Frum Follies Apologies to Midreshet Moriah

I posted an incorrect report alleging that Midreshet Moriah had a sex abuser working for them. I was wrong. It involved an otherwise trustworthy source and two people with very similar names, both originally from the same place.

I apologize for my error.  I have no reason whatsoever to believe there are any such problems involving any of the staff at Midreshet Moriah.

I apologize to Midreshet Moriah.

If any of you have circulated my original erroneous post, I urge you to take steps to remove it and to instead send this correction. Because this is the recruiting season for post-high school year-in Israel programs, it is especially critical to do this as soon as possible.

I thank my readership and others for taking this action.

Yerachmiel Lopin


P.S. I try very hard to get my facts right and when I make mistakes I correct them as soon as possible. This doesn’t happen often, but even one mistake, is one too many. To date I have deleted approximately 5 posts out of about 1,100 since I started blogging. All the corrections were made within hours or days of the error, as soon as I confirmed the error. Each time I make a mistake, I take a hard look at how to avoid that mistake in the future. Based on this one I have made some decisions about further checking information in the future which I will implement. In the meantime, while it is embarrassing to me, I encourage all of you to broadcast this correction in the interests of fairness to Midreshet Moriah.


15 thoughts on “Frum Follies Apologies to Midreshet Moriah

  1. This is your second major fake story in the past few months.

    Your blog is starting to look like The Onion.

  2. I believe this was a big mistake. Nevertheless, it shows responsibility and trustworthiness of a blog when the blogger quickly corrects himself.

    Compare this blog to that of Eidensohn’s ‘Daas Torah’ blog, who is too stubborn to ever say he is ever wrong (even after a Bais Din of 3 prominent Rabbanim claimed Elimelech Meisles guilty and further proof was brought to the table involving his guilt of the seminary sale, Eidensohn had ZERO guts to admit his shameful posts defending Meisles).

    At least YL has the courage and ethics to do so.

    • yup, TS, a big mistake. not to diminish, but how many people do you think saw the original, erroneous story? i saw it posted, and then retracted. i am self employed, and in early morning, i check email. did you see it???. again, not to be an apologist, but very few people ever saw the erroneous unfortunate post. itwas disappeared vey quickly. before i could get a comment in.



      FOR truth and integrity, your choices are limited. I have no money on this horse. just have done the rounds, and other blogs are complete anathema. to me, personally, i am willing to chance a very infrequent error.

      anyone else, is free to l’histalek from this site. go read scottie, particularly his responses to commenters, vile vulgar and inapproptiate, per my personal opinion. others have detailed DT’S FAULTS

  3. Ethics, is the keyword here. YL has always shown the highest level of integrity. He withdrew this post within, I think an hour or so. Not to diminish, that yes, he erred.
    Is there anyone who has never erred? other blogs, some, unnnamed never acknowledge after the fact that their posts where inaccurate or outright lies.
    YL made an error. he will do double time avoiding this in the future. I am sure. Yes, he erred. caught it within a short time frame, hey, i am always online. he withdrew, and retracted, and apologized. and what more can a fallible human do? Would the naysayers, claim that he should no longer pursue the minuvalim. Would we be better off without a blogger, who can. very very rarely, err? jesus f. christ, he caught it within an hour or so. Yes, it is, was, unfortunate. what do you guys want, that due to one (or even 5 over several years, several) that we should lose all of the unique, posts, discussions, opening the eyes of many, due to a couple of mistakes over several years. god d f it, he caught it almost immediately. YL’s contribution to the fight against minuvalim, is so very very valuable, Chas v’chalilah, that due to an error of this nature, that he should be banned or go into hiding me’rov busha. There is no busha here. He made an error and caught it, almost immediately. The ortho world will suffer if people like YL, disappear. Chas v’shalom. I am not always a pro YL, nlol, he blocks my comments, if they do not reach his high standards, and, to tell the truth, I support him 100% despite the ego blast. This is infuriating. everyone, can, make a mistake, YL’s record speaks for itself. geesh, will he even accept this? I am not a knee jerk apologist. YL is a super valuable source in the ortho world, an advocate for the abused. he has my full support. in every way.

    • There have been at least 2 stories this ‘Lopin’ person has posted on FF in the past 4 months which have been publicly exposed as fake.

      With so many fake stories this year then, the very relevant question must now be asked as to whether there are other fake stories lurking in the FF archives which this person has not bothered to take down?

      No one knows of course, because for some bizarre and unexplained reason this person chooses to hide behind the fake name of ‘Lopin’. It’s easy to hide behind a fake name, but these (exposed) fake stories posted have real-world consequences and stress for real persons and institutions.

