An Open Letter to Rabbi Kahane, Mrs. Hindy Ullman, and Mrs. Rina Lorch about Mr. Elimelech Meisels

On November 5, 2014, Adina Cohen, a madrichah (dormitory counselor) in your seminaries sent out the following email attacking the victims of Meisels and behaving as if he did nothing wrong. The email was sent out to about 70 alumni of Chedvas Bais Yaakov and several staff of the seminaries including administrators, Mrs. Hindy Ullman and Mrs. Rina Lorch, and

Mrs. Johanna Corcos (Chedvas madrichah)
Mrs. Ashira Krakowski (teacher in Pninim and Keser Chaya)
Mrs. Shayna Kruger (former madricha in Chedvas)
Rabbi Z. Rudman (teacher in Chedvas).

Adina Cohen wrote:

Hello to all students of Rabbi Meisesls. A few of us got together and were disgusted at what people are saying about the incredible Meisels family. How come a few psycho girls could raise their voices and cause such an uproar? And why are they’re voices so influential. A few people try talk back to them and put them in place in a nice tone of voice, but than they get trampled on by a team of psychos.

I would like to take the same power of speech and utilize it to show the Meisels how many people really do care about them and would love show their support to them. I know there are a lot of people who wish they can show their support but just don’t know how.

So I’m not very creative but i had some sort of idea. And i would be more than happy to hear any additions to the idea. But the general idea is to get across to the Meisels how many of their students really care. I was thinking maybe everyone could right them a personal letter, thanking them for all they have done for each one of us and whatever else you would like to add, than we will condense it into a book and we can make it look really nice and fancy.

The more letters we have the more impact it will have. I don’t know how to get this across everyone one if the supportive alumni, so if each one of you could send this to your friends who’d appreciate this idea and would like to participate that would be amazing. I know you guys don’t owe me anything, but I think I speak for everyone who’s went to anyone of the Meisels seminaries, that they each feel/owe them an element of hakaras hatov, so here is your chance to demonstrate it.

If you could each send me back your personal letter to my email directly they would be great. I don’t want this floating around the retarded blogs. I want to keep this with in a confined select group of people, so please just email me back directly and not on a group setting

Thank you so much.

Rabbi Kahane, Mrs Ullman and Mrs. Lorch,

Do you feel that victims of abuse and witnesses to enabling should be characterized as “psychos?”

Are you worried that this will lead other students to trust Mr. Meisels and this will leave them vulnerable to rape or seduction?

Do you consider this letter an example of the midos you try to inculcate in your students?

I can understand sympathy for a woman shattered by the public humiliation of her husband but the proposed chizuk is also premised on the assumption that Mr. Meisels is being unfairly criticized. Do you agree with the premise of the proposed letter?

Most important, do you believe you can clean up the culture of the seminaries without repudiating Meisels as fit to be called and treated as a rabbi?


73 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Rabbi Kahane, Mrs. Hindy Ullman, and Mrs. Rina Lorch about Mr. Elimelech Meisels

  1. To the faculty: it is clear cut that you have not stopped girls from contacting him. You refuse to “put some sense” into ur brainwashed students. You out them at risk for being victims. Stand up and grow some COURAGE AND MORALITY. I have heard thru a reliable source that all the teachers kept to the title “Rabbi Meisles” during Bais Din.

    How are these teachers not fired? This is an outrage. I don’t know any other staff who would act as shameful as this.

  2. Adina Cohen – I don’t think your English writing skills could pass the third grade. What an indictment of your english education (besides your seminary education). Let’s examine sentence number four. I quote your sentence below.
    “And why are they’re voices so influential.”
    1. Sentences do not begin with “and”.
    2. you used “they’re” instead of their
    3. incorrect punctuation. At the end of a question, one uses a question mark – where is the question mark?

    • Actually, Harvard Grad, according to the current style guides (Garner, Chicago, and others) there is nothing wrong with starting as sentence with a conjunction.

      • I am just wondering if you think this madrichah is a competent English writer. If not, who cares if case can be made for starting a sentence with a conjunction in some specific situations. You are missing the forest for the trees.

    • Her English writing competency and skills are irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Sure, they are glaringly bad, but she could be a great madrichah and a decent role model for the girls even if she can’t write to save her life. The problem is not that she missed English grammar and writing skills 101, the problem is her willful ignorance and denial of Elimelech Meisels’ horrific guilt, her support of him, and most problematic, her rallying cry to get many others involved in supporting him and in denying his guilt.

