forget, and not want to even know what is going on, i can also understand that stance. but sooner or later, every victim needs help, of various types, and a true heartfelt mechila from meisels would be a sine qua non, however, however, i do not believe that overnight, due to possible loss of seminaries and exposure, that his basic morality has changed. highly highly unlikely, it would be another sham. but a first step, if he made it very public. Meisels has a very very long road ahead of him for teshuva, as does malign-owitz. ever protecting our rebbeim and mosdot. busha cherpa and shonda, rabbi malinowitz. shame on you.

  4. There has to be some public accounting of Meisels and his enablers. This went on for ages, and
    It seems much of the staff was aware about it.

    • Why does “there have to be” anything, let alone a “public accounting of Meisels and his enablers”? There was no “public accounting” of any of the myriad child sexual abuse cases that went on for ages, with leaders covering it up, or “handling it quietly.” The frum world would rather “move on” with it’s “idyllic lifestyle,” pretending that it’s institutions are not rotten to the core, led by rabbanim who are more interested in their maintaining control, power, kavod or money, than Torah or than individuals. The rabbanim or gedolim may SAY they are acting with “Kavod HaTorah” in mind, but they are clearly not acting with Kavod HaTorah in mind when they cover things up in these scandals. They are acting with THEIR OWN or their institution’s kavod in mind, or their jobs in mind, or their kids’ jobs in mind, or their power and control in mind. If it was about Kavod HaTorah they would stand up for what is right and just and they would protect the helpless and downtrodden of our society, because that is what Torah stands for.

      We are all sickened by this whole scandal, and the scandal of rabbanim abusing their power and using Torah to do so. It makes people want to leave a Torah life because THIS IS NOT TORAH. Everyone knows and understands this. And if living a Torah life means supporting rabbanim and a social structure that upholds and gives kavod and power to rabbanim who abuse and take advantage of and trample on Torah values, then who wants to be a part of that? It’s not even Torah values, it’s pure mentchlichkeit and moral and ethical behavior! Penn state – a secular institution – pulled down Joe Paterno’s statue because he was found to have covered up for Sandusky (a sexual predator). Torah didn’t teach them that – human decency did. And yet our rabbanim and gedolim – who are supposedly THE MOST informed and led by Torah – can’t figure out how to denounce those who protect abusers, forget about denouncing the abusers themselves!!

      • WOW !
        What a comment.

        This is Yirmiyahu in our present age !

        If we ever wonder how false prophets rose up in Nach, and led our ancestors as a nation astray, ignoring the real prophets, then wonder no longer.

        We are as guilty as our forefathers of long ago in believing those false prophets.
        Just nowadays we don’t have real prophets and false prophets any more, but we do have true Rabbis and false Rabbis.
        I would venture to say that a significant minority of our Rabbis are false Rabbis, who do not stand up for Hashem, but use their Rabbonos as a tool for their direct or indirect gain.

        And yet under the banner of ‘Daas Torah’, we flock to these false Rabbis and pretend to ourselves that they and we are holy.

        Even a Rabbi doing much good, if he debases himself with one occurrence of misuse of his Rabbonos, this negates all the good he did, and moves him into the camp of false Rabbis.

        Remember, Yirmiyahu was a true prophet, and today if you seek, there are still true Rabbis. But you have to look.

        • There are definitely some very erlich honest rabbis. But not many who have the courage to defy their colleagues and declare other rabbis to be false prophets. Even fewer willing to say: “guys, we are in middle of a churban.” And yet fewer still who will say accept legitimate civil authority because ours is now destroyed and we should pray for the welfare of civil society around us. there are some honest, but timid rabbis. I don’t know any Yirmiyahus.

    • Yes it is a shtar berurin. But between Meisels and Feldman. Who made Feldman an apitropos (guardian/agent for anyone?) My wish was for a shtar berurin signed by CBD. Natch. Still waiting for all 4. Maybe you can find Herzl’s tefilin.

      • Maybe you can start having some respect for RABBI Feldman. Your agenda is clear. You dropped the “Rabbi” from both Meilses and Rabbi Feldman in the same sentence. You talk about them in the same tone. Shame on you!

        Who do you think Hashem is more proud of? You, or Rabbi Feldman?

  5. Lopin,

    I told you that Burstyn has the shtar berurin and that you should focus on why CBD is correct despite their having given the case to IBD…Putting all your eggs in one basket and challenging them to produce the “non-existent” shtar berurin makes you look really bad now that they have produced it.

    Burstyn told me that he has a copy…and that he has a lawyers letter from gottesman to R Feldman,…saying that R feldman does not represent the girls….

    So it turns out Burstyn was telling the truth….you refused to listen or even call Burstyn…or perhaps even the CBD or IBD

    Now it could very well be that despite handing the case over, the CBD felt that the IBD was not doing a full investigation and that is they got back in the game or it could be that Gottessman muddied the waters…(it is strange that he would want to shut down the schools because in the kolko case though he strongly believed that margulies should not pay a price for what happened)

    At the end of the day, if we are really interested in truth, not an agenda, we need to think about the possibility that IBD got rid of Meisels, made a real sale to Yarmush…decided that for the most part the school staff were not culpable, if anything they were poorly trained and did not speak up out of fear rather than malicious intent…and so open the schools….