      • FactCheck,
        I am one of very few privy to Lopin’s real name. It is David Horowitzbergerstein. There. You have a name, does that make you happy? or Shlomo ben-David, even better. wth do you guys want. it does not matter who he is. At all.
        Unless Lopin is a super well known rebbe, (extraordinarily unlikely, and, in fact, not), what the heck does his real life name matter?. Believe me, knowing his name, will not add any info, or ammunition to the opponents. trust me. just a name.
        Either you trust the person who has been blogging for, frankly not sure, i think 6 years, or you don’t . a name is just a name, he is not
        Nuchem, and not Yaakov Blau. get yourself a new life. follow YL’s blog, or don’t. It does not matter at all, what you decide to do. Integrity is the key word. and it is rare, and YL has demonstrated integrity in every possible way. Yes, he erred twice, relatively recently, but what is his record since initiation of the blog.
        Do you know?The choice is yours. You can not frighten off the believers, who are cognizant of the fact, that errors may occur, but per recent history, have been corrected, almost immediately.

      • You are ridiculous. U speak as if Lopin has made his blog in order to make up ‘fake’ stories for a living.

        Honestly, get a life. And do something useful with ur life to help humanity like YL has been doing since he started this blog.

        There are many firm and loyal supporters to YL who know him and what he is about.

        Go do something with ur life ‘FactCheck’.

      • You obviously have an axe to grind and you are determined to sharpen it on my neck which I laid bare with my very public correction. My other stories have stood the test of time. By your standards you are a purveyor of fake criticism because you claimed I had two mistakes this month but haven’t even bothered to correct that error.

        Regarding the Wolf Sender story, I was the first source to post the firing of about a dozen employees at the Brooklyn DA. I scooped the major media and the other blogs using sources inside the office of the DA who reported the buzz in the corridors as the pink slips were handed out that day. Indeed people were saying that Sender was fired. It turned out the buzz was right about the others and wrong about him. Meanwhile I have broken important stories just this year including:
        – many aspects of the Dovid Weinberger repudiation by rabbis in the Five Towns
        – the Meisels scandal in Israel and the dynamics of the conflict between the Chicago Beis Din and Meisel’s backers in Israel
        – Ephraim Becker’s agreement not to work with women
        – The Bodkins lawsuit and Rabbi Levin’s role and the successful defense of the blogger Ad Kan who outed Bodkins as a molester
        – the closing of Pninim’s shanah bet
        – The irregularities in the Brooklyn DA’s handling of the Schnitzler bleach attack on R. Nuchem Rosenberg
        – thompson’s cavorting with witness intimidator Bernie Freilich
        – LA Chabad JEM center allowing indicted child molester to cavort with kids
        – the declining status of molester defender Yisroel Belsky in the OU
        – the scandalous letters by David Pelcovitz defending child porn offender and sex offender Evan Zauder
        Many of these reports iincluded hetefore unseen documents.

        In addition I did a slew of reports, analysis and commentary based on information posted or published by others.

        My sense is that you don’t so much resent my mistakes as my dead-on stories that have left some folks squirming. I regret any mistakes but without apology can utterly reject the claim that I intentionally put out false news or even am sloppy in general.

        BTW, are you going to apologize for your patently false statement that I put out two wrong stories in one month?

  4. “FactCheck”- I want to add that you have absolutely no idea how hard YL works to get his facts CORRECT. In the Meisles issue in particular, he has worked tirelessly on the subject.

    You should go dig ur head in a hole. If ur here to insult YL and discredit all the great work he’s done, then get lost.

    Perhaps “Daat Torah” is the right blog for you.

  5. a bit disingenuous of Lopin to throw out the stat of 5 wrong stories out of 1,100 posts which is an error rate of 0.4%.

    How many of his posts were dedicated to exposing molesters, etc. or to put it more clearly, how many unique molesters did he expose? for instance, Weinberger is one, Meisels is two…but there were countless posts written on the two of them…maybe 75…so the 75 posts is down to 2. Extrapolate that out to 1,100, then subtract those posts that were not about exposing specific people…now maybe you are down to 35 unique outings of specific individuals, perhaps less.

    Assuming even 40, 2 wrong out of 40 is 5%, so Lopin’s error percentage just jumped from 0.4% according to his stats to 5% according to my more real stats…a jump of 11 times and an error rate that is significant especially when it comes to destroying lives.

    This is extremely disingenuous, perhaps purposefully deceptive.


    • My mistaken post about Wolf Sender was not about a molester but about the doings in the office of the Brooklyn DA. I have also done dozens of posts revealing heterfore unknown stuff there. In addition some of my posts exposing molesters varied and had new information, not just rehashes of previous posts. If you doubt my claims to have brought a lot of new info out about the Brooklyn DA, say as much and I will furnish a list of original reports, some of which were subsequently validated by MSM (such as my reports about Michael Vecchione).

      also, my list of important new reports was largely confined to 2014. My list of original reporting would be much longer if it covered previous years.

  6. I have been defended and criticized but at this point the additional comments are not adding anything. In some cases they are bordering on trolling. So I have closed comments

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