Petition Demands Apology for Meisels Sex Abuse and Staff Enabling

Petition for seminary apology for MeiselsAn alum of the Meisels’ seminaries has organized an online petition calling on the staff of the seminaries to issue a public apology for Meisels sexual exploitation and abuse of students. The petition on states:

In July of 2014, Elimelech Meisels (past owner of the seminaries Chedvas Bais Yaakov, Pninim, Kesser Chaya, and Binas) had been unmasked as a serial sex predator who preyed on his students from all four post-high school institutions he controlled. A Special Beis Din of renown Rabbanim (Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, Rabbi Zev Cohen, and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz) residing in Chicago found Mr. Meisels guilty of serious misconduct with heavy proof, a handwritten list of victims, and a confession from the abuser himself.

Elimelech Meisels

Elimelech Meisels

This Bais Din in Chicago then ruled against attending the seminaries. Touro and Hebrew Theological College quickly followed suit and removed accreditation from the institutions. Furthermore, after hearing testimony from victims and students, the staff was found culpable of enabling the abuse. After being summoned for questioning, the staff members ignored the request of the Bais Din to appear before them.

During this time, main staff members of the seminaries (including but not to limited to Rabbi Meir Kahane, Rabbi Boruch Simon, Mrs. Shulamis Soloff, and Mrs. Hindy Ullman) continued to completely ignore that there was ever an issue all together.

The seminary faculty had knowledge of the inappropriate ways in which Meisels conducted himself with the girls. When complaints of inappropriate behavior by Meisels were brought to the staff from students/ victims, the girls were told to keep their mouths closed or were ignored.

Rabbi Meir Kahane, Principal Chedvas Bais Yaakov

Rabbi Meir Kahane, Principal Chedvas Bais Yaakov

There was NO APOLOGY to any students/ parents/ or victims from the schools. Instead, shortly after the Bais Din publicized it’s ruling of Meisels’ guilt, Rabbi Meir Kahane sent out an email to tell students not to discuss the abuse. He claimed it was Loshon Hara (slander) and that they would “save the world” if they would not speak about it.

This petition demands that the faculty of the school face the problem and finally take responsibility for the horror that happened under their watch for so many years. WE WANT THEM TO ISSUE A SINCERE PUBLIC APOLOGY TO EVERY LAST VICTIM OF ELIMELECH MEISLES.

Sex abuse can no longer be swept under the rug in the Orthodox Jewish world. It is time to take responsibility and make a change within our communities, homes, and within our own outlook on this serious subject itself.

Signing this petition is the least we can do for the victimized girls and their families.

Principal of Pninim as of Aug 2014

Principal of Pninim as of Aug 2014

Michal Ben Baruch explained her reasons for mounting the petition drive:

The Meisels scandal had a major impact on my life. As I followed the breaking story since July I became aware of the major problem of sex abuse cover-ups within the Orthodox world. Having been a student at the seminaries, the abuse of my classmates hit close to home. I started becoming more outspoken as I joined discussions on Frum Follies, eventually writing a lengthy post about my experiences with Meisels and his enablers. Thus, many of you know me as TruthSeeker.

Shulamis Soloff Principal Keser ChayaOver the months I have kept in close contact with the Chicago Beis Din and others closely connected to the scandal. I was appalled by the responses I got after speaking out. Many of my seminary classmates discussed me behind my back in unfavorable ways. How ironic that these same girls cried “loshon hara” when it came to the menuval (miscreant) Meisels but did not follow the same moral code for a classmate. I have received enough hate emails to last me a lifetime. I have had “good Bais Yaakov” girls tell me that I would burn in hell, prevent Moshiach from coming, ruin my reputation, and that I should “be ashamed because of all that Rabbi Meisels has done for me and taught me.” In retrospect, the only thing that Meisels taught me was how to create a cult of seminary girls to use as shields from accountability.

Hindy Ullman

Hindy Ullman

Some people may not like my outspokenness, but what can I say? Morality is not about gaining public approval; it is about doing the right thing. I will NOT be silent until justice is served. I want to publicly invite and encourage all alumni to find their voices and finally speak out.

It is time to take action for the victimized girls and show the schools that we will NOT ignore this horrific case of sex abuse which happened on their watch for so many years. Key seminary staff ignored victims and witnesses to inappropriate behavior. I ask parents, alumni, and other concerned people to read and sign this petition demanding the seminary staff take responsibility and issue a public apology to the victims of Elimelech Meisels.

I understand that I am the only student to publicly put my name out there thus far. It is not easy to be the first; I hope that I will give others the strength and confidence to also speak out.

We must educate ourselves on how to spot manipulative authoritative figures who take advantage of the vulnerable people under their power. Together with Hashem’s (G-d’s) help, we can spread awareness of sex abuse and tackle this problem in the orthodox world. We can make our world a better and safer place.

     Michal Ben-Baruch, Pninim ’10 & Chedvas ’11


128 thoughts on “Petition Demands Apology for Meisels Sex Abuse and Staff Enabling

  1. Kol Hakavod. BTW, the main large type title spells M.’s name wrong in English (top line is accurate). Would be good to make them conform. I’m assuming that Meisel is the correct spelling, and not Meisle.
    Again, kol hakavod, you are an amazing young lady.

  2. I was in Pninim about 8 years ago, and I did see things that in my mind, didnt seem 100% kosher, but never did I think there was more. Just comes to show you that there are real pigs in this world- and the fact that they may have hats and beards shouldnt fool you. I hope Meisels gets what he deserves and the teachers actually apologize.

    • Lol yes, onlooker, I have a name 🙂

      Nice to meet a fellow pninim-er.
      I hope Meisles gets what he deserves as well. Please sign the petition- every signature counts.

  3. Poor girl. To have to seek out attention in such a destructive manner… may Hashem bless you with the help you are crying out for. I feel for you, and empathize with the emotional storm within you. Refuah Shleimah.

    • The above is a gem of a demonstration of how attempts are made to discredit truth seekers and people with the courage to act on their convictions about fighting sex abuse. On the basis of many phone interactions, I see no reason to support the attack on her sanity, stability and mental competence. Au contraire – she is very clear in her thinking and makes sense emotionally. But this is typical of the tactic of shooting the messenger.

      • YL, this is the despicable part of the attempt to discredit victims (albeit, She is “only” a victim in that she suffered emotionally from seeing and knowing what was happening). That, by itself, is traumatic, albeit much less than being a survivor. But many many per the Chicago B”D were. She is leading this fight to protect our Jewish daughters, sisters, grandchildren, etc. Can it be that she is the only one who cares?
        Her classmates address her in a derogatory manner. Should they not be proud, and grateful, that she has the courage to stand up to the establishment, to the Chicago B”D. OMG, I imagine that she is about 25, with the maturity of someone well beyond that age. And the ethics of very few, of whatever age. Just imagining what it is like for a “25” year old, to go against the establishment, to approach the most revered of our rabbanim.
        It is hideous to be attacked by the “disgusted by all of you” lowlifes.
        Kol Hakavod. Halevai that afilu only half of her peers had the same sense of righteousness and were willing to fight for tsedek over molestation and abuse, by our Talmidei Chachamim. . Halevai.
        Enablers, such as many at the sems, are guilty of being complicit in the abuse. enacted by their parnassah-provider. I wonder how they sleep at night.

