“Protecting Our Children from Sexual Abuse” Panel: Sunday Sept. 14 in Teaneck

  • Rabbi Yosef Blau

    Rabbi Yosef Blau

    Topic: Protecting Our Children From Sexual Abuse

  • Where: Congregation Rinat Yisrael , 389 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck, NJ
  • When: Sunday, September 14, 2014, 8:00 p.m.
  • Co-Sponsors: Congregation Keter Torah, Congregation Netivot Shalom and Lubavitch of Bergen County
  • Cost: Free and open to entire community


Dr. Shira Berkovits

Dr. Shira Berkovits

Introductions: Rabbi Yosef Adler, Cong. Rinat Yisrael & Rosh Yeshiva Torah Academy of Bergen County.

Moderator: Dr. Seymour Adler, Rinat Yisrael Adult Education Committee.

Dr. Shira Berkovitz, Youth Consultant for the Department of Synagogue Services at the OU. She has worked on a guide for preventing child sexual abuse in synagogues. .

David Cheifetz 2Rabbi Yosef Blau, Senior Spiritual Advisor at YU rabbinical seminary. Speaker, author and consultant on sexual abuse in the orthodox community.

David Cheifetz, Rinat Yisrael member. Author of NY Jewish Week article, “Sharing The Secret That’s Haunted My Soul.” Advocate for sexual abuse victims/survivors.


7 thoughts on ““Protecting Our Children from Sexual Abuse” Panel: Sunday Sept. 14 in Teaneck

  1. Rabbi Adler allowed Sheldon Chaneles, a known abuser of teen age boys to pray in his synagogue and to be on the board of his school despite being aware of a more than 30 year history of molesting boys. Now he has become the great advocate of abused children. I guess when the perpetrator is a rich influential shul member with powerful friends the rabbi then tolerates abusers.

    • Reminds me of the famous joke, the guy goes to his local rabbi and asks him to make him a Kohen. rabbi responds, impossible, i cannot do that Mar ploni ups the ante and offers 5 million, and the rabbi insists, so sorry cannot do that, impossible when ploni gets to 100 million, the rabbi relents, says, ok, ok ok, i will make you a Kohen. But, please tell me, why is this is so very impt. to you?
      To which, ploni responds, “well, my grandfather was a Kohen my father was a Kohen… and… and. I also want to be a Kohen ” A golden oldie joke…if too well known, hey, YL, don’t publish it…..

  2. Chaneles was expelled by a new president of the shul almost a year ago and was forced to resign from the board of adler’s school about 3 years ago when a new charge of child molestation arose against him in teaneck. He has a history of molesting Bar Mitzvah boys who he used to teach to lain for their bar mitzvah. Adler was aware of all of this and still allowed him to come to shul because of pressure from influential friends of Sheldo Chaneles.

    Around 5 months ago Adler was ready to readmit Chaneles to the Shul when there was a popular uprising of many shul members. Some Teaneck Rabbis do not allow Chaneles into their building. Adler has no problem satisfying Chaneles’ close friends

  3. Yossi Adler was a close personal buddy of Baruch Lanner, and one of Lanner’s most active and prominent enablers and defenders. In 1989, when Elie Hiller wrote his public letter to the Teaneck community about Lanner’s abusive and violent behavior, Adler declared from the pulpit that the Hiller’s claims were “nothing more than slanderous lies” — in spite of the fact that Adler had personally witnessed Lanner doing some of the things that Hiller described, on more than one occasion.

    To hold a panel discussion on “Protecting Our Children From Sexual Abuse” under the aegis of Yossi Adler is a sick joke, and an outrageous affront to Lanner’s victims — many of whom wouldn’t have been victims if it weren’t for Adler.

    • I will take you on your word about Adler for this response. Even so, the three speakers are all worthwhile hearing on this issue. Yes, R. Blau messed up and got taken by Lanner in the Beis Din. Based on that experience he swore off BD for abuse and has done many excellent things since then to fight abuse.

  4. YL what inforation do you have on Dr. Berkowitz? Her current employment position does not speak well of her getting the issue of child sex abuse. The OU? Seriously? (Sorry, Seriously, no offence)

    We don’t need to review the track record of the OU from covering up for Lanner for decades, to not supporting the Markey Bill, to retracting their condemnation of Weberman and witness intimidation, to selling out the Kolko victim by allowing Belsky to get away with attacking his family, and on and on.

    The more seriuos sin is not all thosesins they are guilty of commission, but the big elephant in the room, namely the sin of omission: They ommit telling us a single accomplishment of this “youth consultant” other than the “guide” she “worked” on which must have included gidance for synagogues on how to cover up and protect abusers. That is if it even exists.

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