Cyprys Didn’t Even Stop His Sexual Assaults in Jail

David Cyprys

David Cyprys

According to the Herald Sun of Australia, David Samuel Cyprys was accused of assaulting a teenager in jail while serving his prison sentence for assaulting nine Jewish children. Incredibly, after he was convicted of child sexual abuse in 1991, he was allowed to continue working at the Chabad-dominated Yeshiva College of Melbourne where he preyed on children for another two decades.

I am willing to bet many parents complained and were given any of these standard lines to assure them this would not happen again:

  • This is the first we have ever heard of such a thing and we will investigate;
  • We will get him into therapy;
  • We will keep an eye on him;
  • He has a family, so this is the best way to deal with it;
  • You can’t go to the police; it is forbidden under Jewish law;
  • You will destroy your standing in the community and the marriage prospects of you kids if you make a public fuss, instead of letting us handle it privately.

This is the tried and proven containment strategy of many rabbis and community leaders. It works at containing justice but is useless at containing danger.



2 thoughts on “Cyprys Didn’t Even Stop His Sexual Assaults in Jail

  1. All these stories were used at the Yeshivah Centre Melbourne, including several others, among them: “this victim is the only one”; “the alleged act was very, very minor”. Till it turns out 9+ victims, including rape. These leopards very, very rarely change their spots (the perps, the enablers, and the apologists)…

    • Zephaniah, I am so so with you. See my, as yet, unmoderated comments. Rarely? i would say, never, without physical castration.. per the perps. Per the enablers, they lie and cheat and carry on financial frauds. not sure if they even differentiate btw the different corruptions.. Olam habah, if there is such a thing is totally lost for these vile menuvalim. I can fantasize BBQ SKEWERS in GEHENOM.. YS.

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