    • Thanks for chiming in, Meisels. I see that manipulation isn’t your strong suit, which is why you had to ply your trade with innocent 18 and 19 year old girls.

    • Disugusted,

      Someone who has such a perverted way of thinking, is clearly ill themselves. While I don’t empathize with your twisted words and false ‘support’, I will grant you the Bracha you gave. Refuah Shelaima! I hope you can be completely cured and not continue to wreak havoc in the lives of victims.

  4. Kol Hakavod for raising your “Kol”! You are a brave young woman.It is my hope that others follow your lead and take significant and brave steps like you have towards doing what it takes to make the Orthodox world an unsafe place for sexual predators to commit their crimes. Too many Rabbanim have gotten away for too long with hiding behind the power and title of “Rabbi” or the seemingly unbreachable wall of “Chashivus” to commit sexual crimes or other crimes to take advantage of others.

  5. Fantastic. Good on you, Truthseeker. For what it’s worth, I brought this up on the DaasTorah blog and Eidensohn actually admitted that an apology would be appropriate. He told me that he heard an apology was forthcoming. But obviously, it never did.

    Rabbi Zev Cohen spoke during the Yomim Nora’im and explicitly said that a man who abused/molested somebody needs to “cry a puddle of tears” IN FRONT OF THE VICTIM as well as BEGGING for forgiveness plus paying (at a bare minimum) for, among other things, all of the therapy that the victim requires.

    • Triangle thank u,

      Abt Eidonsohn- he is truly a low-life and I hope he is reading this. He made my life a misery when he allowed those terrible rumors and comments to be posted about me on his blog. Absolutely terrible.

      If he wanted to rlly apologize to me then he would have done it a long time ago. That man is all talk and no action.

    • You are a brave person who made a sacrifice for others, there are no words for such a person. Let’s remember that all the apologies and tears in the world doesn’t remove the pain and emotional damage inflicted on the victims. In addition to the apologies and tears we need to demand that the victims receive help and then make sure the faculty gets the help they desperately need so that this never happens again. The faculty may need a second round of therapy just to help them live with themselves.

  6. I am fully supportive of you. You have poise and dignity and it is obvious you are taking a risk and sacrificing your peace by being public. I am curious though, why does your petition only ask for an apology and not the dismissal of those enablers?

    • I’d like them to be dismissed (that’s a nice word) as well. But I feel it is better for the victims if the staff publicly owns up and admits to their wrongdoings. This is for the victims and no one more.

  7. Princess,

    These Enabler rabonim are rabonim from the Mishna. The Mishnah says that beikvosei demoshichei Chutzpah yasgei, “Vehoemes Ne’ederes” along with a whole host of enumerated compliments. You are a brave woman to stand up for our ‘sisters’, telling it as it is, and being counted. Veal yevoish mipnei hamaligim, veHoelokim yevakesh es Hanirdaf. Ma yofi peomayich baneolim! Uthi maskirtech sholeim meim Hashem! Amen

  8. Thank you for your bravery, ethics and courage.

    If we had more people like you, sex abuse in the orthodox community would be greatly reduced. Predator rabbis would be exposed as the perverts and molesters that they are and instead of keeping jobs where they pretend to be our spiritual leaders, they could alternatively be employed in appropriately lecherous jobs such as filming naked women. Barry Freundel could be their spiritual advisor.

    Some thoughts about trying to get the orthodox community to change. It will be easier for you if you can ally yourself with like-minded others so that the rabbis and their enablers will have a harder time crushing you with personal attacks like the slimeball “disgusted by all of you” above. (Did he look in the mirror to choose that name?) The more of you that speak together with one voice, the better the chance that your voice will be heard.

    In addition to trying to get support from your fellow seminarians, consider contacting the women who have been abused by Barry Freundel. There are a lot of parallels between the kinds of abuse that both Freundel and Meisels inflicted on their victims. My guess is that when these women find out which of them was filmed by Freundel, they will be outraged and some may be motivated enough to join your efforts to stop rabbinic sexual abuse.

    Stay strong, don’t give up and don’t give in.

    • Thank u for the post. I’ve tried to connect to girl who “think like me”, but I havnt found many. And when I have, they are not so willing to put themselves out there like I am. I understand them. Being more open about your opinions can be scary. But I hope with this petition ppl can come together and be more open.

  9. Dear Truthseeker,
    Glad to see the support you are seeing here. I doubt that you are holding your breath in anticipation of the sincere apology you have demanded. One cannot apologize without admitting wrongdoing, and at this point, so late after the breaking of the scandal, to admit wrongdoing is to admit one should have resigned. To me, at least, the likelihood of an apology (“sincere” or otherwise) seems so low that your petition should be seen as a maneuver to keep the misdeeds of Meisels and his employee-enablers “on the screen” of Orthodox families. And that is fine by me. Those who abet evil are not entitled to communal amnesia, convenient though it might be. Best wishes and blessings.

    • Hi Kevin thanks for writing

      There are multiple reasons for me making this petition. You can see my comments below. But another reason is also to gather ppl together and show to schools/ anyone else that there are individuals who are sickened by this. I hope to accomplish a sense of “togetherness” from it. Thanks again for writing.

  10. Hashem should bless you with all the Birchos Hatorah for your outstanding courage to stand up and defend Bnos Yisroel. The despicable menuval-rasha Elimelech Meisels who preyed upon and corrupted young girls is unpardonable and unforgiveable. If he wanted to have unlimited sexual intercourse with young women, he should have gone to a hotel and hired strippers and escort girls to satisfy his unsaitable lust for nudity, groping and sexual intercourse. To use girls who came from overseas to study in a Seminary for his personal animalistic lust is the height of rishas. Meisels should have his penus and testicles surgically removed and then publicized that this has been done. Then, he should be forced to pay for every penny of counselling costs incurred by every single girl he molested, fondeld and raped. Without all the above, an apology is absolutely meaningless and worthless. Meisels- Rasha-scum bag should be barred from any shule and not allowed to have an aliyah. You are a genuine and holy Tzadekes for defending the values of decency and sanctity.

  11. Um, what is the point of a public apology? Just curious..
    Here are my thoughts:
    1. What are the chances the staff actually knew what was really going on ? Assuming M did do something ( which I cant prove either way because I wasn’t there), wouldn’t he hide what he was doing, rather that let his employees know all about it. Maybe they caught on that he was too friendly with the girls , but that isnt so clear cut, and no reason to get so upset.
    2. Dont you think the girls who were affected want to just forget about it, get over it etc. Why trigger them more and more with all this talk?
    3. Why a public apology? How about apology to individual. Public apologies are nothing more than political (and we all know they don’t mean anything anyway!)
    4. Wouldn’t it be more productive to support programs like JCW, who have proven to be helpful and make a difference, than to petition online? There are ways to raise awareness about abuse, and Im not sure this is the most effective. Will a petition stop Rabbinic Sexual abuse? How about a public apology? In my opinion the answer to these to questions is no. How about we focus our efforts and try to be CONSTRUCTIVE preventing further abuse in the Jewish community instead of being DESTRUCTIVE and taking down people who we don’t know to be abusive. Lets use this as a catalyst for good rather than to drag the Jewish people down.

    • See what truth seeker originally posted to understand how staff are guilty of overlooking his abuse.

      A public apology is not enough. It is a minimum gesture showing that those remaining with the institutions understand they were wrong. Obviously they have to do other things as well such as ending their behind the scenes campaign to claim it was all a misunderstanding about a few hugs inadvertantly given to one upset girl.

