Much Ado about Very Little in the Letter by the Five Gedolim

Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn  is protective of the seminaries operated by Meisels particularly of their right to refuse parents refunds and of the job security of everyone who worked for Meisels. As criticism of the Israeli Beis Din mounted, he seized on a new source of authority for his postion. On Thursday he posted:

New letter from American Gedolim praises new spiritual supervisors of the 4 seminaries.

A letter signed by American gedolim – including Rav Levin from Telz of Chicago, Rav Aharon Feldman of Yeshiva Ner Yisroel, Rav Aharon Schecter of Yeshiva Chaim Berlin, Rav Malkiel Kotler or Lakewood and Rav Yaakov Perlow – praises the four seminaries which were acquired by Yaakov Yarmush from Meisels.

They express their clear approval of the new spiritual management that will be closely supervising these seminaries.

A comment on his posting by “Avraham” begs to differ

Rabbi Aharon Feldman

Rabbi Aharon Feldman Protects Moshe Eisemann

Let us first note that RAF [Rabbi Aharon Feldman] was unsuccessful in his attempt to get the full Moetzes to sign on to the decision (as he has tried for some time). Instead we are left with five rabbanim who either have negius [conflict of interest] – Rabbi Levine – or terrible track records dealing with abuse.

(Rav Perlow [Novominsker Rebbe] convened the first group of rabbanim that covered up for Yehuda Kolko. Rav Kotler vigerously defended Yosef Kolko and drove his victim and his family out of Lakewood. Rav Feldman continues protecting Moshe Eiseman, and Rav Schechter was responsible for the abuse of Issac Hersch [and suing the rescuers and those who reported on it]. [URLs added by Yerachmiel Lopin]

The Real Issue Is Safety

R Aaron Schechter

R Aaron Schechter Isaac Hersh kidnapping

As far as I am concerned, after exhaustively covering the twists and turns of the saga, it all boils down to which group of rabbis can be counted on to tend to the safety of students. On one side we have the Chicago Beis Din (CBD) which has found sexual abuse, a climate of charisma and flirting, and staff who ignored it and rebuffed students who reported violations of din yichud which were perfectly obvious to many staff and students. The CBD advised against attending and supports the right of parents to have their tuition prepayments refunded acting through civil courts if necessary. On the basis of the CBD ruling, Touro and Hebrew Theological Colleges suspended accreditation.

Malkiel Kotler

Protected Yosef Kolko

The CBD will not back down until they are satisfied with proof of full transfer of control from Elimelech Meisels, a change in the culture of the problematic seminaries, a full investigation of all culpable staff, and the removal of some principals and staff as needed.

On the other side we have five Roshei Yeshiva with conflicts of interest, a history of protecting abusers, or a history of kidnapping.  Their assurances of safety with no proper investigations or changes in staffing are meaningless. I doubt they even believe their own claims. They just want to protect the seminaries from losing too many students because parents are nervous. Most shocking is that in all this time they have not had a word of compassion for Meisels victims, not a word of apology, not any offer of help.

Novominsker Rebber Rosh Moetzes

R. Yaakov Perlow Protected Yehuda Kolko

Rabbi Eidensohn got it right the first time when the ill fated “Israeli Beis Din” of Rabbi Shafran made its appearance. On July 14th he wrote:

 The [IBD] letter is clearly designed for damage control. It does not contradict the findings of the Chicago Beis Din but notes that Meisels has been removed from his position and therefore whatever he did is not relevant for the current running of the seminaries. It’s main focus is to deal with the fears and concerns of the present students and their parents and tell them there is nothing to be concerned of at present.

Avrohom Chaim Levin

Negius as chavrusah of Meisels Father Proetected Yisroel Bodkins

In his commenting section he wrote:

@Honesty – you are simply challenging the ruling of the Chicago Beis Din.They had access to both sides and they clearly indicated that at the present time it is problematic to attend these seminaries. If as is claimed he was removed from access to the seminaries 8 weeks ago than why does the Chicago Beis Din issue this strong warning? Why are letters being sent out to parents and principals regarding this matter. If all that is necessary is a surgical removal than what are they afraid of?

Aside from that there is also the question of Meisels future. It is unlikely that such a person suddenly changes and therefore is no longer a danger to anyone. If he is a rodef – then it is necessary to get the word out so that proper precautions get be done regarding his access and influence over young women.

