The IBD Changes the Rules So They Still Won’t Find Fault

judicial railroadingThe 3 Israeli Rabbis (3IRs) of the Israeli Beis Din (IBD) have now changed the rules to duck the criticism that they stacked their earlier sessions. At one of those sessions they exonerated all the staff in the Meisels seminaries of any complicity in his sexual abuse of students. Yet they accepted Chicago’s finding that Meisels was guilty of multiple instances of “unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature.” Like Yankie Yarmush, the asbestos abatement businessman, they were trying to enclose and contain the damage.

They were hell-bent on protecting the good name of the seminaries so they interrogated the alleged culprits without any testimony of victims or others. Instead they relied on a guardian/representative (apitropos), Rabbi Aharon Feldman (RAF), even though no one has ever offered written proof that any witnesses delegated him. RAF, by his own admission, never spoke to any complaining students from the seminaries. RAF was even excused from attending a good part of the session. Back then they had no trouble relying on loosey-goosey procedures for “representing” witnesses.

Thanks to all the leaks, especially by Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn, their bizarre misconduct has been exposed. The IBD is now sending a totally different message to potential witnesses. We will hear you if you show up in Israel. No agents, no phone calls, no letters, no signed affidavits, no submitted videos, no Skype, no independent investigators, no preliminary work. Nothing will satisfy us unless you shlep to Israel on our terms to face a line-up of three hostile dayanim (judges) and the multiple toanim (jewish law representatives) chosen by each of the accused. This is the ultimate set-up.

All the judges are already on the defensive trying to rationalize their pronouncements that the seminaries were and are great (apart from Meisels who is now supposedly out of the picture). This is the court that never officially conceded the right of parents to get refunds if they choose to follow the Chicago Beis Din (CBD) ruling advising parents against attending. This is the Beis Din that tried to turn the incoming students into hostages by ruling that no other seminary could recruit these students. This Beis Din includes Rabbi Malinowitz. According to RAF, Malinowitz lied when he claimed he sought information about student complaints from Rabbi Cohen of the CBD. One of the likely toanim is Shmuel Fried, the toen from hell. He is one of the highest paid in the business. Other toanim are considered more learned, but he is the maven at scheming and terrorizing opponents. Fried’s daughter Mrs. Hindy Ullman, who was formerly a teacher of chasidus under Meir Kahane at Chedvas is one of those listed as a defendant on the agreement signed to form the Beis Din. And then there is Meir Kahane, he of the crazy letter exhorting his alumni to bring moshiach by deterring people from talking about the Meisels allegations. Kahane has never withdrawn that letter and for all we know, he is still peddling his snake oil. What all these defendants share is a desperate need to not have any of them found guilty of complicity. In previous sessions they denied anything happened. So now it is too late for them to admit some error and apologize. They have to stick to their earlier version or be exposed as liars.

This is a clever Beis Din. They think their new ploy is a win-win. One possibility is that no one shows up and they say, “This proves there are no valid accusations of staff complicity.” The other possibility is that someone shows up, they make mincemeat of her and declare, “The so-called witness was not reliable or believable.”

Shame on these smart men and their mouthpieces for appearing to offer justice while scheming to whitewash. Yes they can offer a halachic rationale for this new approach, just as they once rationalized judgement with no complainant and with an agent not appointed by them.

One can be a naval bireshus hatorah, a lowlife within the formal boundaries of Jewish law. They said in Lita (Lithuania), iirc, “a galach (priest) can be frum (observant of ritual); a Yid should be erlich (upright).” This new offer is not erlich.


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  1. When i had contact with public schools a very high ranking very very smart lady from Hadassah told me, never go and complain alone, they will always tell you that you are the first and only one ever to complain. Good advice, i’ve seen this played out over the yeaars, but never personal to me. So, how many edim do we need. and can we ship them over together, with a senior ed, a Rabbi to testify as to the testimony, organize a group of several, YL, and i will contribute to the airfare., depending on how many, not decided yet, Organize the reporters, and then email me. It would be nice to not be the only frier. LOL, let’s get an idea how many are willing and able to travel at same time…….. and then decide. Lowlifes. really. but we also need a reliable Ed their besides the toanim???? is that correct, the plaintiffs, sorry, But also tell me, what will this accomplish besides calling them bluff and buffoons and lowlives. Will their be a toelet, mamash? If so, definitely, I am in. count me in….if there will be a definite toelet.(toeles)

    • Your very listing of the steps necessary to have a chance is the description of a situation where one has no reasonable chance of getting a fair hearing. So why bother. The slight possibility of by some miracle getting a fair verdict is utterly offset by the danger of legitimizing the Beis Din. Right now the main advantage we have over the IBD is that many doubt their legitimacy. In their very desparation they are calling for a joint Beis Din with Chicago. Chicago is correctly refusing because they see no hope of securing fair outcomes in a joint Beis Din. I think Chicago is right.

      • YL, in the light of day, I see your point completely, and how foolish my suggestion was last night. I guess I suspended judgment and sechel due to the stated distress of TS, and my wanting tachlis to come up with a solution. Poorly thought out solution. You are totally correct, and clearly more logical on the issue. .