      Meisels, if he really wants to repent has to do many things. This petition is aimed at others in the seminaries, especially the administrators and other key staff.

      • And what if they aren’t guilty? What if they are just naive or were just unaware, then what are they supposed to do? Apologize for something they didnt do?

          1. They should apologize for taking on a responsibility for education when they are incompetent. A day care worker should apologize for not knowing CPR especially when as a result a toddler dies on their shift.
          2. They should find a line of work where their insensitivity won’t hurt others.

          However, it is quite clear that he was obviously breaking all sorts of rules of tznius, left and right. If they had the nerve to shame girls for skirts too close to the knee, they could have also had the nerve to say din echad: there is one rule and it definitely applies to the leader.

          If they are able to be so hypocritical to defend a leader they lack the spine to protect students.

    • You know my gut tells me you’re not rlly looking for me to answer this, just to rock some boats. But in case I’m wrong, here goes-

      1) this is something I took on my own initiative. I do not need to join any other organization (Altho in sure they are wonderful) to help me be successful in this petition.

      2) ppl are getting this incorrect. It is not just about an apology. This is about OWNING UP to the enabling they did and saying it publicly. Other things might follow, like staff getting fired. Who knows. But I do not want them to have a “white and pure slate” for their work resume. They have been ignoring this bc they are afraid for their jobs.

      • I did want an answer. I’m still trying to understand where your coming from…. And I hear what your saying but what if they aren’t guilty? And who are we to decide if they get a “pure slate” on their work resume?
        My theory is that all of the school will close down eventually because of all this (regardless of whether or not they are innocent, but just because of this whole hullabaloo) and then they will have no ways of supporting their innocent families , because they wont get a job elsewhere.
        Now if they are guilty, then maybe this makes sense, and that’s fine, but how do we know they are guilty? And if they aren’t guilty are we willing to take the responsibility of ruining their lives when they are innocent?

        • Not every teacher is accused. But some were accused of knowing about Meisels misconduct and refusing to act. They were all invited to reply to the allegations by the Chicago Beis Din and refused. If they were innocent they should have appeared and defended themselves.

        • Hi I can see you are well-meaning in your questions…I cannot write to u a list and tell u all the details but I know for a fact that they are guilty and very much deserve to get fired. I told a number of ppl this- outsiders will nvr fully understand how inappropriate Meisles was on a daily basis and how disturbing it was. Again, not going into details, but the staff was 100% aware of his inappropriate behavior and much more. Pls do more research on this and look up posts here on FF. The Chicago bias Din has clearly listed what the staff knew etc.

      • Perverting a teacher-student relationship as Meisels repeatedly looks like it fits the Israeli definition of sexual harassment, in that it “…involv[ed] a relationship of authority or dependence in the course of receiving instruction from or consulting a religious cleric.”
        The fact that the young women subjected to Meisels crimes were of age to consent had he picked them up in a bar or on the street is not relevant in the authority relationship involved at the seminaries.
        Since many of the teachers and staff knew what was going on, it’s accurate to say that the schools were corrupt. Once Meisels began his career as a sexual harasser, his tuition revenues would have suffered if parents had known what he was up to. So tuition received since the cover-up began was obtained under false pretenses. Whether all that makes the seminaries “corrupt organizations” in RICO terms is yet to be determined.
        But given the coverup, why shouldn’t the salaries the co-conspirators received while they were busy threatening complainants and otherwise aiding and abetting Meisels be confiscated to help pay for therapy Meisels’ victims need?

    • I want to remind you that the staff of at least one Meisels school warned their students about him when he was abroad. Maybe Mr. Lopin can locate that for everyone.

      Kol hakavod to TruthSeeker and to Yerachmiel Lopin.

      P.S. I won’t be happy until some of these enablers are removed from their positions. It’s probable that some of them should never be in chinuch. Threatening girls that they’ll will bring mashiach by keeping quiet is anti-Torah. This person should leave chinuch!!

      • Yes, Meir Kahane must go.

        I have heard details about at least one staff member issuing some warnings to students in very veiled language. I do not yet have enough details and confirmation to be able to post about it.

    • And I will make this clear once and for all- Meisles is GUILTY.

      He is spreading an enormous rumor that it was “one crazy girl who was in love with him with lots of $ and someone wanted to buy his seminaries so some guy paid a girl to do this bc he was angry that Meisles wouldn’t give the schools to him.”

      Everyone. Just say that out loud to yourselves- it sounds ridiculous.

      We had a prestigious Bais Din rule. And they have concluded. We do not need to see naked pictures of him in order for the public to be convinced of what he did. he is GUILTY beyond belief.

      • Just wondering, were you yourself abused by Meisels? Is that why you’re so involved and knowledgeable on the case?

        • TS has written clearly that she has no personal claim of being abused by Meisels. She was and is disturbed by what she witnessed while at the seminary and remains upset about what she later learned. Read her full post:

          “Wondering,” I find your question inappropriate. Is the frum world now at at state where the only people who care about molesting are its direct victims? I also think a sensitive person should realize that if someone was molested it could be quite embarrassing to be expected to talk about to a stranger in a public forum.

          I can understand why you may have wondered about that, especially if you took the liberty to ask the question without carefully reading what she wrote. But sensitivity to actual victims of sexual abuse includes not needlessly probing for details to satisfy voyeurism.

        • I would ask Yerachmiel to delete your comment bc I knew there were going to be commenters like you who would not rlly read what u wrote.

          I NEVER said I was a victim. It is obvious both in my TruthSeeker post and in this post. I do not feel you even had the right to ask me such a question bc it was so clearly stated that I was not.

          Even if I was, that is a highly insensitive way to ask it. No one would ever casually admit to being a victim on a blog bc someone casually asked the question.

          Your comment was offensive on a number of levels.

        • Wondering:
          You are a paragon of logic. Anyone behind a cause, moral or otherwise, Must have been a victim. SHAME ON YOU. REALLY SHAME ON YOU.
          FURTHER RAMIFICATIONS, OH, sheesh, YOU ARE NOT WORTH my fingertips. .
          I truly hope that you disappear from this site. and, if not, reincarnate as a cognitive sentient human being. as it were, you are lacking something human, or social understanding, perhaps you have aspergers???
          From what hole did you crawl out of??? really. seriously?
          You make me sick. and to carry your distorted logic one step further, Yerachmiel was abused by each and every one of the minuvalim that he has written about.
          what is your IQ? what is your EQ (emotional quotient). titbayesh l’cha. titbayesh, idiot she kamocha.. maybe you are aspergers, next time, think. before you write shtuyot ma’alivot v’ m’tumtamot.

      • I dont know if hes guilty or not. I wasnt saying he was or wasn’t. Truthfully I dont even care. Hes not in the seminaries anymore so he cant do any more harm if he wanted to. And if he needs to be punished Im sure Hashem can work it out, and if not, then I am jealous of the olam haba he is getting for the suffering he must be going through right now.
        I never knew about that rumor. And the thing about rumors is , you never know where they start. For all I know you could have started the rumor, I don’t know!!
        What Im trying to say here is that we dont know anything and if bais din ruled, then follow their psak and if they are a prestigious bais din then im sure they can carry things through and do the right thing without our help. Unless bais din ruled that an online petition, email chain, blogs etc should happen, in that case, I apologize. But in my opinion ( which I know counts for absolutely nothing, but then again so does most other peoples) if beis din heard about and read all of this, I would imagine they would cry. Fully grown men, great gidoley torah, crying by the site of all this.

