Following the Whizzing Balls in the Beis Din Game

ping pongThe marines have a saying: “Kill them all and let G-d sort them out.” The heimish equivalent is the Beis Din game. It’s played by refusing to accept one beis din and offering competing complaints and legalisms until the onlookers get confused and give up thinking they can make sense of the truth. It has been deployed with vengeance to diffuse the scandal of sexual abuse and cover-ups in the seminaries controlled by Elimelech Meisels.

Like a sports newscaster, I’ve been broadcasting the developments. But I realize people are still confused. I hope to shortly post a simple basic summary of the case against Meisels as it now stands. In the meantime, I reject the claim by Daniel Eidensohn, It’s time to move on.- the END!. My thinking is closer to the posting by Harry Maryles who says it is not Time to Move On until the enablers are identified and removed. While I work on the post, I must draw attention to to a witty portrayal of the chulent simmered by the Beis Din game. Check out Of Batei Din, Girls Seminaries, Vulnerable People and the Internet, Part 4. The excerpt below comes from that post.

Stock photo for illustration only

Stock photo for illustration only

Until a few months ago sexual abuses by staff and others against its female student bodies was never openly discussed but now it has dragged an ever-increasing number of high-profile rabbis into this very public imbroglio. Count the power rabbis now hotly involved in this, and counting: First there is the guy who set off this radioactive bomb, Elimelech Meisels who was forced to resign in disgrace following allegations of sexual molestation of students at four seminaries that he owned and controlled. There are two other rabbis who as principals it is being alleged that they knew of the abuse and covered it up and covered for their boss’s misdeeds, or turned a blind eye when they should have taken action to oust him and not support him. So that is three rabbis. Then there are the three notable rabbis of the special sex-abuse bais din in Chicago who have issued an advisory warning that the four seminaries are not safe. Then there are the three scholarly rabbis of the special ad hoc bais din that was set up to deal with this problem in Israel (IBD) now protecting the new status quo and at loggerheads with the original CBD over total jurisdiction over the case. That makes it nine rabbis stabbing viciously at each other, via proxy bloggers online, while dancing on hot coals of controversy. Then a few days ago, another five American Aguda rabbis (half of the American “Moetzes” but not on the Aguda stationary) came out saying that:

Stock photo for illustration only

Stock photo for illustration only

The situation at the seminaries is “fine” and that three more newly-named rabbis in Israel (not part of the IBD) have acceded to act as overseers of the four seminaries in question. Thus it’s nine rabbis plus eight more rabbis squirming hither and thither making a total of seventeen rabbis as well as two Rebbetzins who have been mentioned as leaders of the seminaries, not to mention that supposedly each seminary has its “to’en” a rabbi (not publicly named so far) who argues on behalf of accused parties or to defend and make arguments on behalf of disputants in front of a bais din, so add four more such rabbis that makes it about twenty one rabbis. At any rate, the names of all seventeen publicly named rabbis are known and it is not encouraging at all as to who they are, as they say “too many cooks spoils the broth”!

Dear parents, if you walked into a room, or a shul or a place supposed to be sacred, and saw for yourself that seventeen well-known prominent Aguda-type rabbis that you knew of were having a huge brawl beating each other up or one group ganging up on another group and going at each other’s throats over the very seminaries or similar ones in Israel that you want to send your daughter/s to, then would you, let alone your daughter, want to go near such a scene???!!!

'Sure it's safe to haul toxic waste. I've been doing it for five years.'There is no shalom bayis in the very place you want your daughter to be shaped into a true Bas Yisrael and Aishes Chayil so what kind of person sends his flesh and blood loving child into such a toxic environment? A stupid or reckless one who then cannot turn around say that they were not warned of the problems and dangers that were staring them in the face!

Dear parents, it’s hazardous to your life and health, to your pocket book and to the sexual safety of your precious daughters. Everything you worked for and wanted could, and is for some coming crashing down! Please be advised to keep your tender beautiful daughters away from sexual predators and Bluebeards in such a dangerous and harmful scenario.


