QOTD: Molesters Can Control Their Urges

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It is an oft cited myth that a child molester cannot control his abusive sexual behaviors. If this were true, child molesters would offend whenever they felt a sexual urge in the presence of a child. They’d molest when they are walking down the street, they’d molest at the mall, and they’d molest on the bima in the middle of prayer services. But with rare exception, this doesn’t happen. Because adults who are looking to molest a child –

like anyone seeking to commit a wrong or sinful act – prefer to do so in private, where there is less chance of getting caught.

Sexual abuse of a child has less to do with the setting, whether it’s shul, or school, or home – than with an offender having ready opportunities to abuse.

Dr. Shira Berkovitz speaking about “Preventing Sexual Abuse” at Rinat Yisrael (Teaneck, NJ) on September 14, 2014. Her point is that policies which make it more likely molesters will be detected also prevent molesting by discouraging them out of fear of being caught.

NOTE- The above quote comes off the tape of the event rather than the Jewish Standard which misquoted her with the text below.

There’s an oft- cited belief molesters can’t control their urges. If that were the case they would molest when walking down the street, in the mall, on the bima. That doesn’t happen. Instead, they wait for the right opportunity, when there are fewer chances of getting caught.


51 thoughts on “QOTD: Molesters Can Control Their Urges

  1. It seems to me that her statement could have been phrased a little better. Granted, molesters may be able to delay gratification of their urges. That doesn’t mean they can deny them or delay them indefinitely.

    • Maybe, maybe not. But the fact that behavior is shaped by opportunity as with other crimes such as burglary, suggests that there are preventive measures involving transparency which can reduce abuse.

        • That is contrary to what I have read elsewhere — that molesters, in this case meaning pedophiles, not seducers of young adults — have a high recidivism rate. Which is it?

          • I need to brush up on my stats. My recall is something like 30% reoffend within 5 years. The rate depends on a lot of factors. Nevertheless, probation, registries, etc do reduce the rate of re-offense. Therapy without the threat of re-imprisonment is considerably less effective at reducing recidivism.

    • Last time I checked the Torah demanded that we control urges to commit sins and I was taught that we have in our power the ability to control such urges. A defense of
      “the devil made me do it” is not a legitimate defense in halacha or in secular court.

      • Generally speaking, you are correct W/R/T secular law, although at one time some states accepted– I don’t know how many currently do — the notion of an “irresistible urge” as a sufficient insanity defense. I doubt that such a defense was ever accepted in a child molestation case, but If it had been, the usual consequence in states entertaining such a defense would have been indefinite confinement in a mental institution until the defendant could prove himself “cured.” This may have promised the offender slightly better conditions of confinement, but at the cost of a definite date of release. Needless to say, for an offender to prove that he would not be a danger to children if released is extremely difficult when he is confined and denied contact with children.

    • I think there is a lot of misunderstanding of child molestation. Most child molesters are not pedophiles and not all pedophiles molest children. Most child molesters seem normal and often have good and even exalted standing among the adults in their community. These crimes are crimes of opportunity, and the greater the opportunities, the more that these individuals will offend. Just getting caught reduces recidivism, which shows the power of pulling away the veil of silence that protects repeat offenders, as well as removing the opportunities to engage in these crimes.

      I say that child molesters seem normal, btw, because I suspect a goodly number of them have personality or anti-social disorders which are more or less well hidden. However, doing evil things is not confined to evil people. And there is a great range of culpability by other responsible adults who fail to call out abuse, won’t rock the boat, hide wrongdoing to protect the organization, and otherwise fail to protect children in their hour of need.