Rabbi Eidensohn I agree with your initial reactions along with your concern about the charismatic culture of the seminaries you expressed in several of your posts (e.g., Sex and kiruv: Problem of the charismatic rabbi and  Charisma: A Note on the Dangerous Outer Boundary of Spirituality).

Rabbi Eidensohn, I don’t know how you lost your way into screaming blood libel and McCarthyism, nor why you wrote an absurd ad hominem attack on me posing as satire, or entered conspiracy mode to claim the CBD controls when the Chicago Tribune runs an article.

All I know is I have been consistent in my positions about abuse for the last five years. You on the other hand have taken a U-turn backwards from your advocacy for child safety. Dr. Eidensohn I hope it is a malady you are professionally equipped to resolve because all other explanations implicate your integrity or social judgment.


48 thoughts on “Much Ado about Very Little in the Letter by the Five Gedolim

  1. The question is really simple. Fine, you believe its safe; but why can’t parents have the choice to remove their kids and get a refund?

    They’ve removed parental rights. A parent has the right to choose safety for their kids. Clearly, the place wasn’t safe previously. Shouldn’t parents have the right to choose.

    This issue is the same by the sex offenders. Aguda has a position that the rabbi and board should be aware and will monitor the offender. I believe that as a parent I deserve the right to know of any threat and choose how to protect my children my own way. It isn’t the rabbi’s right to decide how I protect my family.

    • Benny, great points!! I am so dissapointed in these very black hat “frum” rabbis that have gone against the CBD for no good reason. I am a Baal teshuva deeply questioning the community. This scandal is devastatingly dissaponting. These 5 rabbis are causing much more damage to the community than they imagine! It is no longer about meisels sex abuse scandal. It is about the credibility and hidden motivations or so-called gadolim. How can we trust these people who have not investigated the staff and the victims and incidents and care nothing for the victims?? Such a chillul Hashem. I will never look at a black hat or bais yaakov person the same way. I feel totally betrayed. These people are such fakers. All they care about is $ and donations it’s so obvious.

      • first of all why blame the 5 gedolim over the CBD maybe the CBD have their hidden motivations for how they handled the whole case. do you know they have no good reason. They feel they do have a good reason, and contrary to you statement coming from nowhere they spoke to the CBD and staff members and then came out with their statement

        • Your comment is a stretch. Basically it is vague form of “trust them.” That is not how we learn in Judaism. We ask good questions and listen for whether we get good answers. Do we see tanaaim, amoraim, and poskim saying, trust me so I don’t need to have any evidence or arguments.

          Honorable people can have disagreements after they do their homework. But from the get-go, the IBD/3IRs and now the 5 “Gedolim” (5G) have been trying to nullify a BD which did a long investigation (and even against my preference) waited and gave Meisels a chance to totally disengage from the seminaries and rabbinical work or contact w students, without being publicly exposed. Now the Johny-come-lates, who never did their own investigation, are just kashering the seminaries. Just like some Catholic priests waving a wand and proclaiming, “Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven.” That is not how corrections happen in Judaism, something that should be especially obvious for a frum Jew at the beginning of Ellul.

          Would you have trusted rabbonim who responded to the Monsey traeyf chicken scandal of Moshe Finkel who said, no need to kasher anything at Shevach butcher shop?

          Would you have given a hoot if the new magic-wand protectors invented some cockamamie conspiracy theory that those who called it trayf has some conspiratorial motives?

          Why do you and people like you have such low standards for protecting students from something that poskim consider pikuach nefesh, a much bigger aveira than trayf chicken? How can you disapprove of Conservative, Reform, and OO or in some cases, MOs while you support the lowest possible standard for kashrus of seminaries.

          Why demand mehadrin for food and settle for pork or porkers when it comes to seminaries?

      • You will never look at a black hat or bais yaakov person the same way!? My, isn’t that the ugliest bit of stereotyping I’ve seen in a while…

        • TG, I agree with you that this is an unfair stereotype if applied to all black-hats/bais-yaakov people. I suspect that Tova T would qualify it on reconsideration. However, the misconduct in this case is not just the act of individuals. We are dealing with 5 “Gedolim” (5Gs) who are at the pinnacle of leadership in the Haredi yeshivish world. While there are many followers who are upset, relatively few have dissented publicly. In fact many feel obliged to accept what is being passed off here as true “Daas Torah.” In fact, Tova T could argue that she will presume that the best guess about any particular black-hats/bais-yaakov is that they are supporting the 5G unless they say otherwise.