  2. Ok, I’m not taking this too well..YL, please explain. Rabbi Malinowitz told me over the phone that he will simply call me during a meeting and have me say whatever I care to say…now he changed his mind and I need to fly to e”y and face the staff/Meisles?

    Please correct me. It’s late and I’m tired and could be reading things wrong…

  3. “This new offer is not erlich.”

    Their original beis din was not ehrlich either. It seems this non-beis-din, which as you have pointed out is not really a beis din, but rather 3 rabbis in Israel who appointed themselves to try a case with no representation of the claimants, is simply 3 rabbis located in Eretz Yisrael who are using and abusing Torah, for the sole purpose of “saving” 4 very lucrative businesses. Nothing that this non-beis-din has done thus far is Ehrlich. Nothing. From the very beginning this non-beis-din has demonstrated itself to be a mockery of accepted halachic procedure.

  4. Seriously?,
    Seriously, i agree up to a point. I do not thin thank they appointed themselves. There emergence as a beit din was orchestrated by other unholy figures. not that it matters than much, b’sofo shel davar. (at the end of the day).
    Not much else left to say. let us see what two weeks brings, unless someone steps up to the plate, to the bat, and people are willing to go and speak, kol echad to the fake beit din, to what toelet, I am not at all sure, but i surely would approve of such a proactive move.

  5. From DT Blog: “The IBD replied to Truthseek’s letter:

    You ever hear of “hakozak hanigzal”? –attack the BD,make it impossible for them to gather evidence, threaten everyone (including a member of the BD!!!! ) with a lawsuit, serve him papers ,meaning the threat becomes a reality, cut off funding and credits from the seminaries throwing their very existence into question, attack Yarmish incessantly–and then cry and scream that the Beis Din is not meeting to do its job!!
    Truth-seeker indeed.”

    Just wow. Is Malinowitz blaming all that on one girl?? Intimidation at its finest. And of course any girl with a complaint should come to the IBD and feel confident that they will hear her out with compassion and without bias. Sure.

    • rolls eyes

      This guys giving me way too much attention. All bc I’m (so far) the only one making it public that I complained to teachers.

      The intimidation ain’t working, Eidensohn. Surely you have other ways to spend your precious time then to focus on TruthSeeker?

    • No one.from the CBD. the victims, or their supporters is complaining that “the IBDis not meeting to do its job”.They dont have a job! The moment they “kashered” the seminaries after only 8 hours of meetings with one of the dayanim (malinowitz) sitting shiva 6000 miles away, and hearing from not a single authorized representative of the victims, the IBD lost any shred of kashrus or respectability. The IBD’s astoundingly obvious corruption makes them irrelevant. No victim has asked them to be involved in any way and rightfully so. And the CBD is more than justified for withdrawing its former willingness to be in dialogue with such scandalous judicial thuggery as the IBD.

  6. Did the IBD in one of their letters claim that they will take testimony from victims via telephone ?

    Did they now change their minds ?

    Why ?

    • Because the best way to control an outcome is to change the rules. The Torah speaks of din echad, one rule for every person. Surely a beis din can at least also stick to the same rules over time. I know things change but in just a few months. Does not pass the smell test for impartial justice.

  7. IMHO, addressing the opinions of the 3 Israeli Rabbis and the two Irrational Eidensons lends support to the foolish notion that any of them are interested in the truth and in the safety of our daughters and that their opinions are somehow relevant or of interest to anyone other than the misogynistic fools who hang on every word these mushchosim utter between their attacks on torah and halachah.

  8. Wow. Just read what’s going on over there at DT. The IBD is attacking TruthSeeker. So much for an impartial beis din! And if you look closely, most of the venom in the latest response is targeted at the CBD. Of course, the sycophantic commenters there are still screaming “GOTTESMAN” as loud as they want.

    There is absolutely ZERO empathy to the potential victims there. Instead, they taunt and chide TruthSeeker. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s obvious now; the people over there at DT simply hate the victims. It’s painful to say, since I believe that DT used to act in favor of the victims. But something got into his head recently.

    I mean no offense to my dear Israeli brethren when I say that he sounds more and more like a stubborn Israeli, the kind who pinches his fingers up in the air and rolls his eyes at you in an effort to win his argument. There’s no more logic anymore. Just that obnoxious finger-pinching thing.

    • The IBD’s and the Eidensohns corrupted logic and presentation is really much worse.than stubbornness. There is an ever worsening downward spiral of personal bias masquerading as halacha – LIKE A PIG FLAUNTING ITS HOOVES AND SQUEALING “I AM KOSHER!”.
      Every new prouncement from IBD and Eidesohns is a race to the bottom.

      I know no one involved in this scandal and used to respect Eidensohn. But the IBD’s and Eidesohms perversion of decency, fair-play, halacha, justice, and empathy for victims is obvious to any neutral observer, and it is sickening.