    • Kevin in Chicago, et al:
      I have read in innumerable sources that pedophiles have a very high recidivism rate. Not unusual for them to be re-arrested on new pedophile charges shortly after being released from jail, or even after being acquitted on charges, even more likely…..
      This of course does not mean that they are constantly molesting. They are not akin to alcoholics who may not be able to stop drinking for even a day or so.
      This subject is well documented. Perhaps fear of being apprehended makes them far more cautious. Nevertheless the rate of recidivism is significant..
      Literature in the field is unanimous I believe on this subject. Professionals who work with them are unanimous, and my anecdotal (NOT personal) evidence supports this as well

      • I suspect the problem is confusion between true pedophilia, i.e., attraction to pre-pubescent children, and attraction to pubescent children, called “hebephilia,” or physically mature adolescents who are legally “children” because under the age of consent, called “ephebephilia.” Someone who has the unfortunate perversion to be sexually aroused only by sexually undeveloped or partly-developed girls or boys has no legal sexual outlet (and child pornography is also illegal), and is much more likely to repeatedly violate the law, even when he knows he will be penalized if caught.

  2. I still find it hard to believe that about a third of women have been abused, or a sixth of men, even outside the Orthodox community. My finding it hard to believe, of course, has no bearing on whether it is true, and I freely concede that even if the number were a quarter of that, it should be treated as a serious problem. But I would appreciate someone pointing me to the definition of “abuse” used in the study cited by R’ Blau in the linked article.

    • Kevin,
      a Rabbi in Brooklyn with whom i have almost a daily email interaction estimates that in his community, approximately 1/3 of people have been abused. he did not break it down by gender. He volunteered this information.

      There was a recent asefa, not the one in Crown Heights, where a survivor spoke on his experience, practically in tears. at the end, he asked for those in the audience who had been abused to please stand up. Out of perhaps 150 attendees, 25 stood up. now, i, of course, know that that is far from one third, but one can easily assume that a fair number have never come out of the abuse closet, and albeit, this being a “congenial” asefa, i would not be at all surprised that many refrained from standing up, which would have been tantamount for many of them to be announcing to various friends and relatives, a long term secret. so 25 were brave enough to stand. This was a mixed gender audience, and ages, probably 30-60 off the cuff.
      Abuse can mean direct genital touching manual. just as an example. , it does not have to be penetration in either sex. It is for sure, still molestation.

      Kevin, you have lived a charmed life if you find it so hard to believe these numbers. Many on this blog highly envy you.

      • Just one qualifier. Events focused on abuse with a leader who would ask this question would disproportionately draw survivors. But you are also right, that many survivors attending probably chose to sit out the question.

        • YL @12:45AM,
          , just two points, one, I believe, but am not 100% certain, that this was a fund raiser, and if that is in fact accurate, it may not have attracted predominantly survivors. I am not certain. Also, the person who testified re his abuse, was just one speaker, not the “leader” of the event, as the event was described to me by an impeccable source close to the issue, (but was not personally there). And, just, btw, this was not in the greater NY metro area……

    • The best data comes from USDOJ funded “victimization surveys” which sample the normal population. My recall is that they use a broad definition. So a single incident of groping counts. But it is time for me to return to those studies.

    • Kevin, this is not directly responsive to your comment, but related. From an Op-Ed by Charles Blow in The New York Times:
      “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf), ‘More than one-third of women in the United States (35.6 percent, or approximately 42.4 million) have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime,’ and nearly one in three women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner. To put some of this in percentage terms, 30.3 percent of women in the United States have been ‘slapped, pushed, or shoved by an intimate partner’ in their lifetime.”

    • Larry, well clearly they are molesters. The proof of the pudding is whether they are still molesting younger boys , 5, 10, 15, 20 years out. I wonder, at what age, would Dr. Berkovitz recant, or relent, and redefine these molesters as pedophiles. Is Evan Zauder a pedophile????.

    • I did not view the video yet. I don’t think she was was focused on that issue. But there is a technical difference where a pedophile is someone with a sexual interest in children who have not yet gone through puberty. An interest or an act with a teen (but not in younger children, would not make you a pedophile. Acting on it would still make a child molester. Child molesters gravitate to youth work, especially in settings where they are poorly supervised.