          I am going to say something paradoxical to a “daas torah” believer: the best way to counteract this perception is for enough black-hats/bais-yaakov-women to openly reject the misconduct of the 5G.

          Provoking such perceptions is the fault of the 5G and the IBD. They generated a chillul hashem by their actions that have reached tens of thousands of readers. Had they facilitated the work of the CBD, this sordid Meisels scandal could have been a great kiddush hashem. Imagine the National Catholic Reporter writing: “Higdil hashem lassos eemanu,” “If only our archbishops could confront abuse like orthodox rabbis.”

          Instead, I have to tell my colleagues who fight molesting priests that at least the Catholic Church publicly apologizes when their priests are caught. In fact the Vatican just stripped away the diplomatic immunity of one of their ambassadors so he can extradited to, and tried in the Dominican Republic for sodomizing poor teenagers.

        • TG- It’s not stereotyping it’s becoming more aware and worldly. It’s how feel based on my own personal observations of how I was treated and others I personally know where treated. I looked up to those people and trusted them. As a BT I Suppose I had a naive view and thought all black hat Jews were somehow “more holy” and better. Live and learn. I still have many black hat friends that I respect but now I know to be a lot more careful in who I trust and admire, especially when it comes to my children’s safety.

        • Tova, one of the common misconceptions that Baalei Teshuva like yourself fall for (and it is extremely common, even the Modern Orthodox fall for it vis-à-vis their Chassidic cousins) is that if all those people are dressing so differently and doing things so differently than the rest of the modern world, then they MUST be very pious and more holy, otherwise why would they look and act so different.

          We are all naturally very affected by visuals. And not many people stop to think that for people who are born into and grow up in relatively closed social circles where everyone else in their schools, shuls and community is wearing strings hanging out of their pants, black hats in 95-degree heat, white shirts instead of fashionable clothing, and the women covering themselves from head to toe no matter the weather and wearing wigs covering their natural hair, then it’s not a question for someone who grows up that way to do the same as everyone around them. It is more of a question for someone who grows up that way NOT to do the same, because they have been socialized since birth to have that way of doing things as the only socially accepted behavior. It has nothing in the world to do with holiness. But it LOOKS so quaint, so old-time, so innocent, so earnest, so holy. It harkens back to simpler times, to yesteryear, to better times with better values. It’s nostalgic. And we all fall for the nostalgia. We also WISH there were a better world, a holier world, a more pious world. And this seems to fill our wish, it certainly LOOKS to be that way holier, better, more pious, from the perspective of someone in the modern world looking in.

          I’m not a BT, but I’ve seen this with the Modern Orthodox being drawn to the black hat community, with the belief that it’s a more “pure” form of Orthodoxy, while historically, nothing is further from the truth (unless you read black-hat ahistorical Artscroll books, which Rabbi Nosson Sherman – general editor at Artscroll – himself admits are not meant to be historical, even while claiming to be history and biography books). And even those in Modern Orthodoxy who are not drawn enough to the Chareidi world to “convert,” see it as their duty to monetarily support it, again, for the mistaken belief that there is something “truer” and “purer” and “more holy” about the Chareidi world, which is based only on their wishful thinking that it would be that way, and because it LOOKS to be that way, because it’s so visually different and closed off from the rest of society.

          Unfortunately, being closed off from the rest of society does not shield a community from the dark sides of all of the various human beings living inside the community. And every corruption and evil in the world “out there” can be found in the closed world of those who look like they are so “holy” and “pious” and unaffected by all the evils and darkness of the world and of human behavior.

    • I agree with this. The question of how “safe” they will be this year is quite irrelevant. In effect if they are safe it is because they have new staff and are effectively new seminaries. Parents who initially signed up were sending to what they thought were established well run seminaries. You can’t now force parents to send to these “new” institutions… it’s totally absurd.

  2. CBD is the only Bais Din that actually addresses issues of abuse. By their actions the 5R’s have effectively shut down the only rabbinic venue that looks out for the safety of our communities. A sad sad situation.