      Honestly, I used to read Eidesohns blog regularly. I no longer can bring myself to read his blog after seeing how he has handled this, as his constant twisting of logic seriously makes me naseous.

      • something stinks in the IBD:
        I believe that there re very many others who feel exactly as you do. It’s not just corrupted logic, IMVHO, there is something very very wrong with the DT guy, cognitively, emotionally. As for the IBD, well, who chose them? One can surmise. Their part in this disgusting play is inexplicable, unless one postulates, large large payoffs, by those who selectively chose them. I usually am able to postulate a multitude of hypotheses, re many issues, but on this one, I cannot come up with anything other than their souls have beenn bought with cash., or, or, someone has information on each one of the three, which would through them into disrepute. That seems to be the least logical, but not impossible, unfortunately. Ego’s also, rabbi’s with egos, rabbis who abuse and molest children, there is an inyan of, who goes after power, and why?
        Pure speculation. But that is all we have.. Mutar to speculate, and I learned that from DT blogmaster. Bless his tiny little heart.

        • I reiterate that as distressed as I am by Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn’s (RDE) positions of his Daas Torah blog I do not suspect him of being bought off or consciously lying. However, he allows way too many comments through that he knows is utter nonsense. This in spite of the fact that his moderation is more restrictive than mine. I would not exclude the possibility that RDE is being way too trusting of someone he admires who in turn is playing the press agent for IBD, esp Malinowitz. I suspect that RDE knows that some of his arguments are weak but is having a hard time backing off. I prefer not to get nasty. Obviously each of you can reach your own conclusions, more or less charitable than mine. Bust speculative character assassination and extremely nasty adjectives is not the way to win an argument when the facts themselves are so strong. It reduces credibility and turns off undecided people. It also makes us lazy. Why think things through if you can just hurl an epithet.

          I understand why people get very angry about some of the defenses of IBD or attacks on victims, whistleblowers, the CBD and their supporters. It is profoundly invalidating. It is the opposite of being decent. It shows shocking insensitivity to students’ needs and feelings. But, but…

          I always liked the poster, “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it cannot be done and it only annoys him.” The better part of wisdom is knowing when and how to move from hurt to the next step.

          This blog is a virtual home for different activities, support for victims/survivors and those who care about them; reporting news about abuse; and analyzing, advocating, and mobilizing for action against abuse. There is also a need for support groups for survivors and those closest to them. An open blog of this sort cannot do that equally well. Such a group has a place for anger, all sorts of private disclosures, and other things that are part of surviving and healing.

          I have no wish to evade anger. It is a necessary part of normal responses to abuse. But the blog format requires some restraints on the forms of anger expression to the ordinary bounds of decent language, etc.

          ‘Nuff said!

        • I believe DT is an upstanding person with respect for halacha, he just has it wrong this time. And it seems to me pretty obvious he’s got it wrong reading all the documents including especially those he posted himself. No need for personal attack against him is there? Don’t think so.

        • 3rd possibility is that they believe no seminary should ever go down and they would do this sort of stuff for free.

          4th, they got suckered into a mistake and now it is an ego thing.

          1. It is about a faovr for friends, not money.
  9. Can the girls go to a different Bais Din – say, in Yerushalayim, and state their case there? Would an Israeli Bais Din allow this since this is not a Bais Din in Fact?

    • This problem will not be solved by adding a 3rd beis din in the mix. From the first public announcement by the IBD it was clear they were intent on sabotaging the position of the Chicago Beis Din. They did that by declaring the seminaries safe and barring other seminaries for competing for the students (and by colluding in witholding refunds). From the start it was clear that they would defend the business by holding students ransom.

      Either Chicago is or is not valid in its view that the seminaries are problematic. If they are, their directive should be followed. They have already done the only substantive investigation of the allegations. Another one would take months — too long for a parent on the fence.

      • I am on the fence because the school is keeping me there, not because I have a choice at this point. I am not trying to say that this will go away quickly. I am trying to brainstorm how the girls can get somebody proper to hear their side in Eretz Yisroel who the CBD can also trust – a real Bais Din in Eretz Yisroel so that both sides of the ocean are on the same page finally and the girls can see justice done. My being on the fence should not in any way mitigate the fact that were girls who were hurt and need somebody in Eretz Yisroel, who has the ability to work with the CBD since it seems that the 3IR don’t have this ability and to me, it seemed that they had a vested interest in the seminary to begin with and probably should have recused themselves from being able to judge this case (what case – no plaintiff?) altogether.

      • YL, this is in response to an earlier comment of yours at 7:26pm, where there was no way to reply. re RDE, and that you did not suspect him of any immorality, nefarious behaviour or whatever. My comment , good or bad or irrelevant, prior to yours, speculated nefarious motives of the IBD, not of his. And try as hard as i could I could only come up with two possiblities, usually I have a plethora of hypotheses, obviously most are wrong. Nevertheless, re the IBD and my comment at 4:37, specifically re the IBD, can you respond to that? Not to the DT goy.