        • You are EXTREMELY twisted in your thinking. You’re playing a game by not “taking sides” and saying “well maybe he is guilty, maybe he’s not. He deserves a lot of Olam HaBaa if not.”

          Stop with the games. It is not showing well on your character. Your comments are becoming borderline trolling at this point.

        • ” I am jealous of the olam haba he is getting for the suffering he must be going through right now.”

          It is truly shocking that someone who considers himself Jewish, let alone a frum Yid, could think this let alone write this.

          HIS suffering?
          How about his victims, some of whom are scarred for life in ways you will never understand
          How about the victims’ famllies
          How about the wife and children

          This post — which seems to be coming from a sociopath — makes me wonder who the author might be.

        • Previously unbiased:
          really, be’emet, you are one sick SOB. you don’t give a rat’s behind if he is guilty, really?? What a great TSADIK you are.
          Shame on you, you are jealous of his olam habah if he is guilty? Your remarks reflect a very very sick soul. I know that i should wish you refuah shlemah, but I am not a Tsadik, not at all. Self confessed, believe in punishment of evil, not interested in halachah on the subject. . and so , that is it……don’t know if you are sick, or have other agenda which we can all hypothesize about… I truly hope that you disappear from this blog, or YL blocks your mental illness. A blog comments is an appropriate place for sane people to discuss issues, not a place for evil or mental illness.

    • Someone who was manipulated and sexually abused can’t “just forget about it” or “get over it,” like you say. In fact, they probably find it hard to think of anything else. They carry the painful experience with them wherever they go. It’s ridiculous to say that apologizing will remind them of what happened, as if they can possibly forget. As if they wouldn’t pay all the money in the world in order to forget, if they could.

      • That is true. You are right and I was wrong about that. But maybe all this discussion about it back and forth hurts them . I don’t know.

      • Yael,
        Your comment is sadly very true. Nothing ever gets erased from the brain, but with a highly skillful therapist, who specializes in traumatic abuse, over time, the painful damaging effects of abuse can be ameliorated. I would strongly recommend that anyone in that position, get help, and the sooner the better, hopefully avoiding the long term suffering of PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome).
        There are highly skilled therapists who specialize in this area, albeit finding one of these with openings in his/her schedule is difficult, but not impossible. Yael, I believe that through this blog, you or others you know can get some leads. (depending on geographic location). Start with questioning YL. He might be able to steer someone to a frum therapist, if that is a prerequisite, or otherwise…..

        • I think it is a safe assumption by now that most people who are articulate about effects of abuse are also sophisticated enough to be aware of the potential benefits of therapy. I am not sure it is helpful to offer unsolicited advice to complete strangers when one does not know their particular situation.

        • My guess is that the cost of this sort of therapy is prohibitive for most of the people who need it. Maybe someone could start a charity for this specific purpose. I think the organization, MASK, might be able to help people in this situation, at no cost.

    • previously unbiased:

      you have demonstrated a tiny tiny bit of hope that you are not incurable, i support JCW. as it were but, not, yet, you, chas v’sh. all of your previous shtuyot, remains shtuyot, ulai too many vodka shots? and there are still far too many holes in your logic, but, l’fachot, you have demonstrated that you are not a complete and total “fill in he blanks”. work on yourself, perhaps you are salvageable….b’chol zot…..

  12. I wish to clarify something I said above when I mentioned above about Meisels-sex-pervert apologizing: The truth is that apologizing is really worthless even if everything I stipulated above was done because apologizing simply cannot undo the multi-layer damage he inflicted on any of his numerous victims. He deserves to rot in jail and I hope that at at one poiint he will in fact be prosecuted and sent to jail. Let me add: The staff who knew what is going on and did nothing should all be fired. They are wicked individuals as well. Afraid of losing their jobs is no excuse whatsoever. They were there to spread the word of Hashem and inculcate these girls with Torah and kedusha. And what did they do? They enabled Rasha-sex-maniac-Meisels to trample on the Torah Hakidosha and damage these innocent girls.

    • Baum…, @5:19PM
      Therapy is therapy and insurance companies do cover it particularly if it is in network. many states, if not all by now, have something called the “parity law” which requires them to cover the same degree of mental health coverage as physical health coverage, as opposed to limiting mental health to, say, 30 visits a year, as many, e.g. Oxford health used to do. . Prior to obamacare, certain states had parity laws in effect, (e.g. New jersey) if the problem was biologically based. Since anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds are often prescribed, that is clear proof that the medical establishment considers the problem to be “biologically” based. Post obamacare it may be that all health insurance has to provide mental health benefits per the “parity law”. (sorry, I have not checked that out). only problem is finding a competent therapist., It might have to be “in network”. every company and every state may vary on this. BUT do NOT assume that psychotherapy is not covered. IT IS. google “parity law”.

  13. To: Disgusted by all of you: You are the one that needs a refuah shelaima. Your insensitive words bespeak your lack of decency, your lack of intelligence and total lack of insight. You are a complete moron and please get off this site. Thank you!

  14. TruthSeeker says:
    11/04/2014 at 11:23 pm
    I’d like them to be dismissed (that’s a nice word) as well. But I feel it is better for the victims if the staff publicly owns up and admits to their wrongdoings. This is for the victims and no one more.

    I respectfully disagree with you. The enablers should first be fired and then be made to apologize. That would be best for the victims.

    • Either order is fine for me 🙂

      I feel it puts more shame on the staff to first admit it and then get fired.

      I don’t have a preference for the order, as long as both are done.

  15. If the enablers are fired (and I’m not 100 per cent sure they should be, but I do lean towards firing), what happens after that? Does anybody doubt that seminary staff in any if these schools would behave the exact same way under similar circumstances? If the teachers are fired, it seems to me the discussion will be closed. No one will feel the need to apologize or address their mistakes, since they would already have been punished. Maybe they won’t feel the need to apologize anyway, or they’ll be afraid to for legal liability reasons, so this may be a moot point.

    • The teachers who were enabler should be banned from being in education, period. Would you want your child to be taught by someone who protected a sexual predator? I hope not.

    • Seminaries that betray trust and do not remove those who betrayed the trust of students and their parents will ultimately close down. I went to one that closed down. It starts to have less enrollment and can not sustain itself and it loses. So they have made their bed and will sleep in it. The reason I think it is actually inherent to not only demand an apology but also demand that the enablers are removed is because there is a need to show that one is also concerned for prospective students as opposed to only those who have already been victimized and betrayed.

  16. Baumayimadnafesh: Quite the contrary, firing would be the biggest lesson as this would serve as the biggest motivator for teachers to come forward in the future in a similar circumstance. The apologizing is really worthless anyway so there is no loss. A long prison sentence would be the best apology. I hope some of the families begin to press charges against this despicable hunk of manure.

    • I was just wondering if the enablers themselves were manipulated psychologically by Meisels. This would make them unfit to be seminary teachers for sure. But, could such people benefit from intensive education? Could they be “rehabilitated”? This would of course include apologies to each individual victim, restitution, and a pledge to investigate thoroughly any and every claim of SA. I’m just musing, I don’t know if there’s any alternative to dismissal. It would depend if these seminary staff members are actually evil people themselves, or if they were so dazzled by Meisels’ charisma that they made rationalizations for their behavior. In future, maybe all potential seminary teachers could learn from their mistakes…….