    • Don’t surrender to pessimism. I actually would bet on the CBD holding its ground and the 5G failing just like the IBD. But you are right that they are trying to nullify the actions of a BD trying to do the right thing. Since these are extremely influential figures in the Haredi world, this is a scandal for the entire Haredi world.

      • Hakesef Yaaneh Es Hakohl – let those seminaries bleed money and close and watch the defenders desert.

        • Some keep saying, now the seminaries will be under a microscope so parents can stop worrying.

          To that I say:

          A microscope is useless at preventing infection if you don’t first disinfect.

          A microscope is useless if the mashgiach and staff are blinded by their material interests. In some fashion, the staff and the overseers are blinded by bribes in the form of jobs and interest in saving the seminaries.

          The best proof of their moral blindness is that in 7 weeks of skirmishing withe the IBD publicly they have not once, not once, issued any statement of concern for Meisels’ victims, nor offered any apology to the public for this dreadful scandal, nor offered a penny of compensation to his victims. They aren’t just blind. They seem to be deaf and mute.

  3. Haha. You still can’t take that satire post he wrote about you. Sad. Even though it is clear that the facts are on his side.

    • On the contrary. I feel it enhanced my credibility by showing a petty mean streak in Eidensohn’s mode of attack. That is why I left the comment:

      I am a good sport. I thank you for an amusing mixture of criticism, fantasy, satire and tidbits of insight. And who can resist the metziah of a free diagnosis by a PhD psychologist There were definitely moments I recognized myself. Rabbi Eidensohn, you have some talent for this genre; I hope you will produce more in this vein. I am eagerly looking forward to your autobiographical equivalent. No one is more qualified to write it than you.

    • How did this become a haha matter. Do you have a daughter attending one of these corrupted schools? Facts? Which facts? That the CBD is decent enough not to share the sordid details with every self acclaimed genius is a fact? I am glad that the grand coverup has “made your day”.

  4. Let’s not forget that Rabbi Levin fired the child molester Weinhouse from Telz and then let him take a job at Hillel Torah Day School without warning them. I guess it was more important to him that Weinhouse not lose his Parnassa. After all the children he would abuse in the future were modern orthodox, so who cares about them.

    And his reward for this criminal behavior? He was awarded a position on the newly formed Chicago special beit din. In which capacity he served as a constant stumbling block to the beit din’s attempts to bring molesters to justice.

    When you view his current support for the Meisels seminaries in light of his past support for the molesters, Bodkins and Weinhouse, (and many others) a troubling trend is apparent

    • Doctor, wow that info about r. levin and Weinhaus is truly upsetting. What is wrong with the orthodox world????? Why is this protection of molesters so deep-seated??

      • Wainhaus was arrested in October of 1999, nearly 15 years ago, for abuse the likely happened way before then. It’s not exactly a burning issue here. Attitudes have definitely changed over the last 15 years, and there’s no point in trying to paint Chicago rabbonim as men who cover up abuse, when the opposite is true. Chicago pioneered an approach that no longer tolerates abuse, here in Chicago, or anywhere else.

        The Meisels case definitely was more public than it needed to be, but the CBD stood firm. The recent events are far more important than old history.

        • It needed to be public because otherwise he was not going to relinquish control of his schools. The CBD specified terms for Meisels. Had he complied they would not have gone public. They set those conditions in mid-May and did not go public until July 10th.

          The Wainhaus affair was indeed the case that precipitated the formation of the Special Beis Din.

        1. Because of the mistaken belief by the powers that be that if it becomes public, it reveals to all Orthodox Jews that we are not, in fact “better than” non-Jews, and causes Orthodox Jews to then question why we have to live by all these extensive rabbinical and Orthodox stringencies in the name of being “Am Hanivchar” chosen and special people, above the rest, a light unto the nations, better than those around us. If we’re not, in fact better, and if Orthodox Jewish communities who are living by the Torah, learning Torah and doing mitzvos are not better than those who are not Orthodox, then what is the point of all these difficulties that we endure and sacrifices that we make in the name of practicing Orthodox Judaism?

        2. Because even if we fool ourselves into believing we are better than everyone else, or living a “higher purpose” than everyone else, if we allow these instances of abuse (and there are way too many to count) to become public knowledge, then OTHER people will call us out, and point out that our Emperor is in fact naked, and not wearing the beautiful clothing we claim to see.