  10. Instead of the DT distraction, how about getting back on track with a post on “follow the money”? How about a little daylight on the actual transfer of these cash cow seminaries? Did money change hands? Did one person purchase it or are there silent partners? Not so silent partners? Where did the money come from? If no money changed hands, it wasn’t a transfer, it was just a distraction.
    Then, again, there is that pesky little issue of it not being legal to sell a 501-(c)(3). Imagine someone selling the Red Cross or March of Dimes?

    • I would love to be able to follow the money and the controls. For e.g., theoretically, a NFP is controlled by its officers. So the names of the officers matter but no one will say who they were. Normally, a scandal afflicted NFP announces new officers. Nothing has been said in this case.

      The scandal is that they have completely hidden all information about financial transfers or even changes in officers. So I have no way of following the money. Lack of transparency is unfortunately a problem for many of these organizations.

      • You can look for the US organization’s Form 990 on the Guidestar website. That would list officers and a lot more, including financial information. I don’t know about the Israeli amuta.

        I tried to post the two links.

        • It was mentioned in an earlier post that the Seminaries are not required to file Form 990 because they are listed as a “church,” which was discussed in that post, and it seems may be legal and a lot of frum schools are listed that way (they daven in the school, so it’s legal to call it a house of prayer, or something like that).

        • From GuideStar

          Basic Organization Information
          Physical Address: 7 Cabinfield Cir
          % Zev Kaufman
          Lakewood, NJ 08701
          EIN: 20-1260977
          NTEE Category: X Religion, Spiritual Development
          X30 (Jewish)
          Ruling Year: 2004

          Legitimacy Information
          This organization is registered with the IRS.
          This organization is not required to file an annual return with the IRS because it is a church.
          Institutional funders should note that an organization’s inclusion on does not satisfy IRS Rev. Proc. 2011-33 for identifying supporting organizations.

  11. Would like to point out that Mrs. Hindy Ullman is the principal of another Meisel’s school, Binas Bais Yaakov.

  12. TruthSeeker – The decision on how to handle the DT blog and RDE, and the decision on how to handle the IBD are ultimately your own, but I wanted to warn you. I have come to like and care about you, and don’t want you to get hurt. So, here is my own 2 cents, coming from over 25 years more experience dealing with bullies and thugs.

    I severely distrust the 3IR/IBD. Even if they decide to take testimony from girls over the phone, or take testimony in other ways that don’t involve the your going to Israel in person, I think you should stay away. The 3IR clearly have an agenda. “Hashocheid ya’avir es einei chachomim.” Their “shochad” at this point is to “save face” and prove that they did nothing wrong, or were “right” the first time around when they said the seminaries were 100% kosher and that no teachers knew anything. They therefore have a conflict of interest. They have something to prove, and I think if you talk to them, by phone, by letter, in ANY way, it will be feeding their delusions of legitimacy, and worse – it will make you feel invalidated and used, because they will use your testimony and twist it around to further their own self-interest. I know you are eager to give them testimony. But I would caution you to stay away.

    In terms of RDE and the DT blog people, I would suggest doing the same. If you’ve been on blogs, you know there is something called a “Troll.” If you “feed” the troll by responding to him, it only furthers his cause to bother you, cause a lot of commotion, and distract people by just getting them upset. That is the only goal here, and the best way to deal with a troll is to COMPLETELY ignore them. Every time you get publically upset, whether on this blog or elsewhere, it feeds their need to bother and poke and annoy you. If you ignore them, they will go away. If you reveal that you even NOTICED them, they will keep on trying to annoy you.

    Again, the decisions on how to handle both of these issues is your own, and only you are in control of the actions you take with both of these situations.

    • Thank u for the advice and I agree completely.

      The only reason why I bothered responding again to DT was bc he posted an entire post just for me. Incorrectly.

      As for the 3IR, unfortunately, I do not trust them. If they want to meet with me/talk over the phone, I will make sure that Rabbi Fuerst and Rabbi Cohen are present. That is the requirement.


      • Great decisions!

        Please note that DT will keep posting entire posts about you if he thinks he can engage you in any way, or upset you on any level. Even if he takes out a false full page ad about you in the NY Times, commit to ignoring him. Just ignore him. It will be hard, but eventually he will go away. And remember, although YOU know who you are, and Yerachmiel and the CBD and even the IBD may know who you are, we civilians do not know who you are. So your actual “name” is not being attacked, rather your “TruthSeeker” name. But anyone who cares about the truth will not limit their reading to the DT blog, and after reading everything here on FF, they will realize that DT has no basis in reality for what he writes about you. So, stay the course, keep the faith, ignore the bullies, and you’ll come out clean and not get yourself muddied by fighting with the pigs in their pens.

        PS – Your idea of having 2 CBD rabbanim present is good, but maybe it’s better to not even deal with them at all, as the CBD is doing. Even if you have 2 Chicago rabbanim present for your testimony, The IBD will in all likelihood still twist around your testimony to advance their cause, and you will be betrayed. The CBD can’t protect you from that. They couldn’t even protect themselves from that. So it might be wise to stay away from the IBD altogether.

