Rubin May Go Back To Jail for Violating Probation

Abraham Rubin

Abraham Rubin

Abraham Rubin who was arrested on Thursday (11/13/14) for mortgage fraud was also serving a five-year probation sentence for offering a half million dollar bribe to witnesses against child rapist Nechemya Weberman. His probation started when he was released in March, 2014 and runs until March, 2019.

Getting arrested for another crime is a probation violation and it can land him back in jail. The presumption of innocence pending disposition of his mortgage fraud charges has no bearing on whether he violated his bribery probation. Depending on the sentencing order, the decision is either in the hands of the sentencing judge, the Honorable Danny Chun, or the NYS Probation Board. Either way, he can expect a Violation of Probation (VOP) hearing sometime in the next few weeks. He is gehackte fleish (dead meat) if his probation is under the control of his sentencing Judge. The Honorable Danny Chun is fair but super tough and he already treated him leniently at sentencing, giving him only 10 weeks (after time off) for four felonies and one misdemeanor.

Before being sentenced, Rubin said, “I’ve made a terrible mistake, I feel very sorry and, trust me; I’ll never do anything against the law again.” Oops! He is going to have to eat those words.

Text reads in part: "Our rabbi, the benefactor Abraham Hacohen Rubin, may he live long. Praise to one who was incarcerated to redeem [other] prisoners. Blessed is he who sanctifies G-d's name in public."

Text reads in part: “Our rabbi, the benefactor Abraham Hacohen Rubin, may he live long. Praise to one who was incarcerated to redeem [other] prisoners. Blessed is he who sanctifies G-d’s name in public.”

At his probation hearing he may be confronted with his participation in events in Williamsburg after his release celebrating him as a hero for his attempt to protect a molester by offering him a bribe. These celebrations also reported in the 5 Towns Jewish TimesFailed Messiah, and Rabbi Rabbi Nuchem Rosenbergs’s Hotline blog. One large event included signage celebrating Rubin as a holy man on a sacred mission to keep a Jew out of jail. Double oops!

But fear not defenders of Rubin, the guardians of Satmar’s criminals neither rest nor slumber. They will get all their children and adults to pray for leniency. They will also pay for excellent legal representation and will exert whatever influence they can on the system. After all, Rubin is a righteous man who put himself on the line to keep Satmar’s child rapist out of jail. He is also a prominent charity donor in Satmar. The fraud will be dismissed as a “victimless crime” since it came from gentiles, the government, and secular corporate entities. His charity will reiterated to nullify the indictment without any admission that he was probably donating stolen money. The US Attorney’s ability to indict is no match for Satmar’s ability to rationalize.

Abraham Rubin Release Celebration banquetAs surely as the sun rises in the east and parking is hell on the upper west side, when Rubin lands back in jail, Satmar will go on a tirade about injustice and anti-Hasidic bias. Buckle your seat belts. A drama is about to unfold in the state and federal chambers of justice juxtaposing legal processes with hysterical paranoia and sanctimonious denial.

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3 thoughts on “Rubin May Go Back To Jail for Violating Probation

  1. The date of the crimes alleged in the new indictment predate Rubin’s being placed on probation (even though it was issued afterwards), so it won’t have a bearing on his probation.

    • Wishful thinking. I have consulted with a criminal law expert. The date of the crime is not relevant. It is the fact of the arrest. Moreover, since he was still holding the stolen properties he was perpetuating the crime though the definable acts generating this situation occurred in 2006 and 2010.

      There are two more things that will work against him that I did not mention in the article. Preponderance of evidence is the criterion used in determination of a probation violation (not proof beyond a reasonable doubt). Violation of Parole hearings usually accept this sort of federal indictment as sufficient proof.

      Rubin’s credibility in advancing claims is severely compromised by the nature of his previous conviction, offering a bribe to a witness. That sort of attempt to corrupt court processes leads judges and parole boards to distrust the witness’s respect for his oath/affirmation.

      I predict he will end up behind bars within a few weeks, perhaps even by the end of this coming week.

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