        3. Because of the mistaken belief that it makes a Chillul Hashem (desecration of God’s name) if the abuse becomes public. One mistake in this thinking is that it is an even GREATER Chillul Hashem when the RABBINIC COVER UP of the abuse becomes public knowledge. Another mistake in this belief is that the Chillul Hashem reaches far and wide because covering up for abuse leads the perps to practice more abuse and what could have been a relatively contained Chillul Hashem, becomes one that is far greater in the number of victims it affects, and far wider in the affect it has upon future generations as we know that those who were abused are likely to themselves abuse others.

        4. Because there is a very strong drive and deep value in the Orthodox world of Kiruv – outreach – bringing secular, unaffiliated, non-religious or not-as-stringently-religious Jews into the fold of Orthodoxy. I believe this drive comes from our unconscious need to validate to ourselves that we have “the correct path” and are the “right” and “truest” brand of Judaism. Anyway, the strong drive and deep value of Kiruv creates a need for us to “make a good impression.” And what kind of awful impression do we make when we’ve got the same garbage going on in our camp as “the world out there.” If our Orthodox religious practices do not make for a near-perfect and mega-pious society, then how can we attract unaffiliated Jews to our camp?

    • Actually, after removing Tzvi (Leon) Wainhaus from Telz, he was sent to Hanna Sachs, the Haredi girls’ school, perhaps on the theory he was only interested in boys. Having discovered he was also going after girls he ended up in the MO Hillel Torah Day School. Obviously Hillel would not have hired him if Telz and Hanna Sachs had shared his history. Hillel Day school discovered his molesting and supported parents in reporting him to the police.

      I understand the mentality of getting a molester out of education without notifying the public (though I disagree with that approach). I can even fathom Rabbi Levin ignorantly assuming a molester is only oriented to one sex and not the other when choosing victims. But I cannot believe Rabbi Levin imagined that Wainhaus was only interested in Haredi children but not Modern Orthodox children. He simply decided to put other children at risk in order to protect this molester’s livelihood and reputation.

      The unsatisfactory handling of the Wainhuas case was a factor in the formation of the Chicago “Special Beis Din.” It was designed to span the sectors of the community and provide it with the prestige of its most prominent figures including R. Schwartz (Av Beis Din of the MO CRC and Av Beit Din of the RCA), R. Levin as RY of Telz, R.Shmuel Feurst as Av Beis Din of the Haredi Agudah, and R. Zev Cohen popular Rav of the largest orthodox congregation whose membership spanned the MO to the Haredi. R. Schwartz davens at R. Cohen’s shul and sits up front alongside him.

      Given R. Levin’s history people can rightly ask why include him. I would say the formation of the SBD was a compromise between those most committed to the issue of abuse and those most able to make it’s rulings stick. There was also a hope that this would lead members like R. Levin to move forward in his thinking and understanding. Apparently that hope was not realized as can be seen in the recent Bodkins and Meisels case. I do not know if the SBD will survive the unresolved tensions now revealed in R. Levin’s taking a public position to undermine a panel of rabbis in the Meisels case. Moreover, R. Schwartz, while sharp as ever at 91, shlita, has retired from other positions and has to be thinking of his replacement since he has already retired from his role with the BDA and the CRC.

  5. I really, truly don’t know what to think anymore. My last vestige of hope that this sordid story sorts itself out by the parents of the seminary girls keeping the kids home. If half the girls don’t show up, the places lose money and suddenly salaries won’t be paid and the schools unravel.
    There will no longer have to be a dialogue of who owns what.
    It will be over and hopefully a lesson learned.

    • Go and look at the letter that loony Kahane just put out. In his original letter, he made a whole point of people not talking lashon hara and not believing the allegations.

      Now, he comes out with a real “winner” of a letter where he talks about all of the changes that have happened, and about the new Menaheles.

      If that guy were running a falafel stand, I wouldn’t patronize it. He obviously has major difficulties just telling the truth. Was everything ok, or were they in the midst of a major overhaul? And if he wouldn’t give a straight answer, then why trust him with your daughter. Only insane people would send their daughters to a guy who puts out two letters like that that totally conflict each other.

      So your point is correct, we can only hope.