    • Larry, why do you continue to associate with the Yanover/Worch/Sargon-Ungar network of defenders of abusers, attackers of survivors of abuse and spinners that defend the corruption in the Orthodox community? I challenge you to condemn them all.

      Here’s the current Yanover position/attitude on publicly smearing child sex survivors and their supporters who go to the authorities:


      And here is one of the few pro-“Rabbi” Weberman editorials:


      Of course, Jeff Helmreich is a friend of the Ungar-Sargon family, who are followers/supporters of Rabbi Hershey Worch (google his name for more information). Batya Ungar-Sargon wrote a defence of “Rabbi” Weberman in the Forward. She is in contact with the Worch and Yanover families. Yori Yanover was fired from running the online Jewish Press.

      Ben Yehudah Press Larry Yudelson “Reb Yudel” (also of Jewschool)was caught by Jewish Channel reporter Steven I. Weiss on the Canonist blog posting as me in an attempt to try to discredit me.

      Ben Yehudah/Larry Yudelson allowed Yori Yanover to promote Rabbi Worch with his new book when they all know about this: http://www.theage.com.au/national/sex-and-the-synagogue-20081001-4s4z.html

      Larry is a defender of the undefendable Sargon-Ungar family:http://www.shmoozenet.com/yudel/mtarchives/001352.html

      And Yudelson has claimed “I’ll take the morals of a Susan Rosenbluth …”

      Susan Rosenbluth (“Susie Smear”) is a former associate of Yudelson and Yanover. Rosenbluth is no friend of survivors. Google her smear pieces involving Rabbis Aron and Mordecai Tendler. Rosenblth has named alleged sex abuse survivors’ names/families’ names in her publication when she has unilaterlay decided that she does not believe them. Rosenbluth killed the Lanner story a decade before the Jewish Week expose because she says her advertising revenues were being threatened by unamed Rabbis in NJ. Rosenbluth is married to wealthy Dr. (“Richie Rich”) so why did this alleged financial threat have any effect? She has smeared Rabbi Blau numerous times in her publication.

      Yudelson once contacted Rabbi Blau while Rabbi Blau was sitting shiva in order to get an email response so Yudelson could smear an anti-abuse activist. Yudelson of course did not give Rabbi Blau a full picture of the issue which involved Yori Yanover’s outrageous posted comments about Rabbi Blau and his family. I sent Rabbi Blau a copy of all of Yanover’s posts along with the Yudelson post using Rabbi Blau’s reponse to smear the integrity of an anti-abuse activist. Rabbi Blau was forced while sitting shiva to respond further to Yudelson. Yudelson simply removed his post. No apology to the anti-abuse activist, no retraction or apology for the incorrect post and no apology to Rabbi Blau for using him while he was sitting shiva.

      So basically, Yudelson can spell integrity. That’s about it.

      Yudelson wrote this piece http://www.shmoozenet.com/yudel/mtarchives/001352.html in response to my reporting on a Rabbi Hershy Worch supporter: http://jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com/2005/07/part-of-rabbi-jeremy-hershy-worchyori.html

      This supporter’s daughter wrote the outrageous defence of convicted child molester Rabbi Weberman in the Forward another Sargon-Ungar family friend wrote a similar piece in the Jewish Press online version (run at the time by Yudelson BFF Yori Yanover see also: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2013/05/the-appalling-jewish-press-smears-6-year-old-alleged-child-sex-abuse-victims-234.html )

      Not to mention, Yudelson allowed his friend Yanover to promote Rabbi Hershey Worch in the forward to Yanover’s book published by Yudelson. Google Rabbi Worch.