      • More likely, they were afraid of losing their paid positions. So they put money and self-interest ahead of the safety and well-being of the girls. They all deserve, at a minimum, to be fired if it can be shown that they knew.

      • Trust me, none of the teachers were dazzeled by his charisma. They knew exactly what he was, a despicable pervert. They simply put their jobs ahead of the well being of the victims and should all be fired once it is clearly shown that they knew.

        • I suppose you’re right, it’s just so difficult for me to believe that all of these people consciously allowed this to go on without some sort of rationalization in their minds,some twisting of the sechel, other than just the nedd for cash. I mean, from what I’ve read, Kahane seems like an arrogant jerk. But I know nothing about the others.

  17. To all the victims and families of Mr. Elimelech Meisels: I know that many girls & their families are reluctant to come forward because of concerns about shidduchim. That is of course perfectly understandable. However, the general attitude is now changing about protecting the kinds of animals like Meisels and Freundel and previous revealed Rabbinical menuvalim of the past few years. It would be a big mitzvah to come forward and have low down scum bags like Meisels locked behind bars. I really think that shidduchim prospects would not get hurt in the process. Most intelligent families would not be put off by a victim of such animals. It is something to think about. I think all the families should band together and put this piece of manure away for a long time. Yes, there would be a trial but I am sure that the judge would allow the girls to speak from behind a curtain as is the case in certain situations.

  18. Irony: The same community that can gather 50,000 people in a stadium to demonize “the internet” refuse to demonize a seminary principal who preys on students for sex.

      • Tova, I must commend you for being able to see the truth. It must be so difficult for you, since you bought into the system, and weren’t born into it. My parents, who are BTs, are still in such denial. They just can’t seem to let go of the fantasy religion they bought into, even after being swindled by the same people who convinced them to become frum.

  19. To: Mr. Elimelech Meisels: You filthy despicable low down piece of excriment. You brought in girls from around the world to your seminaries to prepare themselves to be the future mothers of Klall Yisroel and you go ahead and used these girls to satisfy your sexual desires. You feasted your eyes on them, you felt them up, you molested, you groped, you raped and then threatend these girls not to reveal your beastly behaviour. You are the lowest of the lowest you discusting pig and perverted sexual maniac. You should not be part of any minyan, you should not be given an aliyah as you are a super thorough rasha merusha. You introduced nivala to these girls and poisoned their holy nishamos you filthy swine. You deserve a very long prison term. You deserve to be drowned in a mikveh. Trust me, your name will be dirt until you drop dead and after that as well. I take this opportunity to urge every one of your victims to band together and all go to the police and report exactly what you did to them and hopefully you will be prosecuted and be put away for many years. You do not deserve to live you filthy beast! I know you will be seeing this posting as you have tried to make postings under false names, we all have your number you chunk of manure!

    • Deleted by moderator for coming close to incitement to violence against Meisels and his family.

      Yerachmiel Lopin

      • Please don’t talk about threats to his family, that would be wrong and uncivilized. As angry as we all are, we cannot allow this cause to descend into a witch hunt.

        • Read what I wrote carefully. I simply said that it would be reasonable to be concerned about the parents or relatives of the victims. Would that not be prudent?

          • As I wrote in deleting your previous message, you were menacing even if not overtly and directly advocating violence. This is a clever way to incite to violence without owning the intent. Maybe you meant to do no more than scare Meisels. But, I felt you crossed a line.

      • Triangle, I completely concur in your thoughts. he should be worried as should someone else in a different sphere, a fuhrer of sorts. (and I would not shed tears if some misfortune were to befall him), chas v’chalilah that his family be in any way harmed. Afilu, that the wife, also MUST HAVE been complicit, i.e. allowed girls to sleep over shabbos, often, knew that he was out, late, often. But it is not for me to judge what her motivations were to remain silent, and she too, is clearly a victim. But also, without further knowledge, complicit. Did she have options? If he went to jail, from whence would come her parnassah and for her children, (have no idea how many, but he was “spending” it here and there, so perhaps there weren’t lots of kids.)???? She was, on the face of it, without knowing details, in a catch 22. Could she have forbidden the overnight stays? that would not have solved the problems. Assuming that there were also young kids at home, and that she had no alternative means of a livelihood, she was between a rock and a hard place. I am just speculating here. Since his family was mentioned. The trauma to his children, after he goes to jail, which, if there is a god, he will, will be forever. My father, the sexual predator. Not only the sem girls but he has annihilated his own children. By his narcissistic uncontrollable lust. It is an illness. Any one of the other teachers, etc, who knew, and yes, i imagine most knew, except perhaps for some part-timers, any one could have years ago, been as brave and courageous. But alas, not a one…
        We can see by the photos on the petition. at the minimum those, since she chose them. those, enablers, complicit, they had options of finding other jobs. EVEN if they did not have the brass beitsim to confront him. organize, bring charges, (only a “25” year old has/had the steadfast righteousness to confront the multi-year abuse. How difficult, how easy to walk away and hope that some other girl might do it… Kol Hakavod, but the knowing administration and other teachers, mechanchim, etc knew and did zilch nada, klum. Far worse fates than prison have been suggested by others here for M., and emotion would cause many to fantasize the same, but a 103 year sentence would for me be dai, v’maspik, despite my usual hawkishness. I would settle for 103 years. and civil suits compensating victims for therapy (probably multi-year). Some may never come forward fearing being exposed. He might get away with “murder” again.

        I have not decided what the fate of the enablers should be, beyond being fired, and virtually unhireable. I am still pondering the moral complicity and responsibility of the enablers. Tough question.
        Methinks that all of the enablers should also be paying damages to those damaged during their “watch”. (at the minimum).

        • Many seminary students spend Shabbosim with their male and female teachers’ families. The fact that he had girls over for overnights is not at all a red flag. The 3:00 am coffee runs, and the constant in and about of a women’s dorm – those are the red flags.

  20. If anyone wants to send a message to Elimelch-menuval-rasha merusha-Meisels, all you have to do is post a blog and the swine will surely see it as he is following all blogs about him very closely. Please spread the word! Mr.Dirtbag Meisels the sexual predator is very lucky that I do not work in law enforcement because I would see to it that he be put away

      • You are 100% correct and I fullly realize that. What I left out to say is that if I were in law enforcement I would try my hardest to seek out and encourage victims to step forward.

      • You are 100% correct and I fully realize that. I left out to say that if I was in law enforcement I would seek out and encourage these girls to come forward.

  21. Actual justice to Meisels we have to leave to Hashem. What we can do and should do is to encourage the girls to go to the police to file a report of sexual abuse. Hopefully, at some point a police investigation will be opened into this matter.

    • From your fingertips to god’s ears. Hopefully, in E”Y at the minimum since the case, I understand would be more clear-cut, since the laws there are different. Any sexual contact between any authority figure and an “underling’ is forbidden, be it teacher, therapist, whatever. In the US, those who were over 18 at the time of the abuse, would have a more challenging legal suit, as far as I understand, but still high probability of success, PARTICULARLY if multiple girls get the guts to step forward. It would be particularly appropriate and satisfying to those of us, (i.e.) all, if criminal charges were brought against him in both countries, and additional civil charges, at least in US. I am not a lawyer, where is Kevin?