      And regarding this new letter, the more I read it, the more it just looks like an attempt to keep some semblance of shalom bayis with the IBD. In no way does it endorse any approach. If anything, it was written AFTER all of the supposedly wonderful changes that have taken place. Now, the IBD said that no changes were necessary, and yet, they supposedly made major changes. Looks like these gedolim followed the psak of the CBD that major changes needed to happen.

      There is hope yet, H Chani.

      • Triangle, I’m confused. You say, “Looks like these gedolim followed the psak of the CBD that major changes needed to happen.” But I understand you are basing this statement on the latest letter of R’ Kahane, whom you say “obviously has major difficulties just telling the truth.” Shouldn’t you rather have said, “Looks like these gedolim (or a PR consultant) realized that major changes needed to appear to have happened”? Maybe major changes happened, but since no one appears to have bothered to consult with the CBD, how can you say they followed their psak?

        • Sorry if I was unclear. I was talking about two letters at once which is confusing. What I meant was:
          1) The letter from the gedolim indicates that there were real changes that needed to take place, as opposed to the IBD approach which seemed to be “everything’s ok, nothing to look at, send your girls and your $$$ and leave us alone.” This vindicated the CBD approach far more than the IBD approach.

          2) Kahane, in his second letter unwittingly admitted that his first letter was bunk. He also admitted that there were major changes put into place, whereas his first letter said that it was just a bunch of lashon hara. I still believe that any parent would be insane to trust anything to Kahane based on his own words, much less a precious daughter.

          Hope that clears it up.

      • Thanks, Triangle. My only quibble (and it is merely a quibble) would be your saying that R’ Kahane “unwittingly admitted that his first letter was bunk.” R’ Kahane is not “unwitting.” He could not have got where he is unless his rational faculties were fine. It seems to me he is either dishonest and knows it, or lives in an Orwellian/psychopathic universe where “dishonesty” has no meaning, and his moral compass points toward any magnetic object in his vicinity. In any case, I agree he is untrustworthy, and should not be the principal of a seminary.

        • I tend to think it’s the second way. As I wrote in response to Jack, this thing isn’t over yet. There are many more stories that need to be told about the victims and the enablers. Just one part is the sick environment of the sems where it was known by every sentient being that in a sem where Meisels lectured, say, once a week, the girls would get all dressed up and flirt openly. He PUBLICLY told girls how beautiful they were. Now, there’s no way that such information wouldn’t make it to the principal. No way. And if it did, and the principal did nothing, then the sems are a sick, caustic environment. That’s enough to cause me not to trust a guy like Kahane.

          Add to that the fact that not one single admission of wrongdoing or apology, and it’s simply unforgivable. Any parent that sends a daughter there clearly has something wrong with them. And the same applies to shidduchim. Any girl with these sems on the resume isn’t passul because something may have happened, she’s passul because she was raised by incredible morons who saw the writing on the wall but chose to ignore it.

  6. Daas Schmatta reports that Rabbi Shafran traeled to the USA to receive the support of the 5 Rabbis…yet victims need to come to ISrael to testify. Nothing more to add.

  7. Triangle,

    i thought you knew…Dass Schmatta banned me from his site a week ago!!!!!

    Sorry I cant fight the good fight over there.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the Title IX student safety test.

    1. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shafran, head of the Israeli Beis Din (koshering the seminary) is a Gerer Hasid. Ger is the only major hasidic movement which is a member of Agudath Israel of America).

    2a. However, the primo mover was probably Aaron Feldman who was the original liaison to the IBD.

    1. The suspension was by Hebrew Theological College (which is in Chicago and thus very responsive to the Chicago Beis Din. HTC is now a subsidiary of Touro. Touro followed and seems very committed to staying the course in spite of the pressure. Excelsior College was alsos certifying but it charged a small fortune compared to Touro whose take is about $1k.

    3a. Allegedly, Excelsior is suspending certification because it smells scandal and knows enough to know that if orthodox groups admit a sex abuse problem it is pretty bad.

    1. You state the open letter is pressure on Touro to lift the suspension. Actually there was a private attempt to get them to lift it which failed. The Moetzes of Agudah refused to attack Touro publicly. The feeble kashering letter is an attempt to get parents to go ahead with sending their daughters even though they failed to lift the suspension.
    2. It is Mr. Yarmush, not Rabbi. He is not referred to as a rabbi by his supporters. His business is asbestos removal.

    Posted by: Yerachmiel Lopin | September 01, 2014 at 01:37 PM

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