      As a current madrichah in the Seminaries, or even as a past madrichah who represents the schools and who still holds influence with the girls, this is absolutely inacceptable.

      “The Meisels” – who she is supporting – indicates husband and wife. There is nothing wrong with supporting the wife of someone who is dealing with tremendous challenges after her husband has been found guilty of horrible crimes and abuses against others. But Adina’s rallying cry of supporting “The Meisels” makes it clear that it is Eli Meisels, together with his wife, who she is supporting.

      • Seriously, there is def a problem wih supporting a wife who willfully is calling up girls and telling them that “someone wanted to buy the seminaries and paid off two girls.” She told an ex-friend of mine that, who totally believes her.

        • Absolutely! If the wife is not just an innocent victim, but is participating in revictimizing the victims by defaming them, in that case there is definitely a problem with supporting the wife!

    • First of all, sentences do begin with the word “and”, only seldom do they, for to begin a sentence with a conjunction can express a point. Secondly, I fail to see how correcting her grammar bears any significance on the points she’s making, of which you apparently cannot understand. I say that since you argue like a child and have to point out irrelevant flaws to knock down the other person. Is your daddy also stronger then hers? I do not have a say in this matter, only to express that your insecurities and inability to debate properly for Emes is appalling to the point that it is comedic. Oh, and if you want to write properly and not casually, for that seems to be what you are aiming for, you should write “do not”, not “don’t” (examining sentence number one). AND if you need a link for what seldom means, I could send one if your vernacular is a need of assistance.

    • Harvard Grad, you just really made my day. I have this feeling of relief for knowing that someone actually has a brain

  3. You’re joking, right? You think the daughter of a man who has done more singlehandedly to destroy any credibility left in the bais din system cares a ki hu zeh about who she hurts and who she protects???

    She is probably as perverse and self serving as her despicable father.

  4. I was pretty gentle to Adina Cohen. The blog Rare View Dus Iz Nies was harsher. They wrote:

    It seems like, the schnook, Adina Cohen, is continuing the cover up of Mr. Meisels, an admitted abuser of innocent students of his seminaries.
    I don’t know much about this Adina Cohen. I don’t know if she is married, I don’t know if she has a daughter, I also don’t know her IQ!
    But what I do know is that she is a dangerous enabler, and that nothing good will ever come out of her “idea” to write a book about the “greatness” of Mr. Meisels! This absurd “idea” of the naive and gullible Adina, can only make the victims angrier.
    I wonder if the enabler Adina, had a daughter, if she would leave her with Meisels for a couple of hours. My guess after reading her crazy email is a resounding: YES!
    I’ts people like her that make parents question the safety of their children in Seminaries in Israel …. not only do they fear the Directors of these Seminaries but now they have to fear the sanity of the Madrichos.

  5. Adina Cohen, You are seriously living in a dream world. You should be fired immediately from your position. I would be horrified if you were my daughter’s madricha in seminary this year. You seriously need to take some psychology courses and get some sex abuse training, because you are clearly not qualified to be a madricha anywhere. How terrible that you emailed brave alums of the seminaries – some of which included Meisels victims, and verbally attacked them and their families – disgusting. You should be supporting the victims and asking for mechila. I am waiting for you to send out an email asking for mechila. I am very hurt and upset by what you did. I am waiting for mechila from you and the other staff members! More proof that the madrichos and staff were complicit and/or beyond stupid!! And they hide behind the “bais yaakov” brand – disgusting.

  6. Oh my goodness – I cannot believe the seminaries are currently employing Adina Cohen – who is openly and publicly making excuses for Meisels the admitted sex abuser. The evidence is overwhelming. How can any parent feel safe with their girls in these schools! Adina Cohen should be fired immediately and the entire female staff should be replaced. This is very disturbing news. No one at these schools should be defending Meisels – the schools should be shut down immediately if it’s true that all these women/staff/ teachers are still defending Meisels the sex abuser.

  7. Well, I guess the “few psychos” include the THIRTY girls who testified to the CBD as well as the two who have brought charges of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

    But there’s a much, much more serious question here: why is this madricha so concerned about the EX-OWNER of the seminaries. Many people have speculated that he still wields considerable influence there, and this is glaring proof.

    What of the IBD/Eidensohn claim that Meisels is totally out? Seems from this letter that Meisels still has a very important role in these seminaries.

  8. This letter did not emanate from an institution where everything is “OK” because all the serious problems are being addressed.

  9. Thinking people should realize that Seminaries in Israel are unsafe. Look how this rapist/predator was treated. Look at the environment where he thrived for years. Many knew. No one did anything. HaShem yeraichaim – girls – stay home and go to local seminaries. You will all get married.