      • Very smart idea Truth seeker. (You are smarter than I realized! I sure didn’t think of this idea). I hope those rabannim would agree to cooperate

        • baal tshuva, earlier you commented that you believed that Dt, i.e. RDE got it wrong this time, but, you wrote something to the effect of “no need to criticize him” or somethiing of that nature, In the best of all possible worlds, with all of our chachamim and non-chachamim expounding ideas, for sure, if i did not agree, if people way way more knowledgeable than I Jewishly, were to disagee, there would not be a reason to criticize him. unfortunately, i know only the Hebrew words and none of the talmudic ones. so, be that as it may, our very OWN RDE he himself has himself, gotten into the business of personal attacks, re TruthSeeker, re YL LOPIN,. heck, but , but, the noblest of us, will not attack him, i am not knowledgeable enough to know the reason why we should not, per halachah or v’kadomeh. but so. no tit for tat, he is on a rampage, very very ubecoming, and i would anticipate that at some time in the future when his bipolar or whatever flips, he will be embarrassed as all heck. if not, that tells us a ton about his EGO. EGO is what makes most of these abusive rabbanim feel that they have zechut to molest who ever they gdm please. they are the Elyonim.
          It will be interesting to see over next few years, if RDE every apologizes to anyone over his speech.. That will be very very telling……. and no, as you see, i cannot cite chapter and verse from talmud mishnah gemora, etc, et al…barely know one from the other.. but I am smart enough to distinguish emes from sheker. emes from vanity. Hakol hevel. only time will tell……,it would be nice if a yeshuva ochur gave substance to my gut.
          all the best

    • Extremely sage advice, seriously?, seriously. The day of reckoning (the hypothetical opening of the sems for the new year, is fast approaching). I pray that all parents with sechel. and even those without, refrain from sending their daughters, and confront the possible/probable? loss of their deposits as being far preferable to the chance of violation of their daughters. The entire staff was either blind, or unwilling to stare evil in the eye, and proactively fight it. The argument has been made that anyone complaining would have been summarily fired. What if all, or a substantial percentage of them, had gone on strike, gone missing so to speak in the middle of any year. That would have been tantamount to closing the seminary down. Fantasy. M’s actions in Israel even with girls over 18 were criminal. B’di’avad, so many things could have been done…..Final speculation, I wonder to myself if any of the staff members, who knew, ever spoke together b’chadrei chadarim about the violations.

  13. I wonder why RDE/IBD never released the correspondence between Gottesman and themselves? They released everything else to try to defend themselves. Wonder if there is a smoking gun in there?

  14. this is outrageous! IBD and DT are spending time on TS??????????? It is too funny to even make up.

    It does remind me of what happened during the Yudi Kolko fiasco with Torah Temimah about 9 years ago….the first case that hit the blogs….where nobody in the school said a word against the powers that be….except for one parent whose name I do not recall…and boy did they focus on him and try to discredit him…

    If I recall correctly it even got to the point where Rabbi Belsky issued a hazmanah L’din summoning this parent to his bais din for daring to be moetzee shem ra on the honorable yudi kolko.

    Of course, all this proved was how desperate Kolko and Margo were to quiet down the parent…though it did not work because the parent then went on to the UOJ website and posted his story including a copy of the hazmana which made the establishment look like a bunch of corrupt politicians.

    So TS, check your mail very carefully…you may be receiving a hazmana from the IBD shortly for being motzee shem ra on them or perhaps they will ask Belsky to do the honors as he is usually the man to turn to when it comes to defending the indefensible.

    • Yes, he has made me into a celebrity.

      Shows how low he’s fallen for picking a fight with a 20-something yr old girl and making her comment apart of his main post.

      I’m truly laughing. Will someone get out the red carpet for me? I think I’ll be signing autographs soon.

      Thanks for the unwanted publicity, Eidensohn.

    • What is astonishing is that the IBD is actually using a “treifene internet site” to be their mouthpiece.

    • TS – if you di get such a hazmanah frim the 3IR and/or the 2IE (irrational Eidensons) start a contest for the most creative use for it.

      Put me down as the first one to suggest bird cage liner.

      Personally, I’d mail it back to Chaim Malinowitz with a note stating the hazmanah serves no purpose as is. He should please print it on softer paper.

  15. from DT BLog:

    DT is really nuts…Though YL, you commented in good sport over there, I think this should be re-posted on your site. What a lowlife this guy is!

    A satire about Yerachmiel Lopin of the blog Frum Follies – “Who was that masked man?”

    [Of course you shouldn’t take seriously anything I say here because I don’t mean anything I write here. Besides Yerachmiel is a good sport and I am suffering from a slow news day.]

    Many years ago in the infamous social jungle of Williamsburg Brooklyn – home to many criminals and perverts as well as chassidic rebbes – a baby was born without anybody realizing his awesome significance for Mankind. There were no omens from heaven – such as a violent hurricane – nor were there any indications on earth – such as a rebbe forgetting to ask for a gift for a bracha. Of course this concealment of the earthshaking significance of the event was totally necessary and appropriate because of what we now know regarding the man we know as Yerachmiel Lopin.