30 thoughts on “Following the Whizzing Balls in the Beis Din Game

  1. “Der Schmatte” says its the END but…he just posted another silly article. Apparently the fact that his brother bloggers have all turned on him, is too hard for him to swallow. Bottom line is…he is a guy who had no issue whatsoever to ignore rabbonim and their sstatements time and time again because he felt they did not understand what abuse is and how it should be handled. Here he has a case where CBD claims to know the case in detail and says it stinks. IBD admitted they don’t know the details and cleared everything due to lack of information and suddenly “Der Schmatte” has abandoned reason and has aligned himself with the very ideas that he has spent so much time attacking.
    Obviously DT like everyone else cannot abandon a friend – Rabbi Malinowitz- in need. At least he should apologize to all the people he has attacked until now.

    • If he were honest he would call his blog Daas Malinowitz & Shmuel Zalmen Eidensohn when it comes to the Meisels seminaries and protecting the staff who ignored or covered up his shenanigans.

  2. Who would they hire as replacements for the enabling staff members?
    I would imagine:

    Menahel: Baruch Lebovitz
    Menahel Ruchani: Nechemya Weberman
    Menahel, Admissions Leib Tropper
    Director, Kiruv: Baruch Lanner

    Dean of student housing: Malka Leifer

    • Skeptical – great list!!

      I would also vote Finkel for the Kitchen Chef.

      But don’t forget the rest of the staff members!

      Rosh HaHanhalah (Chief of Staff): Dovid Weinberger
      Dorm Security: David Cyprys
      Registrar: Eliyahu Weinstein
      Transcripts Dept: Heshy Nussbaum
      Legal Council: Elliot Spitzer
      Newsletters To Parents: Michael Sabo
      Alumnae Dept: Yehuda Kolko
      Director of Tiyulim (Tours & Field Trips): Avraham Mondrowitz
      Shidduch Referrals: Yosef Kolko
      Shabbos Placements: Eliezer Berland
      Brachos from Gedolim Dept: Yehiel Abuhatzeira
      Pedagogy Class: Mordechai Tendler
      Chinuch Class: Gavriel Bodenheimer
      Hashkafa Class: Yisroel Weingarten
      Halacha Class: Efraim Bryks
      Chumash Class: Shlomo Helbrans
      Navi Class: David Kramer
      Historia of Eretz Yisrael Class: The seforim of Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, zt’l

      • Absolutely great additions/corrections.

        Perhaps we could add:

        Beis Din Consultant: Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz
        Public Relations Dept: Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn

        Talk about “Frum Follies”! My oh my, how the frum velt has so many contenders for positions of note.

        Do you think these lists warrant it’s own post?

        • Don’t know about a post. But in the meantime we could add:

          Legal Department: IBD
          Liaison: R. Aharon Feldman
          Noise Control: R. Meir Kahane
          Visual Filtering: Mrs. Soloff and Ullman
          Chorus: Unidentified Seminarians

            • The best therapist for this is edb. From telz stone. He has a lot of experience. You can get references from Rabbi Dovid Ostrov and Dr Israel Levvit the head of the neve yerushalayim family therapy program. They have firsthand info on his hands on experience.

            • why did rabbi dr efraim becker sign a commitment letter in front of rabbi dovid ostrov and dr levits from neve family therapy program that he will not deal with women in any capacity

            • You can try and find out also from rav yitzchak rubin in har nof. And a pyschiatrist named Hofnung in petacvh tikva. Rumors are that they were involved. Also Dr Sharon Slater who is Dr Levitzes daughter who is a therapist. Supposedly he still sees women even though he signed that agreement in aug 2008.

      • Addition to staff:
        Director of tiyulim and jr. yr abroad: Shlomo Helbrans
        Kallah classes for minors: Shlomo Helbrans
        Director of bldg. safety: David Twerski
        Mussar: Elior Chen

  3. Yaher Koach UOJ. Right on target as usual. We have missed your straight talk to parents, and we need it today moe than ever. I always quote you in your Yiddish radio ad for Survivors for Justice, when you intentionally call Rosh Yeshivas and Rabbanim “Yeshiva owners” and “shul owners.” And your quip that today it is easier to start a yeshiva/seminary than a kosher delight. I also was zoche to not one, but two UOJ caps which I wear proudly.

    I do wish you would find and post the speech given by AC Levine in whch he rants and raves agains making molesters names public, which is dramatic and very relevant to the current discussions of his role in both the Meisels cover up and the Bodkins one (a two-fer).

