The Science of MBP Herpes Is Explained

Almost any mohel (ritual circumciser) doing MBP (oral suction of the wound) can transmit fatal herpes infections. That is true even if the mohel has never contracted an STD in his life; even if the mohel is the model of health; and even if he is immaculate and hygienic. The anonymous blogger, the “Medical Rationalist” explains the science behind this hazard in the recent post,  MBP – Dispelling Some Common Misconceptions.

It is a must-read for anyone deciding on whether to circumcise using MBP or for anyone involved in the policy debate.

Other very important sources:

This article is the definitive, English language, halachic and medical history of MBP from the talmudic era to the present. The article also includes a translation of the Chasam Sofer’s 1837 ruling to use gauze without any suction if physicians advise there is a risk.



6 thoughts on “The Science of MBP Herpes Is Explained

  1. I’m almost certain that the blog “Rationalist Medical Halacha” is NOT Rabbi Natan Slifkin’s blog.

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