      Years ago I was advised that Yudelson was in contact with several of my associates warning that I should apologize to his friend Yanover and take down my reporting as otherwise my identity would be revealed otherwise. Yanover and Rabbi Harlan Kilstein (internet marketing guru see: http://saltydroid.info/category/harlan-kilstein/) were apparently investigating my identity. Kilstein had put a price on my head as reflected in ads in news publications and hired a former police officer to investigate me. A few days later an anonymous smear website went up with a photo-shopped picture of the father of a victim of rabbinical child abuse who had committed suicide. The website smeared the father and his late son. I of course was not this person. I sent Steven I. Weiss material several years back as to the identity of the person (an associate of Yudelson) who put the website up along with evidence of same. I’m sure you had no idea Yudelson.

      Larry’s interest and involvement as a reporter in the subject of abuse in the community should trouble all that know his background. Survivors would be well advised not to trust him or his associates. I strongly recommend going to other reporters.

      • I would love to see this expanded for easier reading for the general public so I could post it. Perhaps several related posts on each of the principal figures in this network, perhaps anchored with a writeup about Worch himself.

  3. I recently did some research on pedophilia to try to convince a major Orthodox organization to become involved in publicizing the names of known molesters and to set up an anonymous victim assistance hotline. My efforts went nowhere, of course, but I will summarize some of my findings here.

    Harvard Medical School published a report about pedophiles in 2010:

    Essentially, it says that there is no such thing as effective treatment for pedophiles. Accurate statistics about child sexual abuse are hard to come by since few victims report the abuse. However, the following is approximately correct:

    1 in every 4 girls in the U.S. will be sexually abused by the time she reaches 18 years of age.
    1 in every 6 boys in the U.S. will be sexually abused by the time he reaches 18 years of age.
    90% of molested children know their molester. It is usually someone the child trusts such as a family member, family friend, clergy, teacher, camp counselor, etc.
    Almost all predators are men.
    The average predator will have over 100 victims in his lifetime.
    There is no drug, therapy or counseling that will "cure" a child molester. They will not stop molesting, ever.
    Most molesters have been molested themselves. There is a chain of sexual abuse from one generation to the next. 
    Victims of molesters have much higher rates of depression and suicide than the general population. They are also much more likely to enter into abusive relationships and marriages when they become adults. The damage done to a victim is extraordinary and usually has serious, lifelong consequences.
    There is no evidence to suggest that there is any less child sexual abuse in the orthodox community than anywhere else. This is based on conversations that I have had with orthodox psychologists and social workers who treat orthodox victims of sexual abuse and reports that I have read by them.
    • Most people who are abused do not become abusers. The rate is overestimated because the research relies on the self reports of people who are convicted. Many of them lie on standard probation and prison interviews to garner sympathy.

      • Yes, YL, most people who are abused do not become abusers. However, it is still possible that many or even most (hypothetically) abusers have been abused. Substantial differentiation.

      • To me, the true percentages and numbers seem very hard to discern. As with the Kinsey study and the work of Masters and Johnson on sexuality, sampling bias as alluded to above may make it very difficulty to tease out these numbers.

        The Gemarah assumes that above a certain very young age all non-Yid yelados are subject to sexual abuse.

        Those who have been to certain Moslem countries have reported very high rates of homosexual rape and abuse involving boys ( a tendency which characterized Ancient Greece as well).

        The adage with respect to terrorists is as follows. There’s a truism: while the large majority of Moslems are obviously not terrorists, the overwhelming majority of terrorists worldwide today are Moslems.

        PERHAPS the following is true: While the large majority of those who were victims of child abuse do not themselves become child molesters the large majority of child molesters were themselves victims of child sexual abuse.

        Whether this applie to child molesters as well is uncertain.

        From a moral and pragmatic societal point of view, those who molest children are considered to have acted out of free will.

        Rav Dessler’s nekudas ha’bechira applies.

