Do Not Dress Like A Modern Orthodox Jew, Even On Purim

From the archives from 2/26/10


Adar 11, 5770

Rav ChasVchallilah Chinyok, of Bnei Brak paskened that one may not dress like a so-called modern “orthodox Jew,” even on Purim. In an interview with HaloModiah he explained:

Wearing modern orthodox clothing implies laxity on halachah, contempt for torah lishmah, the heresy of Zionism, and now, support for women as rabbis. In the past I have been lenient because we know that on Purim we wear costumes of goyim and others we do not emulate. It is understood that this is a joke, lehepech, to turn things around and do the opposite. Recently I have heard young people say that they admire the way those other Jews can have internet and train for parnassah. It has come to my attention through a choshov askan, who publishes kosher newspaper, that many of our youth were planning to dress up as modern orthodox Jews this Purim. The intent was not lehapech, but to sneak out and go to Internet cafes. Accordingly this year we will not allow modern orthodox costumes on Purim. There are plenty of goyish and animal costumes one can wear instead.


8 thoughts on “Do Not Dress Like A Modern Orthodox Jew, Even On Purim

  1. hahaha. How does a modern orthodox Jew dress? And rather he should look in his own backyard, although I do not know which zerem he belongs to. Here in Jerusalem it is becoming more and more common to see a new “group” , not sure who they are, but to the right of the modern orthodox. Women wearing “sheitels” and skirts inches above their knees. They walk with their husbands who wear black suits and white shirts with black hats or velvet kippot. The women also wear extremely tight tops and skirts. Now, I do not care who wears what, but just observing that no one has the right to judge anyone else. And how is it more tzanua to wear mini skirts, skin tight clothing than very loose slacks????????????? and what is the point of wearing your sheital if the rest of your body is clothed in clothing that even non religious women would not wear.

    • Interesting. For years I’ve been embarrassed because I look so Charedi. My MO friend asked me why I dress the way I do if my thinking doesn’t match up. Can’t really answer, except to say that for myself, I do value tzniyus, although I don’t look down on others who don’t share that value, and I certainly don’t believe all the world’s ills come from lack of tzniyus. So, I’m an extremely left wing MO Jew in Charedi clothing.

    • this is actually a very serious problem. It is impossible to find clothes for your teenage daughter in geulah if you don’t want her to wear skin tight stuff. My wife goes crazy over this. The moral compass is lost. schools pound on tznius standards, but do not give the girls any feeling as to why they should dress that way, intrinsically. We are under attack by the world’s lack of standards, and are not doing a good job of defense

    • Gabi,
      Good sheitels, if not from idol worshippers, are much more attractive than most women’s god-given hair. No contradiction there. Question is, (in order to help categorize, left, right, middle), do they walk ten feet behind their husbands?
      As for the loose slacks, I guess these charedi lite + or – ladies, learned their childhood lesson too well, she’lo asani gever.

    • >”And how is it more tzanua to wear mini skirts, skin tight clothing than very loose slacks?????????????”

      You’re a pagan heathen!!! How dare you ask questions laced with logic!!!

  2. This all sounds like theese hassidishe rebbes never ever matured like normal people they are still in a childish stage of development except that they will never develop beyond their present stage what a tragedy wasting their lifes on absolute idiocy.

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