    • I agree that stating home is safer, but staying home and going to a local sem could also be unsafe. For example, Weinberger worked at Aviva Feiner’s sem. Unfortunately, all girls will not get married , abused or not. That is the reality. The question is if we should forfeit any vestige of morality and righteousness for the purpose of increasing our daughters’ chances of marriage. I badly want my daughters to get married, but I ask myself, what is the purpose of it all if you have to sacrifice your soul for it? What kind of grandchildren can I expect to have in a world that is blatantly indifferent to sex abuse?

  10. One day Meisels is going to hit on one of these girls who still adores him and thinks he is a tzaddik, a wonderful holy rav because who helped some girls get closer to yiddishkeit, etc. Having quite suddenly run out of a steady, never ending supply of girls to fill his extramarital sexual desires, Meisels is going to seduce one of his “supportive” naïve girls who are in a second year Sem, or who are visiting Israel, or when he visits the USA. He is going to get one of those girls into his van to talk, or ask her to accompany him while he does his big mitzvah of giving people rides, and he is going to sexually assault, abuse, manipulate her.

    That girl could be the “Adina” who wrote the above email, or any one of the many girls who are “supportive” of Meisels, and with whom Adina is clearly in touch; girls who are just as brainwashed and/or just as naïve and/or just as stupid as Adina is when it comes to Meisels’ guilt.

    When this girl will be sexually assaulted, abused or taken advantage of by Meisels, it will change her life in a way that she never imagined was possible, and not for the better.

    If you become that girl, remember that you read this here. And remember, please, that there are people who are working tirelessly to prevent this from having happened to you, and from happening to anyone else in the future. But they are met with mountains of political opposition from powerful rabbinic leaders who use Torah as a means towards power and control and from powerful rabbinic leaders who put money and institutional solvency above the lives of individuals. Remember that you were once part of the problem, swept away in a wave of disbelief and naiveté, telling people that it can’t possibly be true. And remember that you can now chose to be part of the solution to this problem, by speaking up and speaking out.

    A serial sexual predator does not all of a sudden stop. Unfortunately, Meisels will find a way to go at it again. In the past his opportunities abounded. Now he will have to work harder at his trade. But he will not stop. Serial sexual abusers and predators never do. Look for his name in the future, possibly in kiruv, maybe working with kids/teens at risk, or in female adult geirus like the mikvah filmmaker Barry Freundel.

    After all, a “tzaddik” such as Meisels cannot be prevented from using his great talents for the klal, can he? /End sarcasm.

    • Seriously?,
      Your comment is so on target that I feel anticipatory tears for the certain future victims of Meisels. I feel utter despair thinking of the evident impossibility of getting through cognitively to these brainwashed girls. Those who still support him, yet were knowledgeable regarding “Tati’s” behavior.
      I pray that one or more of past victims acquire the koach nafshi to bring criminal proceedings against him. Yes, it will be painful, but to do so would save quite possibly many future victims. I implore past victims to bite the bullet and put Meisels behind bars for many many years.

      And, as for the enabling staff, they are complicit in sexual abuse and in rape. I have no idea how a frum educator can have failed so miserably to protect the students. How do they sleep at night? Meisels is a serial sex offender, sociopath; he has no trouble sleeping , unless plotting re his next victim(s) keeps him awake at night.

  11. I would also like to point out that what Adina is doing has undertones of a personality cult. The worship of a human being, putting him on a pedestal, singing his praises, putting together books about how awesome and incredible he is, enumerating his many great deeds – these are things we do for a Gadol – and only after they are dead.

    • At this point he is not going to get an ArtScroll biography. Maybe he will self-publish “Call Me Eli.. and I Will Text You Selfies.” Other possible titles include: “Meisels: The Anthony Weiner of the Rabbinic Set” or “Meisels, Funnier Than Bill Cosby,”

      • yl. TWO YEARS TOO LATE.
        but you are hilarious,
        No one should send their underage daughters anywhere, where they are able to do anything that they want, and by that i mean above and beyond what the mother would herself do or have done at the same age,,
        Figure that one out,
        Maybe make it into a board game, NOT a BORED game,

        this meisels should have been taken care of years ago.