    • Rats Mouth,
      The Harvard medical report represents the current state of knowledge/belief, and your summary, and additional facts all ring true, based on what we are told. I have quoted many of these “data” myself.
      HOWEVER, THERE IS ONE MAJOR CAVEAT: and that is, as was mentioned, many children never report their abuse. I can easily say, never, and obviously no one can ever prove the negative, ……however, there are adults who many many decades later may seek out psychotherapy for some other cause, some other depression, anxiety, event, divorce, cancer, and, the previous childhood abuse eventually gets discussed.
      I am not suggesting false memories, or even repression. Just that many survivors never have told a soul, and when some other event occurs and they seek out help, well, every trauma re-awakens and exacerbates every previous trauma. Nothing is ever erased from the brain. So even abuse that an individual has dealt with, or come to grips with, alone, may come out in therapy many decades later.
      I do not know how records and statistics are kept, but I have doubts that childhood abuse reported for the very first time many decades later, with a dead perpetrator, will ever make it’s way into statistics. So, (kind of long-winded), but my credible hypothesis is that the statistics quoted may be far far too low.

  4. Skeptical Yid: You are correct. What I said at Rinat – in the interest of time – was a shortened version of what I normally say, which is this: It is an oft-cited myth that child molesters cannot control their abusive sexual behavior. If this were true, child molesters would offend whenever they felt a sexual urge in the presence of a child. They would offend walking down the street, shopping at the mall, and on the bima in the middle of prayer services. With few exceptions, this does not happen. Adults seeking to molest a child – like anyone seeking to commit a wrong or sinful act – generally prefer to do so in private, where there are fewer chances of being caught. For this reason, a child’s risk of being abused has less to do with the setting (e.g., home, synagogue, school, camp) than with an offender having ready opportunities to abuse.”

    While most of the time a child molester is not going to molest with people watching, it is important to note that this does not preclude molesters abusing children in the presence of others. In one study of convicted child molesters, 55% said they had molested a child in the presence of other children and 24% reported molesting a child in the presence of another adult. (Underwood, R. C., Patch, P. C., Cappelletty, G. C., & Wolfe, R.W. (1999). Do sexual offenders molest when other people are present? A preliminary investigation. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 11, 243–247.)

    Kevin in Chicago: Kevin, see page 172 of the following article for recidivism rates: Finkelhor, D. (2009). The Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse. The Future of Children, 19, 169-194. Available at: http://futureofchildren.org/futureofchildren/publications/docs/19_02_08.pdf and if you are interested in more stats on recidivism and treatment see: Hanson,R. K., Gordon, A., Harris, A. Marques, J. K., Murphy, W., Quinsey,V. L., & Seto, M. C. (2002). First report of the collaborative outcome data project on the effectiveness of psychological treatment for sex o1ffenders. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 14, 169-194. Of course knowing the statistics on recidivism rates doesn’t tell us why they are lower. There are many theories. YL raised some about registries and surveillance. Also, recidivism rates are generally reported for the short term and do get worse with time. Of course, recidivism rates only reflect those who are convicted again. Given what we know about children disclosing abuse, people reporting and the chance of a conviction, it is probable that actual reoffense rates are higher. This is a longer discussion that could go in many directions, but indeed the recidivism rates appear to be lower than for other crimes and it is possible that detection and the resulting repercussions play a role.

    Regarding the prevalence of child abuse, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2006). Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Major Findings. Available at: http://www.cdc.gov/ace/. The ACE study was and is absolutely groundbreaking. The original study was conducted on over 17,000 people (middle class, most with some college education) and has since been replicated many times, I believe on as many as 450,000 people, with similar results each time. The article Rabbi Blau was referencing was this: Yehuda, R., Friedman, M., Rosenbaum, T. Y., Labinsky, E. and Schmeidler, J. (2007). History of past sexual abuse in married observant Jewish women. American Journal of Psychiatry, 164, 1700-1706. Available at http://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/article.aspx?articleid=99176#S416T1