    While virtually all of the discussion about the seminaries has been about Meisels and the rabbinic response, aside from the few parents who are suing for their deposits back, their has been complete “radio silence” from the parents of past and present students of the seminaries. Like the cultists that they are, they follow their leaders blindly like sheep to the slaughter. Only it is their children who are paying the price. I wonder if the mothers would have to endure being raped by Meisels if they would continue to send their daughters there.

    Many parents will ignore the CBD and play Russian Roullete with their daughter’s lives, relying on “the Gedolim” to handle the situation. So too, most parents in Florida will not pay any attention to the fact that Bodkins dropped the lawsuit, that he has not been able to get a job in any yeshiva, and that the Miami-Adelphia boys’ learning program, advertised with much fanfare, never materialized. Like Ostriches hiding their heads in the sand, they will feel secure in their belief that the Gedolim who vouched for Bodkins would never put their children in harms way.

    Which begs the question: As Ymei Hadin (High Holidays) fast approaches, In the Heavenly Court this Rosh Hashanna, will the “Daas Torah” defense for parents be any more legitimate than the “Just following orders” defense was at Nuremberg? Do parents not have a moral responsibilty to use their Gd-given brains and parental love to protect their children more than to follow their rabbis?

    I believe it was Golda Meir who said that peace will ontly come to Israel when Arab parents love their children more than they hate ours.

    It has been said that sexual predation, abuse and exploitation will only stop in our community when Jewish parents love their children more than they love their rabbis.

  4. NOTE- Comment was made about previous insensitive stuff which was removed and will not be reinstated-

    Commenters- keep it classy. If you can’t, just don’t sink too low. YL

  5. Here are some alternate names for Daas Torah’s blog..I believe I started the ball rolling with my daas schmatte moniker…though I love BH’s “Der Schmatte” even more…I will begin the list…feel free to contribute. I believe this is worthwhile humor with a purpose. And DT did hit first with the piece on Lopin… Of course, this is satire.

    1. Daas Schmatte
    2. Der Schmatte
    3. Daas Amorah
    4. Daas Zero
    5. Daas None
    6. Im ain Daas,Torah Minayin (for those not learned, a play on the gemara which says that havdalah in shemonah esrei is in the beracha of atah chonenin because Im Ain Daas Havdala Minayin)
    7. Daas Toddler
    • After complaining about childishness, you are indulging, Jack. I think the point has been made that Eidensohn crossed a lot of lines. A touch of biting humor is one thing. but..

    • it’s di shmatte… you american guys never get your articles right in yiddish… nor the difference between ie and ei…

  6. gref • 7 hours ago
    Reuvain goes to doctor A. The doctor performs some non reproduceable medical tests and declares that revain has some disease. Reuvain goes to doctor b for a second opinion. Doctor b asks doctor a for reuvain’s medical records. Doctor a refuses. Should doctor b tell reuvain that he is healthy because he doesn’t have the records?
    • Reply•Share ›

    Sam Burger gref • 7 minutes ago
    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Daas Torah.
    Of course he is healthy. He will have to come to work and can not apply for any type of disability or get any money back based on his sickness since the other doctor doesn’t know of his sickness. And if he applies for disability ,he could be sued for blood libel. He has no recourse and no chance of claiming that his first doctor checked him out and found out he is sick. Also, five different doctors concluded the same thing, and if you don’t understand ,you are wrong and stupid, end of conversation.

    • Gref didn’t realize that I was agreeing with him. Now look at how eidensohn answers,
      Daas Torah Mod gref • 5 hours ago
      @gref – could we please stop going around in circles. You are not raising any new issues just raising old ones that have been repeatedly discussed. You are not adding anything new in the conversation. The IBD is well aware of these types of arguments and rejects them. You don’t agree. Therefore what?
      1 • Reply•Share ›

      gref Daas Torah • 4 hours ago
      Hey you’re the one that wrote an article defending the ibd. Now you’re changing to a new attitude “they know of all possible taanos and need no defense”. If that’s your attitude then why did you post this in the first place?
      1 • Reply•Share ›

      Daas Torah Mod gref • 3 hours ago
      @gref – you don’t understand what is going on and i am not repeating myself

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