Dovid Weinberger Is Back as a Rabbi — On the Web

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger blog 7-23-14Even though he promised to stop functioning as a rabbi or educator and was roundly denounced by rabbis in the Five Towns, Dovid Weinberger is back at it, this time, through his blog,

His July 23 post, Positive Perspectives on a Lonely Shabbos in Yerushalayim, refers to a recent motzoi shabbos speaking engagement.

It is a sad post about being alone at a hotel for sabbath. He writes:

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Knowing that I would be spending Shabbos sitting at a table alone was something that haunted me as I tried to muster the strength to be able to do so. I indeed thought that this would be doable as I am well aware of a multitude of people who are either single, divorced, widowed and spend various Shabbosos without any children, relatives or friends. After reciting Kiddush, eating the fish and then having some soup, it really hit me hard. I looked around the room of couples and families and realized that I can’t do this. One part of me wanted to be invited to someone’s table, although the other part of me just wanted to rest and be alone. As I thought of all the people who do spend Shabbos alone the pain in my heart got deeper and stronger to the point where I started to shed tears. Shabbos is a time of achdus and unity, and sitting at a table alone was a very dreadful experience to say the least.

Dovid Weinberger The Traveler's Halachic Handbook coverNaturally he never reflected on how he preyed on the lonely women he’s sexually exploited or the women now in their own lonely anguish because he used them for his own gratification.

All his other posts are also dated July 23, 2014. His post, “A Smile Takes But A Moment – The Memory Lasts Forever, begins:

With this initial article, we are inaugurating the AOK community-wide initiative to promote acts of chesed throughout the neighborhood. Our hope is that we can generate a tremendous sense of unity with our friends, acquaintances, our irreligious and non-Jewish neighbors. This first week we will focus on the attribute of sever panim yafos displaying a happy countenance.

I don’t know what to make of his choice to put on a happy face. Is it forced optimism? Or is he dressing in Torah language his lifelong beguiling and fake charm.

Dovid Weinberger pledge to stay out of rabbinateI am more concerned about the AOK community-wide initiative and whether he is assuming a rabbinical role, putting on any of a number of his faces, and getting ready to insinuate himself into the lives of others to their disadvantage.

Weinberger’s other blog, has an August 14 post where he reflects on haughtiness in the context of shabbos nachmu, the Sabbath of Consolation. There is a lot about loving each other, but not a clue that he is reflecting on his own haughtiness.

In a nutshell, the man is trying to edge his way back into some sort of rabbinical role, and his writings make me suspect he will still be dangerous.


33 thoughts on “Dovid Weinberger Is Back as a Rabbi — On the Web

  1. YL, you are not paranoid, he will push as far as he can. and people have short memories, bimyuchad in a different country. This minuval needs to be followed very closely, Halevai that there are not multiple criminal assault charges. Halevai. he wants sympathy, he is alone, can we solve his problem for him? Some charges need to be made, Is no one willing to step forward? no one? then, in that case, all of the victims, need to be vigilant over all of his actions. In order to prevent him ever from abusiing anyone, of whatever age. May he spend his emeritus years in gehhenom. Sooner rather than later.

  2. he wrote that being alone nonsense in one of the magazines 6 months befor he was found out .he is dangoreas.he must be watched.

    • That’s correct – although it sounds like something he would have written now, Weinberger wrote the piece about being alone (I believe in Mishpacha) before his becoming persona non grata.

  3. He was seen this past Shabbos at the “dutch shul’ on Rechov Shaulson 22 in Har Nof. He has come in a few times sat down in the back row. He had no personal contact with anyone and disappeared immediately after the last kaddish. The rov in the shul is a very distinguihed man, the grandson of RSZA. Perhaps he should be made aware of Weinberger’s presence ib the neighborhood.

    • “Perhaps he should be made aware of Weinberger’s presence ib the neighborhood.”

      Perhaps, since you are privy to all this information, you can either tell the rov in the shul yourself, or ask whoever informed you of this information, to contact the rov. If you would post a few more details, such as the name of the rov and his contact info (shul phone # or his phone # or his address), someone here could contact the rov so that he could warn his kehillah. Thank you.

  4. classic sociopath … it’s time we learn how to detect sociopaths, in addition to predators. There are tell-tale signs. This letter exemplifies one of these signs.

    • I am not so sure what this guy is accused of. Perhaps the guy hit on women he counseled? Who cares? Are there any witnesses who have seen him do anything wrong ?

      Until you have evidence of wrongdoing, please don’t mention it. Why are you guys harassing him ?

      • A few hours ago I was on the phone with a woman he subjected to watching him masturbate and do other disgusting things. She gave me permission to report that and more, but I think this is enough.

      • “Evidence of wrongdoing?” He signed a document saying he will never serve in a rabbinic position.
        Obviously you want lurid details. A copy of the signed paper which was posted here should be enough.

  5. There’s more, much more–enough for his rabbinic colleagues in the Far Rockaway / Five Towns community to move decisively to try to run him out of the rabbinate forever.