    Chashdan: Yes, if someone molests a child s/he is a child molester. But the term pedophilia is a psychological diagnosis. To quote from the DSM V, to meet criteria for Pedophilic Disorder (which is just one type of Paraphilic Disorder), one would need to meet each of the following:
    A. Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child.
    B. The individual has acted on these sexual urges, or these sexual urges or fantasies cause marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.
    C. The individual is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child.
    Thus a pedophile may not necessarily have acted on his/her desire to molest a child, but can still be a pedophile, and a person who molests children may not actually meet criteria for a diagnosis of pedophilia. The distinction is relevant in terms of a discussion of who child molesters are, how they operate, and how to protect children. It is incorrect to think that only pedophiles are a threat to children, since given the opportunity, non-pedophiles can also molest children. They do so for a variety of reasons, including psychopathy, control, sexual desire, opportunity, and other reasons. For a more thorough discussion see Salter, A. (2003). Predators, pedophiles, rapists, and other sex offenders: Who they are, how they operate, and how we can protect ourselves and our children. New York: Basic Books.

    May we all continue our work together to protect children. With blessings for a safe, healthy, peaceful New Year.

    • Dr. Berkovitz, thank you for this very informative comment, clarifying what you said and all the links and references. Lots of valuable information here.

      Perhaps you would consider writing guest posts for this blog every now and then. Your valuable input would benefit the Haredi world which unfortunately has limited information regarding issues of child sexual abuse and clergy sexual abuse. I can’t speak for the blog owner, but would venture to guess that he would agree.

  5. I think the way you phrase your statement that it’s a “myth that child molesters can’t control their abusive sexual behavior” is very misleading. You support this statement by claiming that if it were true and not a myth, molesters would attack kids at any time and in any place.

    Nobody is really expressing a fear that child molesters are so out of control that they will attack kids on the street or in a crowed mall. What people are saying is that many studies show that molesters can’t control their sexual urges enough to stop abusing kids. This is regardless of what kind of therapies, treatment or drugs the molester may be given. Many studies state that child molesters cannot be effectively treated. That’s the issue and the problem.

    It speaks to the question of whether a known molester can ever be rehabilitated or can ever be trusted around children again. Any prudent person would say, no, child molesters can never be trusted around children. Most of them probably cannot ever be “cured” to the extent that they will never try to molest again as I cited in the Harvard study in my previous post.

    Your citation to Kevin from Chicago from futureofchildren.org misses the point. It says that the recidivism rate from meta-analyses shows that the 5 year recidivism rate of sexual offenders is 14%. But this is a rate for all sexual offenders, not just child molesters which is what the topic of discussion here is focused on. Moreover, the rate increases to 24% after 15 years. This is a staggering recidivism rate considering that it only counts those criminals who have actually been convicted a second time. Considering that most victims of abuse don’t even report the abuse to authorities when it occurs, the real recidivism rate can easily be 90% or higher as many studies show.

    To better illustrate the statistical fallacy of claiming low recidivism rates in child molesters, see

    If you want to state your belief that child molesters have a low recidivism rate and imply that molesters can control their deviant sexual urges, that is certainly your right. But citing studies that use flawed data will lead others to mistakenly believe that molesters can be rehabilitated and might be safe around children.

    • Rats Mouth,
      I wanted to register a vote of confidence re your above comment @12:54AM.
      I have no familiarity whatsoever with Dr. Berkovits and clearly have no motivation l’fsol her beliefs, “statistics” etc.
      HOWEVER, if, as someone (seriously? seriously) suggested, that she become the FF resident expert on pedophilia, sexual molesters, recidivism rates. treatment successes, I sense that this blog will be cluttered with dozens of responses to each of her posts. Cum bibliography, statistical analysis, quotes from prison psychologists who deal exclusively with perverts. (easier to use one word for this purpose). No offense intended to Dr. Berkovits, but I foresee a tremendous amount of machloket (controversy) on all of this issues.
      Many of us, can also provide detailed data, quotes from other experts, where will it all lead to? I sense that on certain issues, just certain ones, that Dr. Berkovits is in the minority opinion amongst experts in her field. And we would get into ain sof debates about definitions, end result obfuscation of the IKAR.
      Maybe we can ask the “esteemed” Dr. David Pelcovits to weigh in from time to time (sarcasm).