      Why is she the only one with the courage and highly developed sense of justice to come forward, despite all of the obvious disadvantages. . This has not been an easy journey for her. May god bless her and and protect her from the verbal onslaughts of the M. defenders. and we know who they are…and may M find himself imprisoned for 103 years, bim’hera b’yameinu.

      • 2 Chash…
        Why is she the only one with the courage and highly developed sense…?

        “…Veisha bechol ele lo matsati”, and she is The one Choyil of over and beyond the ELEF! With all the flack that hails from the ENABLERS vesiyatam, it is not an easy journey, and a very brave undertaking. At the end of the day, these malachei chabolo will NOT prevail and will be reckoned with for 103+ years bekaf hakela. May Hashem hatov pull his chut shel chesed in protecting you from any harm whatsoever, as the good book says, SHLICHEI MITZVA EINAN NIZOKIN!!! You could rest assured that Mamme Rochel will be praying on your behalf for protecting her children from future harm. Umi yiten, sheyirbu kmotech beYisrael. Amen!

        • She may have been the only one to come public with her name. But a few very brave girls got the whole thing started, and suffered extreme emotional stress in coming forward to the Chicago rabbis who B”h believed the girls and took great risks and spent much time investigating the situation. There are many unknown heros that have suffered greatly to protect other girls. Please give the other girls credit even if they want to maintain their confidentiality. Thanks to the great Chicago rabbis for listening, believing and investing so much time.

        • For Tova T: @10:42 (no reply button):
          You are clearly correct, point well taken, and many of us, over time, have unfortunately lost sight of the fact that some evidently significant number of girls testified to the CB”D. Some (one or more) clearly initiated the inquiry, and others later during the investigation? Yes, I for one, and recently the entire comments section has been focused on post CBD issues, thus “forgetting” those brave girls who testified. There exists evidently a hand written list of girls as was written. FWIW, I for one would like to apologize to those unsung heroines.

  22. Piece of shmutz Meisels thinks no one will come forward and he will stay out of jail. That is very, very possible. However, I predict and more so hope that there will be a crack in this brick wall of fear and a few girls will eventually come forward. This bum does not deserve to see the light of day. If only all the girls come forward, he could very possibly get a 150 years like Madoff got.

    • 103 years as Weberman got, shortened to maximum of 50. Maspik
      Don’t know where that max. comes from, but he will spend the rest of his days in prison.
      No need to get greedy with 150.. Madoff’s oldest son Mark committed suicide two years after Madoff’s conviction. His accountant’s son committed suicide. There were at least two other suicides, a money manager involved with marketing Madoff’s “funds” and at least one investor.
      Minuvalim affect so very many lives, some directly, some indirectly.

      • The more years he gets, the bigger is the feeling of justice for the victims and their families. As well, the more years he gets, the bigger is the humiliation for this manipulative beast which he so well deserves. This also would send the biggest message to would be abusers like him.

        • I agree he should go to jail for a very long time. However, even more would be accomplished if his enablers were exposed, forced out of education and forced to pay damages. Schools will be safe when every staff member knows they are responsible for the conduct of others that harms students. It will be a great day when that happens.

  23. I dont know how many of you commenters actually went to pninim, but here is my opinion..girls are in seminary for a year. She was there for 2 years..she got to know Meisels, see what he was doing, call him out on it,etc. This was in the span of four years. Most of the girls that went to Pninim (at least from my year) barely knew Meisels…and if they would have seen something inappropriate, they probably wouldnt think its worth it to make a big deal-considering that you r there for so short. From what I saw, Meisels didn’t ‘seek out’ girls to hit on, girls knew that he was a smart man who would help them out, so they went to him. Once the girls went to him, thats probably when the trouble started.
    Again, this is just my opinion.

  24. To Tov, Tova, vehaTovim beyoter,

    Many many thanks to all the Heroes and unsung Heroines, Queen Esthers’ , to the Yehudis’ , to the Chana veshivah boneho shemosru nafshom al Kidush Hashem, to the Seals that testified behind the scenes and sealed their mouths harotzot beilum shem, to the few and the brave, the best of the best, veachron achron choviv The Beis Din “Hagadol” of Chicago in taking them all to task and not sweeping it under the rug. Thanks again for the chavrei habeDat’z al asher shamaatem es tzaakas achosenu, urisem es tzoras nafshom behischnenom eleichem, and decreed ki nevoloh osoh beYisrael, vechen lo yeoseh! This is the classic example of “Lo soguru mipnei ish”! Let it be known that Shimon veLevi Achim and do as our Big Brothers are supposed to do, and do what they need to do, when we need it most, as kilonu bnei ish echod anochnu!

    Dear Sisters and Brothers, you are like the Mothers that saved their children from the spraying bullets of the Y’S’V’ by covering them with their own bodies, ukeNesher yoir al kino, veal gozolv yerachef when they needed it most. We shall never forget your sacrifice, the sleepless nights, the nightmares and distress you went through just to save our Dinah’s. We do feel your pain!

    Veani Tfilo, may Hashem always and forever hold his “Rechte Hant”, above you and protect you mikol tzaar vetzuko, veyosir mehem kol machlo, veyirpo es kol gufom, ruchom venafshom, velo yosif ledaavo od. Amen Selo!

    Wishing you all a lechtigen SHABBOS, shivosayim keor haBoker.

  25. Just signed the petition. Sorry I didn’t have time before Shabbos.

    I’m really hoping my new book — Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities — will do something to empower the truth-tellers among us. Unfortunately, the patterns of denial are depressingly predictable. But once exposed, they collapse. That’s one important reason I wrote the book, in which I attempted to closely analyze the cover-ups, not only exposing the culprits but examining the strategies by which much of the “leadership” protects the guilty:

    And there’s another reason I wrote it. I know that the liars can be stopped. Only our fear of them allows them to dominate. After all, Judaism and Jewish institutions belong to all of us — not just to the rabbinate. As for the hypocrites who make a travesty of halachah to protect criminals, what are they to us?

    What we need is an end to fear, and to apathy — which is really another form of fear. If we refuse to kowtow to “authorities” who prey on us in the name of religion, we can reclaim the religion, elevating its values over the cynical self-protection of institutions.

    For those shedding crocodile tears over the poor exposed conspirators and their poor neglected families — I challenge you to read the book and see how like the company you keep. Or, if you don’t have the honesty to do that much, how about taking your complaints to my door and seeing what happens?

    • Completely incredible that there are those who are more concerned for the “guiltless” families of the perpetrators, than for the victims (and by “stigma spread” for the siblings/cousins of the abused, all indelibly tainted by being related to a victim of one of our “chachamim gedolim”.
      It defies all logic, all morality.
      Yes, the families of perps will suffer, if they, the perps, are ever brought to justice, but those narcissists, e.g. Meisels never gave a rats behind for anything but their own insatiable lust. Chaval on the families of these abusers/rapist/pedophiles. chaval aleihem. So maybe the community will have a pidyon shvuyim to parness et ha mishpacha, NOT NOT to free the minuval. He should spend 103 years in gehennom, oops, in prison. Everyone should read the Lesher book. (it’s the only game in town), but seriously, a very very well researched readable presentation of the scourge in the orthodox communities. And just when we think, that perhaps the tide has turned, sentiment-wise and legal-wise, we have a setback. e.g. the Leibovits case, a veritable shonda. how very depressing, on the heals of Weberman, we would have had a double header. Finally. But alas…….

