Update to R. Levin’s Defense of Alleged Molester Bodkins

I have substantially updated the post, Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Levin’s Close Call With Justice, with additional documents including portions of the statement by Bodkins in withdrawing the lawsuit. He states,

“We are now confronted with the other side issuing subpoenas to leading scholars and heads of institutions in Chicago, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. None of whom know me personally, or can testify as to any of the points at issue in this lawsuit for libel and slander. But all are being annoyed and burdened.”

See the update for my additional analysis and for a copy of the kol koreh defending Bodkins signed by Principal Jankowski shortly after he got the letter from Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Levin.


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2 thoughts on “Update to R. Levin’s Defense of Alleged Molester Bodkins

  1. rabbi Levine defense

    is that rabbi Levine was duped by aguda florida head moshe matz who told him that there was only one victim then when rabbi matz was told by other people in the community that there were more victims of the bodkins case and it wasn’t one victim but many more , rabbi matz refused to notify all the other rabbis as well as rabbi Levine . In fact Rabbi Ronnie greenwald told rabbi matz there were more victims that allegded perverted sick behavior and rabbi matz did not inform rabbi Levine. only after a relative of rabbi Levine informed him there were other allegations then it became an issue
    the reality is that rabbi Levine wasn’t just defending torah umesorah and rabbi nijerowitz who are holding letters that assures bodkins wont be a teacher but also Aguda whose florida representative got rabbi Levine involved by llying to him . then in a deposition rabbi Levine would have to throw rabbi matz from aguda under the bus and expose his lies .

    • If so, shouldn’t Rabbi Levin throw Matz under the bus for endangering the public by protecting the ability of a molester to molest additional children? Moreover, Doesn’t someone with the stature of R. Levin have the responsibility to diligently inquire before pressuring a principal to kasher Bodkins. We don’t even know if he ever bothered to talk to the principal before writing the letter.

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