    • Rats Mouth,
      Just one additional thought, addendum to my previous response. There are many, really many, who have been quoted as saying that psychotherapy rarely is successful, and they posit that the only means of preventing pedophiles (and perhaps child molesters) from re-offending are: life imprisonment, chemical castration, and physical castration. My own brief comments on the above, unfortunately, very very recently one of “our’ molesters, molested a boy in prison while serving his sentence. i trust that YL will remember who that was. Just in last couple of months. The common “wisdom” on the other side of the coin is that the average violent prison population abhors pedophiles, and that they fair “badly” in prison. yet, there was this recent case. i do not know how the offender got access.
      Moving right along, sexual offenders, pedophiles have figured out chemical methods to reverse the “chemical castration” that courts might impose. Scratch that one.
      That leaves physical castration. which has never been declared to be ineffective. many of the male readers will gasp,. but please, castration is the nuts, the beitsim, not the male phallic organ. Not as horrifying as it might sound to the uninformed reader. It’s the opposite of the oft sited slang “you need to grow a pair”.
      All things being equal, in the past, i would have thought that life imprisonment was sufficient. This recent case puzzles me. I hope that YL perhaps has some details. for, life imprisonment is more “palatable” for many, particularly for those whom “physical castration” rings an awful note. It is the testes. only. Hormonal output will fall. The main organ will still do it’s other functions.

      I hope that someone can convince me that life imprisonment is still effective, and that the recent case of a pedophile molesting in jail, is an anomaly.

      • Motivation for sexual abuse is not strictly hormonal, nor is an erect organ necessary to sexually abuse. Hence, I am not sure surgical castration would be as effective as you think.

        • yes, YL, you are correct. . The alternatives are too ISIS’ian to contemplate. But you are indeed correct. l’da’avoni harav, to my great regret, I acknowledge…. . My stated hypothetical alternatives and logical analysis are defective…….

      • “…unfortunately, very very recently one of “our’ molesters, molested a boy in prison while serving his sentence.”

        Chashdan – Can you please provide a link to the info on that?

        I would imagine it is a rare case when someone molests a minor WHILE they are in prison, as prison severely limits access.

        • Thank you for clarifying. I was under the impression that it was a minor.

          Not that his molesting an 18 year old teenage fellow inmate in prison is not a problem. It is. I’m sure there are plenty of people who get molested in jail. If jail is anything like they portray in the movies, it is ripe for sexual abuse and abusive violent situations of all sorts. Besides for the incarceration and limits on a persons freedom, prison can be a violent and awful place where most people do not wish to be. Of course each prison varies in its culture of violence, from state prison to Federal prison, to level of incarceration, from one state to the next and to prisons in Australia where Cyprus is incarcerated and where this occurred.

  6. Children molested at Kumon Math & Reading learning franchise is a shocking and one just feels at a loss for words to describe it. These Kumon tutor animals in the disguise of human body if not controlled and put in their right places will cause more such crimes and endless atrocities to the civilized society.

    Law may be weak but crimes like these don’t need not be defensed by any civilized human. Plight of children is completely beyond imagination of any person, the fear within and curse of being a child whose body was robbed many a times by some wild Kumon Math & Reading learning center animals will live with them for their whole life. The kids who witnessed other kids being molested at Kumon Math & Reading learning center will never be able to wipe those horrible scenes from their mind.

    Surely there is complete breakdown of law and order over here, not it is the police and judiciary who have to show their powers and strength by ensuring that these human disguised animals at Kumon Math & Reading learning are no longer free and either are sent to a place from where they can’t return or are behind the bars and left to die without any compassion or humanity.No word will ever, in the memory, will be able to condemn these animal acts and the punishment to these molesters/rapists should be the lesson to not only Kumon but all those out there who think that children are their property to be used at their will as and when needed.

    Please save children from Kumon molestations by spreading the awareness about the crimes at Kumon.

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