  26. Mr. Lopin, I’m glad you posted pictures of the school principals! It is important to see who they are. These people said our daughters were liers and protected meisels. They came up with many excuses – i.e. “The girls are over 18” and “I can’t talk about it – we tell the girls to be careful.” Shameful!! Hugely dissapointed in these so-called bais yaakov ladies who act like they are so frum and so special and who made me feel inadequate because I am a BT. They have created a huge chillul Hashem and have no doubt caused many girls to do off derech. I’m grateful my daughter was strong enough to hold on to her yiddishkeit despite her huge dissapointment in learning that meisels was not the great person he proported to be – but rather a manipulative sexual predictor. we will never look at the bais yaakov world the same way. Shavua Tov! May all Jews of all backgrounds stand together to banish abuse of our girls and boys and change the disgraceful culture of coverup!

    • To my Dearest Brothers and Sisters bechol makom shehem Shlomchon Yasgei,

      We appeal to each and every one of you. It is an eis tsoro leBnos Yisroel uleBas Yaakov! Vechol asher yirat Hashem nogea lilvovoi has a chov kodosh to give ALL the support in the world you possibly can to alleviate their pain. Not only have they been confronted with waves of stom piyot, but also heavily bombarded with Oinoas dvorim shel bou mayim ad nofesh, vecherev pifiyos befihem, inflicted with verbal threats, los”hr and motzi shem ra and what not, al lo ovel bekapom, vechen lo yeoseh. Mibachutz teshakel cherev ubechadorim eimo rachmono litzlan. We must raise our voices, that not the Internet is the problem, but the Abusers, the Enablers and the Shush-ers are the problem. This is a Kol Kore of “MI LASHEM ELAY” to all , to raise your voice and be counted, “vayifkedem biTloim”. It has worked in the past in the UK, and during the missile crisis in WB, it will work now just as well! Virusholayim titen koilo vayechrad kol hair, umiYerushalayim lehar Tuviye, umihar Tuviye leTurei Amnon, Umeturei Amnon leAspamye, umeAspamye to the UK, from the UK to AUS, fom AUS to the US, ad shenireh kol hagolah kimduras EISH. Vayaani kol hoam yachdov, bepeh achad, blev echad ukeish echad, gevald gevald al ma velomo ovdoh ho’oretz, ad mosay vead mosay???

      The time is now, the place is here, or forever hold your peace. Lemaan achai vereai lo echshe, ulemaan achayosai lo eshkot. Veim hachresh tachrishi laes hazos, mi yodea ma yulad yom uleon nagia. When you hurt my sisters, the whole klall Yisrael feels the pain, Ushchino kaviyochol shruyo betzaar. Im ein ani li mi li, veim lo achshav, eimosay? Al ken my friends, nafshi bishelosi veami bevakoshosi, count me in and Please
      Your influence counts. Use it!!!

      BTW to whom it may concern
      I do not think you should group Hindy U together with B.Y. ladies, she is NOT from that school and “School”, tartei mashma. I do not believe she will ever sell her soul to the devil. An Iron lady, much too brilliant in doing such, dedicated to chinuch bonos bederech ruach Yisroel sovo. If i’m correct and firmly believe so, kindly remove her picture. Uvikholom al techad es kvodah. TY

      • I agree with most of what you say. You are right that Hindy Ullman is not from a Yeshivish/Bais Yaakov background but from the Hungarian Hasidic world. Her father is the famous toen (representive/lawyer in beit din proceedings), Shmuel Fried. Mrs. Ullman absolutely failed to protect students and refused to respond to direct reports of sexual assaults. My inclusion of her picture was extremely deliberate. It would have been up sooner but I first got her picture in the last few days.

        • I also had a difficult time believing the extent of the accusations made against another one of the enablers, because she is a distant relative of mine and I thought she was a good person. The point that I see repeated over and over, is that just because these abusers and enablers have done wonderful things in other areas of their lives, that does not carry over to this particular issue. As confusing as this is, they can be otherwise good people who are nevertheless guilty as sin. And, if they really were good people at heart (please don’t yell at me for saying that) it’s not too late for them to resign from their positions, apologize to all victims, and do everything in their power to make amends, if possible, by paying for the girl’s therapy. It goes without saying that they need to leave the chinuch field.

        • I have gotten a few extra names for the petition. both rabbis, signed no as rabbis. no purposefully. it is depressing, that, evidently only those with a horse in the race, or who folow the blogs, daily (hineh ani!!) are inclined to sign. and, as for me, i have very very few others lvakesh mehem. exactly 3, and all three signed. Where oh where are the others. I am not, afilu ortho, well by proxy, but not why so few signatures

          Well if some of the victims were to be able to la’asof et ha’koach hanafshi, and bring a suit, then, the number of signatures would not count for a hill of beans. I have no relationship with this god of the Jews, but i have been arguing with him daily re this inyan. Halevai Halevai, that those injured would draw strength in numbers, and step up to the plate, and sue the menuval M. Preferably a criminal law suit, (I am a hawk) but any suit against him) would be, dai v’ maspik, as long as he is left penniless, and locked up for 103 years. oy, again, that sounds like a criminal lawsuit. I surmise, that both are necessary. But, who am i to judge. will the lawyers, Kevin et al, step forward, and give their opinions on options???? I am not at all informed or cognizant of the various possibilities..

  27. Deleted by blogmaster. Repeats information which the author has already acknowledged is in part, false and slanderous.

    • I am highly disappointed in the relative lack of response to your petition. There is just a limit that i can get. (me, plus two). Sad, very.

      May Hashem bless you and watch over you, and avenge the soul murder of so many b’not Yisrael.. In the interim, I hope and pray, constantly, that some of he sem “ladies” will gain the koach nafshi, to do, what they need to do, they truly need to do. This is not voluntary. This is to help prevent future situations of this nature. I beg, beg the young ladies to forget the absurd shidduch excuse and to come out of the abuse closet and go for righteousness vs the abominable behavior of M. Please god, help these young ladies understand the long term ramifications of their actions. or, lack of action. THAT IS THE POINT.
      al, is the only one to come out publicly, but you, the originators of the complaint to CBD, please please, overcome this insane shidduch worry, and nail the f’er. NOW is the time. Now, if he ever abuses one more bat Yisrael, you, victims, miskenot, yes, yes, but if you do NOTHING, then you too are culpable, i hate to write that. it goes against every grain in my mind. but someone, some many need to stand up, stand up STRONGLY, AND SAY, THIS IS WRONG, AND IF THERE IS A GOD OF THE JEWS. HE WILL JUDGE YOU KINDLY. and fears of shidduchim harusim should be the least of it. Righteousness, once, you did the right thing, went up to the CBD, HOW VERY VERY BRAVE, CAN YOU TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER. TO PREVENT M. FROM EVER EVER TOUCHING ANOTHER FEMALE. CAN YOU DO IT? I KNOW, EASY TO PREACH. AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THIS SITUATION. HALEVAI THAT I HAD BEEN…….

  28. Sent the petition to several people I know today, and will be circulating it to others as well.

    If I haven’t made this clear before, let me write now that She is to be highly praised and strongly supported — not only for what she’s doing but for the example she sets. Because if enough of us refuse to play our assigned roles in the conspiracy of silence, the enablers and concealers will be out of business.