    There are numerous women, young and not so young, single and married, whose lives are affected. Such scars can be long-lasting, perhaps even forever.

    Meanwhile, a sociopath writes about feeling lonely, even though so many think he’s great and would just love to have him spend time with them.

  6. Yerachmiel Lopin,what you just wrote about him is beyond beleive i didnt want to write until now about him i met him since his daughter is married to a relative of mine,,my mind is trying to digest about what she told you he did,it is beyond disgusting he is a very sick person .

  7. I can remember being in denial about a predator, wishing to believe it wasn’t true, even when there was irrefutable evidence that indicated the allegations were 100% true–and then some.
    I did my due diligence and read as much as I could about sexual predators, while also reading about sociopaths and other deranged individuals.
    For a while, I was literally sick.
    At some point, however, I became dispassionate, at least to some degree, which enables me to be of potential help to victims.
    We have to all learn more about how predators operate, what are the telltale signs of a sociopath, how to identify high-risk situations for our youth, etc.
    We have no choice. We have to look at the face of evil.

    • dovid weinberger showed his true sociopathic colors for years in our community. the problem is very astute people were able to pick it up. people were blind by the fact he was their rav. he would always kiss up to the money people, see the women and make time for the attractive ones. his shiurim were always laced with sex and mens rights to wander if not getting needs met. he also never wrote any intellugent seforim. he took alot of money from rich guys in kehilla for his si called oamphlets he wrote. he pocketed most of it. he was a self serving narcissit who did some good but always for his own benefit. sit aline dovid weep…. none of us care.

      • therapist,

        I apologize, but could you explain what you mean when you write, “his shiurim were always laced with sex and mens rights to wander if not getting needs met.” Could you elaborate on that? I know d. weinberger is a sick and vile puppy, but you imply that he was advocating or at least intimating obtaining a pilegesh or a second wife. Weird. Sick freak.

    • Professional, thank you for your comment. it is very valuable, I pray that many others on this site read it, and take it to heart. Your input is extremely vauable

      if only to give credibility to others, with suspicions and doubts. To validate their feelings. they are not alone, and, sadly, not paranoid. I hope that they find some professional help. very difficult to find competent help. extremely. difficult, but not inpossible. been there, done that, but not your typical rabbinic case, so be it.

    • This one was put up in July and is just an advertisement for ArtScroll’s “Ohel Sarah” “Women’s Siddur,” edited by Dovid Weinberger. ArtScroll is not willing to forgo its investment in the siddur or in Weinberger’s Traveler’s “Halachic Handbook.” Ohel Sarah comes in different colors. sizes, qualities of binding, and various nusachim. They seem to have dumped some of his other seforim. As long as ArtScroll keeps selling, Weinberger will of course keep on trying to remind people he is a respectable rabbi/author.

      • ArtScroll is also still selling a book by Weinberger called “Step By Step – A Weekly Program for Self-improvement.” See here:

        This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

        (FYI, “Sha’ar Press” is a division of ArtScroll, owned and operated by the same owners and operators of ArtScroll.)

        I wonder how the Schottensteins and other Reform and Conservative Jews who support ArtScroll’s projects feel about ArtScroll continuing to sell the books of a Rabbinic Sexual Predator, thereby giving respectability and support to Weinberger’s role and title as rabbi. They may also be continuing to send him the royalties of proceeds of his work. I wonder what the media would think of it.

        Here is a page with all of Dovid Weinberger books which ArtScroll is currently offering for sale:

  8. Thanks to Weinberger’s attempted web comeback and its exposure here, traffic to the original post “Whither Goes Dovid Weinberger” is way up. After sitting in the doldrums at an average of 30-40/day for the past month, it shot up to 1,317 yesterday. Total page views of that post are now at 39,749 and climbing.

    • hi joe responding to ur request. dovid used to give womans shiur on the parsha. somehow he always started with saying ” i cant believe whats going on in this world”. he would elaborate on sexual issues of cheating or boredom… and other such topics. (we would be very shocked bec no relation to topic) but most of all was his constant talk of how men will stray if somehow we are not mikayem twice a week minimum duty. for more proof find his lectures called behind closed doors. there he promotes watching movies… dif toys etc…. from there one can put all pieces together. this was a troubled addicted pervert.

  9. For those interested in voicing their opposition to ArtScroll for continuing to sell Dovid Weinberger’s work, thereby giving respectability and support to his role and title of rabbi, after he has been publically denounced by numerous Rabbanim as a danger to our communities in any rabbinic and teaching capacity, and after Weinberger himself signed a document stating that he would not teach or serve in any rabbinic capacity, here is ArtScroll’s contact information:

    Phone: (718) 921-9000
    Toll Free: (800) 637-6724
    Fax: (718) 680-1875
    Regular Mail: ArtScroll, Mesorah Publications, 4401 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232

    • Michael, do you think you can summarize it for those of us who don’t have 35 minutes to listen to it now? Thank you.

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