    Yes, it does bother me that the opening of the schools seems so important to them….more than getting help for the girls, etc. or doing a fuller investigation…and that by issuing their psak they effectively do not allow parents who want to pull out to get their money back. this is very wrong. but let’s explore the above possibility which does seem possible considering some of the recent documents…and not form an opinion because of our agenda.

    You and others might want to believe that this is some evil coverup on the part of IBD when in fact it may not be so.

    On the other hand, it may be that the IBD is incompetent and that R Malinowitz is calling the shots…trying to make it go away as quietly as possible so that we shouldn’t “Chas Veshalom” have the schools close

    I do not know, but let’s look for the truth…you unfortunately clearly put your best on one horse in the race and now need to interpret or re-interpret every bit of news to fit your agenda.

    You must admit that even the CBD did not right away come out with their statement that the schools are unsafe despite having known about this since Pesach…so they were not exactly mavericks either….they willingly gave it to the IBD (according to the shtar…though they did not sign apparently it is a fact that Rabbi Cohen was there)…so what changed???? Might it be the strong arm of Gottesman???

    • This shtar berurin (arbitration agreement) does not have the signature of a single member of the Chicago Beis din. R. Feldman himself admitted that he has no shred of proof that he was authorized and was angry at IBD dayan Malinowitz for misleading him into thinking he was approved as a representative by the Chicago Beis din’s member, Rabbi Zev Cohen.

      Can I, against your will, choose to represent you, a competent adult, in court against a driver who hit you and put you in the hospital? That is not possible in either civil law, religious law or any real system of justice.

      We are no longer discussing good faith errors of justice. We are discussing subversion of justice.

  6. Yoel B is Rabbi Yoel Burstyn. thanks for dropping in.

    Can you explain to Lopin why this shtar berurin is representative of the CBD even though they did not sign…Why did R Cohen not sign? Did Gottesman agree? and why did gottesman change his mind?

  7. They are saying that Rabbi Cohen was there with R Feldman and with Gottesman. Do you believe that is a flat out lie? It would be a silly brazen lie because if R Cohen was not there, it would be quite easy for him to deny it, correct? So it is likely the truth.

    If that is so, then CBD was “there” even if for technical reasons they did not sign. As I keep on saying, stop focusing on the shtar berurin. you are digging in deeper and deeper.

    Focus on why the CBD changed their mind after they had given it over to IBD (whether they signed or not).

    What did IBD do or not do that made CBD feel the need to re-enter?????

  8. (Excerpts)

    …named plaintiffs sued Elimelech Meisels, Rachel Slanger, Peninim of America, Yaakov Yarmish, Tzvi Gartner and four subsidiary Jewish seminaries in Jerusalem, on Monday in Federal Court.

    In July this year, a Jewish religious court, the Chicago Bais Din, heard testimony from several of Meisels’ alleged victims, and issued a ruling stating that it believed students at the defendant seminaries were “at risk of harm,” according to the complaint.
    “News of this decision sent shockwaves to the prospective parent bodies of the Seminaries,” the complaint states.
    It continues: “Defendant Meisels agreed with defendant Yarmish that they would conduct a sham ‘sale’ of The Seminaries where defendant Yarmish would claim that he now owned the Seminaries and would claim to the class plaintiffs that these institutions were safe for their daughters. The conspirators hoped that this scheme would force class plaintiffs into leaving their daughters in The Seminaries even though that they were not safe because the conspirators would withhold their tuition deposits.”

    For the last two weeks in July, according to the complaint, Yarnish, Slanger, Gartner “and other still unidentified coconspirators then engaged in a flurry of written correspondence and telephone calls with the class plaintiffs to try to convince them that the Seminaries were under new ownership and were now safe. The sought to draw on defendant Gartner’s status as a rabbi in Israel and the status of two other unnamed co-conspirators to perpetuate their fraud and assure the class plaintiffs that the Seminaries are safe. …
    “On July 24, 25, and 29, 2014, upon information and belief, defendant Gartner and unnamed co-conspirators had meetings in Israel about how to best cover up the fraudulent and unlawful scheme alleged herein and continue to deprive the class plaintiffs of their money by perpetuating the illusion that defendant Meisels is no longer affiliated with the seminaries,” the parents say.
    They seek class certification and punitive damages for racketeering, fraud, breach of contract, emotional distress, conspiracy and conversion.
    They are represented by Shneur Nathan with Hale Law in Chicago.

  9. this is all based on Gottseman (it is his firm) saying that the sale is a sham. they need proof.
    Also, why only Peninim? Is Peninim of America a company that includes all the seminaries?

    • People are saying all sorts of incredible things about Gottesman. Some are even claiming I am Gottesman, just as others claim to be Anastasia the last descendent of the Romanov Czars of Russia. Please give me verifiable facts.

      PS, I do not believe Elvis lives or is related to Gottesman. but if you can prove otherwise, be my guest.

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