    As is true of the 36 righteous tzadikim – this baby was a true nistar. He seemed average in every way to his family, friends and teachers. What separated him from the others was his tremendous desire to be somebody. He wanted to have vast power and be recognized for his influence on the course of human events.

    Unfortunately his understanding of morality and right and wrong had been frozen at the level of a 6 year old. He has always viewed everything in black and white terms because he could not understand nuance or the interaction of complex moral factors. This was the result of a singular event that occurred when he was walking with his father in Williamsburg one summer evening. They stepped off the curb in the middle of the block to cross the street. He heard an incredible cry of “gevald from one of the biggest tzadikim in Williamsburg. Yerachmiel was totally shaken to his inner core and suffered post traumatic syndrome from that abusive shout. He and his father jumped back on to the sidewalk where they were sternly lectured about the incredible evil which is released into the world by even seemingly minor crimes such as J-walking. He never recovered from that experience and as a direct result – never advanced to the cognitive and moral understanding of an adult.

    As he grew up two major factors dominated his life – 1) he lost interest in Yiddishkeit while retaining a nostalgia for it 2) He developed a great desire to be looked up to and to influence the world. The desire with being a great and important man was unfortunately combined with a fear of being criticized and being hurt. How could he possibly influence the world while remaining vulnerable to be hurt and criticized?

    The answer came to him one day when he was secretly watching Superman on his neighbor’s television. He realized he needed a secret identity like Superman so he adopted a false identity “Yerachmiel Lopin”. Then while he was watching Perry Mason the next day, he learned that if he was careful with his vocabulary he was safe from lawsuits. He learned that one should always say “This is just a satire”, “It is alleged”, “some people claim” , “if despite strong evidence to the contrary X happened” or “it can be inferred that”. He also learned that one should always hide behind authorities by citing them or attributing his understanding to an authority – even though these authorities never said what he claimed. Thus, “it says in Shulchan Aruch” or “Mary Murphy 18 time Emmy winner alleged” [a really good expression because it combined “alleged” with “an authority”. Finally he discovered – that in America – most of what is published on a blog is safe from lawsuits and that became the medium for communicating with the world. He was now almost invincible.

    Besides having a childlike black and white view of morality, he had trouble empathizing and understanding people who disagreed with him. After all Truth is Truth. Besides he didn’t have a good opinion of anybody who disagreed because after all since his opinion was right – the other side was obviously wrong. It was also important to his black and white self-image – to largely avoid acknowledging he had made a mistake. Besides a good offense is the best defense.

    The only think lacking in his grandiose, messianic vision was that he didn’t have a cause. He – as an avid admirer of Don Quixote – desperately needed a cause. At least some windmills to fight. He tried on various causes, being good to the environment, all men are brothers, feminism and even for a while became a baal teshuva. However nothing gave him the needed charge of self-righteous and galvanized his hidden powers until he discovered the cause of “Child Abuse and the great Orthodox Cover-up.”

    The rest is history as he became one of the most famous and influential accusers and allegers of child abuse. He needed very little evidence to accuse someone. It helped if the person had at least one accuser who was reported the allegations to the police or to a newspaper. Once he had an allegation, his super powers of imagination and prose were activated and he just poured out an incredibly creative tale – usually with very little substance – to nail that “bastard.” He started a blog “frum follies” which provided him with additional protection against lawsuit and having to deal with facts. Of course he also pointed out that he was using satire – so he could make words mean anything he wanted.

    Finally we can understand his Oedipal complex. Ultimately this crusade against abuse and his secret identity using the magic words of “it is alleged” or “Mary Murphy says” – enabled him to bash the rabbis that he despised and against whom he wanted vengeance for making him feel inadequate. Every rabbi he made squirm, declared to be a hypocrite or phony – or better yet insulted – gave him a tremendous feeling of power that he craved. Of course he hid behind the cover of a crusader for the victims and his concern for the absolute truth. But since this is satire – we know the truth.

    • It is the beter part of wisdom not to engage. He passed my comment through moderation and that will be my last word on the matter.

      I am a good sport. I thank you for an amusing mixture of criticism, fantasy, satire and tidbits of insight. And who can resist the metziah of a free diagnosis by a PhD psychologist There were definitely moments I recognized myself. Rabbi Eidensohn, you have some talent for this genre; I hope you will produce more in this vein. I am eagerly looking forward to your autobiographical equivalent. No one is more qualified to write it than you.

      • As they say, if you can not win an argument , attack your opponent. It’s obviously hard on the eidensohn brothers to be so wrong and not admit it. Their whole life seems to be about themselves and how only they can save the world. At this point, by trying to make fun of you, they are discrediting themselves even more and bringing down any Rav that they support. I’m sitting here and enjoying it ,how this ,so called psychologist is falling apart, just because he couldn’t win an argument with an anonymous person on the net.
        Both him and his brother need some real help. Maybe they can stop blogging around the clock and open a mussar Sefer . Learn what it means to be humble. Learn the Gemara in Sanhedrin 99: that someone who makes fun of rabonim is considered an apikores and loses his share in the next world. Maybe he should beg מחילה from the CBD instead of making up accusations against them. But I doubt it will happen.

