Satmar Children Pray for Fraudsters

satmar school message to pray for arrested fraudsters rubin et al 11-13-14Fourteen members of Satmar were arrested yesterday (11/13/14) on federal charges of mortgage fraud and related crimes (click here for text of indictment). Some of them were simultaneously claiming poverty to get welfare benefits and using other identities to claim high incomes to get mortgages. Most of those arrested were from the Rubin family including Abraham Rubin who served time for trying to bribe witnesses against Nechemya Weberman who was awaiting trial on child sex abuse charges.

Quicker than you can say arrested, Satmar anointed them good people worthy of divine intercession. The children of the Satmar school system were roped into supporting them with a flyer urging them all to pray that the judge freed them. The text read:

All students of our schools are asked to pray together today for the following names of supporters of our holy institutions and ask that the Holy Creator should help {list of the 8 male defendants but not the 6 females} that they find favor with the judge and get freed today from their problems (tzoris). Amen.

Naturally, Satmar won’t depend on prayer alone. They will doubtlessly raise the bail money and the defendants, male and female, will be sprung. The kids will be told their prayers did the trick.

Abraham Rubin

Abraham Rubin

There is no stigma in Satmar for stealing from gentiles or the government. All that matters is that the defendant is part of their community. Their defenders such as Yossi Gestetner, will prattle on about the presumption of innocence. But Satmar also has their kids pray for better sentencing outcomes of convicted fraudsters and rapists.

Back in March, 2014, Abraham Rubin was given quite a party after he finished serving his two and half month detention for attempting to bribe a witness against Satmar child rapist, Nechemya Weberman. At the celebration the son of the Satmar Rebbe (Aaron Teitelbaum), praised Rubin and said he would be happy to exchange places with Rubin in the world to come. It would be nice if this Rubin defender also got serve jail time with Rubin. But instead, he, his father, and others accept the charity of these criminals and arrange prayers on their behalf.

The Rebbe and his henchmen also court politicians and law enforcement with election endorsements and campaign contributions. They have been moderately successful with the Brooklyn District Attorney who seems to have trouble noticing witness intimidation. Alas for the Rubin clan, this time they are in the clutches of the feds and are probably looking at some hefty jail sentences. But don’t worry, they will have thousands of kids praying for them and they will get parties when they finally get out.


One thought on “Satmar Children Pray for Fraudsters

  1. I hope that not only do they get hefty jail sentences but also hefty monetery punishment,taking their money away is the best punishment for them since money is their g-d.

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