    That’s what they’re most afraid of. Which is why they go to such lengths to try to intimidate the first woman who stands up.

    Don’t let her be the last.

  29. There is some confusion in a number of comments, so I offer this clarification:

    According to publicly available information, the alleged abuse at the Meisels seminaries was multi-leveled:
    1. Flirting and innuendo with girls in public
    2. Down-selecting girls for privileged attention
    3. One on one meetings on site with selected girls, including at irregular late night hours
    4. One on one excursions off site, including at irregular hours and at secluded locations
    5. Private, sexually charged talk
    6. Physical contact
    7. Sexual contact
    8. Rape and/or sexual assault.

    According to the laws in Israel, even flirting and sexual innuendo by a senior member of staff with a student can be itself sexual harassment, a crime in Israel.

    Sexual contact between a rabbi, principal etc in a position of responsibility, with their charge, such as a student, is assumed to be non-consensual, due to the inequality of status, even if the student did not actively resist.

    Halachikly, of course, items 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 are all assur. This is even more inappropriate for a rabbi or spiritual leader, who would/should normally be dismissed from their position for infringing these halachot.

    Many of the girls and most of the staff at the seminaries were aware of this abusive behavior AT SOME LEVEL.

    The students were powerless.

    The staff, who knew of this abusive behavior, at any level, but did not take effective steps to protect the girls, were complicit.

    The staff and the seminary itself can be liable for damages under civil law in Israel, for failure to protect the students from harm.

    In the case that students were minors (under 18), then the offenses would be even more severe under Israel’s child protection laws, and the complicity of staff may itself be criminal under the mandatory reporting laws in Israel. In Israel, mandatory reporting is universal, requiring any adult who has a reasonable suspicion that child abuse is or has taken place, by someone in position of responsibility over the child, to immediately report this to the police and/or social services. Failure to report carries a 3-6 month prison sentence, although this has rarely been enforced.

    I hope this clarifies the issues of the alleged offenses by Meisels and by the staff.

    • Thank you for the very comprehensive summary. It’s important that puerile bit lose sight of what allegedly happened, and how. I would add that respected independent rabbonim issued uncharacteristically direct statements corroborating the worst allegations.

      Would you explain the term down-selecting?

      • Hi Shmilda – I’m pleased you found the summary helpful.

        Down-selecting – as a part of a grooming process, a perpetrator in a position of authority would go about reducing a large group of students, to a smaller number of potential victims. As a generality, down-selecting to a small number of ‘favorite’ girls, can be systematic through flattering behavior, sharing privileged or ‘secret’ information, mutual boundary-breaking, separation from other support networks, such as parents, friends, etc and other manipulations.
        Down-selecting is the process which eventually leads to the objective of isolating an individual, often vulnerable, student and persuading her that she is his VERY favorite and generating emotional dependence, affection, fear and loyalty.

        • DLM, thank you for your description of
          “down-selecting” term i have never heard. be that as it may, please humor me. The rumors at the sems were rampant. rampant. How did M manage to convince each and every victim that she was unique and a favorite. Would they not just see him as predator. NO NO, not even, did none of them, consider, due to rumors, rampant, that she was just one of a long list, therefore, perhaps, not so particularly desirable to him, per all of the grooming, but nevertheless, with full knowledge of all of the rumors re others.
          Did these thoughts never occur to these students? In a closed society, there is more information , or more rumors. These were sem girls, ostensibly never dated, no contact with males??????

          In the “outside” world, none of them would have known anything re others…..
          Not sure that I have phrased this question clearly. If not clear, please make note, and i will try again. This is an impt. question for me. and no, i have no horse in this race, thank god, although i am, as it were, committed to the more diverse discussion….call me obsessed if you will….

  30. Hi Chashdan – as I understand it, you are asking “How could Meisels have successfully persuaded each of his victims that they were uniquely extra special to him, when they knew from the rumour mill that they were in fact only one of several such ‘extra special’ girls?”.

    I am not a criminologist, with a thorough understanding of how the perp/victim grooming process works in such an environment.

    A perp would need to get the victim into a state of dissonance – on the one hand I (the victim) know that he’s a rabbi and shouldn’t be doing this, not to me and not to other girls; on the other hand, when he flatters me in so many ways it makes me feel special, chosen, unique, confused or simply trapped.

    Down-selecting – I have seen the term “recruiting” used to describing the selection by a perpetrator of one or several victims out of many. To me, the term recruiting sounds like a positive thing. So I came up with the term down-selecting, which I think is more neutral.

  31. From what I understand, words are very powerful, they can anesthesize a person to a point of insobriety. We find that when sung at weddings “kalah naeh vechasidah”, even when it’s obvious that the eyes of the beholders do not so behold, nevertheless she enjoys it to the last drop. There is also the concept of “vechi yefateh ish”, that there is a presence of vulnerability at all times. These happenings have ocurred in the near past and present by people in position of authority taking advantage of the innocent/naive by insinuating as if all is kosher veyoshor, and once the victim realizes that they crossed all boundries only to be had, the next move is blackmailing them into omerta. This MO happened in the UK where the gold is greener, Willy caught up in the WEB, and seemingly now in the milky way in IL, etc. etc. Without prying into their privacy of each and every case, how, when, where, or why, THEY direly need our help, as well as US all need their help in order to eradicate such from the face of the earth. These Enablers have a powerful lobby, consisting of Ra Bonim, recruits of goon squads amongst many, e.g. volunteers aka “SHOMER OCHI ANOCHI”- not their real name, lurking in the wings at moments notice, and in concert try to character assasinate such victims, hushing them up, terrorize, in order to make it go away. The Talmud calls this “MECHAPEH”! The only weapon that can defeat these malachei chabolo, is to give all our support WE can muster, and air it out in the sun to disinfect bifnei kahal v’eido, then we see how good of shiduchim THEY can do. Give them a taste of their own medicine! Spreading the word keeps away students not to register, thereby, closing shop and soon enough all other schools will be on notice following suit. Like the lions isolate their pray before they pounce upon, before you know it, the victim has been re victimized, threatened, on it’s way for total destruction loy olenu veloy aleichem. However, when enough of these preyed upon band together and gang up against the predator, they turn tail and disappear from whence they came. The same happened when the people stood up and have spoken in UK, Willy 103 etc. Therefore, when “We the people” speak, they listen. Umalach ra baal korchoch yaane omen! Please remember, it is in your hands to defeat these Predators once and for all, the Enablers, Concealers, Assasins, Schirei Cherev, Bnei bliyaal, Kol Tzri, veKol Zov.

    Lo saamod al dam reacho! Trom Dam, veTen Chayim! Live, and let live! VaHashem itchem!!!

  32. I feel for you, but putting out this petition will not UNDO what has been done to you and many. You need to move forward and make a new life for yourself, Meisels has been exposed and his downfall is done…dont go down with him by going ‘back’ ….

    • Sorry Ruthy, but I’m unsure about what you are referring to…don’t go down with him by going back? Make a new life for myself? I think you might be misunderstanding all the reasons why I started the petition.

    • Ruthy, while my life goes on (and very much), this scandal with the seminaries is far from over and many who were effected will NOT be able to move on until certain things are done and changed. I know your comment was well-meaning, but please understand this.

  33. Hard for anyone of the general public to really get to the bottom of this— all I can say is that we took our daughter out of chedvas and she is in a warm and caring seminary and having an inspiring year. We are grateful. thank you.

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