        • I think you are onto something. I am not a rav and I am less restrained and mannered than the members of the CBD. So I make a good proxy target, as does Shlomo Ronald Gottesman. He sometimes uses the title rabbi, but he is a successful mergers and acquisitions attorney. In that world he is not a rav.

        • “I’m sitting here and enjoying it ,how this ,so called psychologist is falling apart, just because he couldn’t win an argument with an anonymous person on the net.”
          so do I….

      • “Besides having a childlike black and white view of morality, he had trouble empathizing and understanding people who disagreed with him. After all Truth is Truth. Besides he didn’t have a good opinion of anybody who disagreed because after all since his opinion was right – the other side was obviously wrong. It was also important to his black and white self-image – to largely avoid acknowledging he had made a mistake.”

        I believe in psychological terminology this is called “projection.” I am a bit surprised to see an Orthodox rabbi publicly deprecate “a childlike black and white view of morality,” all the more so when the subject matter is sexual abuse, enabling it and covering it up.

  16. The unorthodox jew has an article written by a a boy who was abused and lzaareinu is not with us anymore. Look at yesterdays article. It seems from my experience in these matters that it is very hard for any victim to come forward. A young girl or a women with a family especially not married children are too scared top come forward. Those that have the courage and see no action taken are more devestated as you see in that article. Being that these girls already came forward to a bais din and put themselves through absolute embarrassment to protect others it is ridiculous to ask them to do this all over again. This tactic is what keeps people like the five towns Rabbi and the therapist from telz stone and many others as the rabbi in beit shemesh mentioned at the end of the comments to the rabbi kahane article from a few weeks ago. They know that frum girls and women are too scared and hurt to come forward. So after they already had the unbelievable kochos hanefesh to do so how can you ask them to do it again. This is a recipe to keep abusers going for 30 yrs as the rabbi in the 5 towns and the others are still going. Many people have come forward to speak about them but theyu are asked to talk to more and more people until thy have no strength left. So please don’t scare victims away from reporting. They need to stop the abusers for their own health and for our childrens and families safety.

  17. Well, if they require the above from me, it’s not gonna work out.

    I don’t have the time or $ to fly across the world for who-knows-how-long.
    And like said before, even if someone were to pay my flight, I would demand the CBD come along as “bodyguards”. Otherwise, they won’t be seeing much of TruthSeeker.

  18. YL. In my humble opinion you should not stoop to his (Eidenson ) level. The only way to deal with bullies is to ignore them, especially because they thrive on public support. Eidenson is clearly a bully and quite a nasty one at that.

  19. Truth seeker has me confused. In her first posts after this scandal broke she said not to let anyone bash any of the teachers and that if Meisels was gone everything would be fine. She also very strongly said no one should even consider pulling out if he was gone. I could be wrong but I believe her words were that anyone who pulled out would be crazy. What happened to this? You claim to know so much of what was going on so it’s not as if anything that has come out should have changed your attitude. Must be something else. I am extremely curious to hear what it was.

    • I can’t speak for TruthSeeker. However, in my own experience sometimes when you deal with a manipulator it takes a while to realize the nature and scope of the problem.

      I tried replying to you by email but you are using a fake email address which bounces back because the account does not exist. Please use a real one in the future.

      • What Jewish community will be willing to accept him and his family? His name is blackened, no one will trust him….. parents won’t let their kids play with his (ages?). What shul will allow him in? maybe he could go to Canada, Lev Tahor, I understand that their requirements are very fluid. and no worries about shidduchim they will have his daughters married off by the “nominal 3 years of age”. There, I’ve solved his shidduch problem. But, seriously, what if there are criminal charges brought? Did he make a judgment that he was safer in US than in E”S???

        • You will be surprised at how well culprits rehabilitate. They are somech on the IBD. They whisper loshon horah. they notice the size of dowries.

          No chance of a yeshivish guy with his own ego subordinating himself to Shlomo Helbrans. Also, Hebrans’ chevrah are living in lousy conditions in Guatemala.

        • FOR YL, at 2:10,
          Problem here in responding to specific comments. “reply” button missing way too often. Yes, YL, my Lev Tahor Fantasy, was just that. Sarcastic. But, however, do you really really see him just merging into some Ortho Jewish community, and everyone will forget about it? Is that a possibility. If so, we need to take to the ultra charedi chassidic practice (to be specific satmar type) of posting pashkevalim all over the place, in every kosher supermarket, in every book store, on street poles if the local govt’ allows it. We need to bring him ti justice in the courts, but if that is not possible, make his life as goyische as possible.
          And a question. there were somewhere’s close to 40 complainants I believe in the YU abuse scandal (whatever happened there, is that over???), there names were not public. and none of those 40 was afraid that he would be a pariah, for having been abused and coming out of the abuse closet.
          Is there some difference here, is it because these young ladies are not married yet?. Weberman’s victim who’s name i do not know found evidently an ehrliche yid? I’ve seen some posts by him. does not sound as if he is OTD, (perhaps re-evaluating the g’dolai hador, but not to wander, Can we not get any of these girls who were abused by M. to step forward, together, as a group. together, strength in numbers, but tactically and psychologically. Is it a lost cause?

          Does M think he will just do hitbollelut into teaneck or passaic, and the past will be the past, or maybe 5 towns, take over Weinberger’s task……
          North Shore LI. forget it, I have far far too many good contacts, he will be DOA if he attempts that… me, lol.

        • Just speculating, but he may have way less trouble than you think. He has no criminal conviction, nor is he likely to have one, because any crimes occurred in Israel and the victims (who are unlikely to want to testify anyway) are in the US. AFAIK, the seminaries scandal was only reported on a few blogs, except for the single JTA story about the RICO suit, which was reprinted in the Forward and the Times of Israel. Quick search of Jewish Press and Jewish Week showed nothing at all. I assume the Charedi-oriented publications have kept silent. So he can probably find an Orthodox community where his name is unknown without too much trouble. All he needs to do is settle the RICO suit (and return deposits to preempt other suits) in order to prevent embarrassing things from coming up via pre-trial discovery in the coming year, give his wife a no-fuss divorce if she wants it, and find a different, lower-profile line of work.

  20. People, I beg of you, STOP!!! I am not a Meisels supporter or accuser. I’m just a Jew who is pained at all this lashon hara. Yes, there is lashon hara that is l’toeles, and this may very well be in this category. But do you even know the criteria for saying and what to say- l’toeles? Somehow, I doubt that the Chofetz Chaim would agree that very many blog posts on this whole saga fit the criteria. Please, for YOUR sake, stop! Do you know the power of words? Obviously you do, because you are relying on it to ‘hock’. Do you know the detrimental power these words are having on YOU? If you consider yourself frum, do yourself a favor and learn hilchos shmiras halashon before commenting again! No, I am not a troll, paid by anyone related to this, connected to anyone involved, so don’t waste your breath trying to blacken someone further based on this post. I am just sick to my core from all this. Please, don’t do something you will bitterly regret when this is shown in vivid detail to you after your death. PLEASE LEARN THE HALACHOS OF TOELES!

    • No. I’m not going to stop until every Rav and every Gadol in every frum community around the world publically warns frum communities about rodfim in their midst. Children’s lives, people’s lives, and the risk to lives by the effects of sexual abuse, is more important than ANY halacha of loshon hara, more important than Shabbos, kashrus, or anything other than the 3 yehareig v’al ya’avor.

      Do you beg of Rabbanim and Gedolim to “STOP!!!” covering up for sexual abusers which KILL children and adults? Why aren’t you sick to your core about something that causes suicide, and causes people to go completely off the derech. Do you think the kids who are sexually abused who go off the derech are going to ever give a hoot about the halachos of loshon hara when they have given up Shabbos and kashrus and everything else BECAUSE no Rov would stand up and protect them and no Gadol would OUST the known rodfim who abused them? If you’re genuinely pained by someone doing a cheit, why don’t you start with one that causes physical death, for which you can be mechalel Shabbos, instead of picking a nice popular one like lashon hara, which just so happens to conveniently be used as an excuse to cover up for sexual abuse?

    • Dear “Distressed”:

      Some comments:

      1. In 2009, there was a program at Congregation Ahavas Israel in Passaic NJ at which several people who had been sexually abused within the Orthodox community spoke about their experiences. The recording can be either streamed of downloaded at:
        Even if you don’t want to listen to the speeches given by the people who were abused (which are difficult to listen to), I suggest you at least listen to the introduction by Rabbi Eisenman, the mora d’asra of the shul, in which, among other things, he talks about Lashon Hara in the context of dealing with abuse cases and abusers. I’m not going to try to summarize it here for fear that I will not do so accurately.
      2. Regarding toeles – about a year ago, someone criticized me for posting on Facebook a link to an article about a pending abuse trial. I turned for advice to Rabbi Yosef Blau, the Mashgiach Ruchani of RIETS / YU. Here is what he wrote, which he permitted me to post publicly:
        “With the massive and ongoing amount of cover up it is unfortunately necessary to publicize each account of sexual abuse in the Orthodox community which appears in the media. The abysmal failure of the approach to hide this information makes it of great toeles. Calling the few who care enough to continue to fight for the victims of abuse, who continue to suffer from the lack of care for their welfare in the community, as witch hunters is a distortion. The chilul Hashem will only end when the Orthodox community demonstrates it’s proper religious character and acts boldly to transform the culture.”
        In the case of the seminaries with which Mr. Meisels* is or was associated, the Special Bais Din of Chicago, which sits exclusively to address cases of sexual abuse, found “that students in these seminaries are at risk of harm and it does not recommend that students attend these seminaries at this time.” A picture of the letter which the Special Bais Din issued on July 10 can be found at

      Dorron Katzin

      *the July 10 letter refers to Elimelech Meisels as “Mr.” rather than as “Rabbi”.

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