  12. Adina Cohen – if you are reading this – PLEASE call Rabbi Shmuel Feurst in Chigaco. As part of the Chicago Beis Din Rabbi Feurst heard first hand testimony from Eli Meisels about what your “Rabbi” Meisels admitted to doing to multiple girls. Rabbi Feurst will tell you details which you are denying exist. It is incumbent upon you hear the details of why an established Beis Din (of 3 highly respected rabbanim who have been working on cases of sexual abuse within the frum community for a number of years), found that Eli Meisels is guilty of sexually abusing girls and is unsafe, before you insist on publically supporting him, and on rallying others to support him. Eli Meisels admitted his guilt of horrible, sexually abusive actions to a Beis Din, which has found him guilty of such crimes based on extensive testimony from numerous others. This is a responsibility of yours both because you are attempting to gather OTHER people to support him, and because you are a figurehead for girls who are currently in seminary.

    • Seriously, unfortunately I must let u in on some more details…this girl called rabbi Cohen in the summer and heard straight from him the horrible things about Meisles. After he initial shock, she refused to believe it. She has zero excuses.

      • Unfortunately, there will be people who deny even irrefutable evidence. For example, right now, some are saying that the New York Jewish Week article posted here is unreliable, and that the reporter was sloppy, and that the reporter is simply lying about the 30 girls that came forward. To them, nobody is reliable. Not what anybody says except for the voices in their heads. Doesn’t matter what the CBD says, and it doesn’t matter that Meisels is gone. He was still innocent, or maybe just guilty of a hug on one girl. People can convince themselves of anything when they want to.

        • Lol trust me, the only ones saying that are the Eidensohn misogynists, Honesty, David, and Kishkeyum on his blog (who are all either teachers or their family/Meisles family/). Obviously there are more, but anyone who is claiming the Jewish Week did a sloppy job is from the Meisles camp and will give any excuse.

      • Well, in that case, I need to amend my request to her.

        Adina Cohen – if you are reading this – PLEASE go speak to a frum therapist. Please make sure they are licensed. Tell them that you spoke to a Rav in the Chicago bais din, that he told you details, that you don’t believe the Rav, that you still believe Meisels is innocent and are trying to get other people to support him while you are a madrichah in a Seminary.

        Adina, if you do not want to speak to a therapist for the sake of others, at least do so for your own sake. One day you will grow up, your mind will mature, you will have experienced or seen much of the ugliness of life, you will see that people are human and faulty and have the capacity to do terrible things, and you will realize that Meisels is guilty. At that point you will deeply regret what you are doing now. If you speak to a skilled therapist there is a chance you will refrain from doing more things like this, which you will come to deeply regret, and which can harm others in addition to yourself and your family.

  13. The bigger problem here is the Generic Adina Cohen. Uneducated, clueless, cult followers who are put in a position of responsibility at these seminaries. The generic Adinas will never believe anything about their holy leader – evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.
    There is a reason someone like Adina Cohens are chosen to be madrichos in a seminary like these fiascos of a school- because they are easily manipulated and influenced. For Bill Cosby Meisels it is perfect setup he can go on Midnight dates with young women and they can even complain about assault and they will Never Ever believe it.
    The only requirement for employment in these seminaries are following this mantra: “Dont confuse me me with facts – my mind is made up”.

    In the meantime, Bill Cosby Meisels sits in Kollel in Har Nof. Girls of the Nof – beware – there is a predator loose.

    • In case any readers aren’t familiar with the attitude of the charedi street on this subject, let me enlighten you. I was standing around waiting on line at PTA, and the subject of seminary in Israel came up. Naturally, I mentioned the Meisels scandal. The woman I was speaking to said, it’s not so poshut. I tried to make myself stay calm (unsuccessfully) and said, what’s not poshut about 30 girls giving statements to a Bais Din in Chicago that they were raped? So she gave me the cow eye stare, udderly indifferent to the plight of these girls (pun intended).

      • Bill Cosby Meisels learns every morning in Har Nof. Often, he can be seen having heated cell phone conversations disturbing others who are attempting to learn.
        To my knowledge, he does not have a chavrusa.

        • Nobody can learn with the type of guy who always feels that he’s smarter than anyone else. A guy like that makes the worst type of chavrusa. I once had a Rebbe who was giving out mussar on Purim and and guy with a similar personality type took his turn to face the Rebbe. He had problems the entire winter zman because nobody would learn with him. He started crying asking our Rebbe who he could learn with, who would be his ideal chavrusa. The Rebbe didn’t flinch and said “look in the mirror.” I hadn’t laughed that hard in quite some time.

          I’m sure Meisels is also that kind of guy.

          • His sex abuse is just one manifestation of his psychopathic personality. He is a perpetual hustler. In earlier years he got in trouble for financial hustles. Sorry, I am not free to reveal the details. I imagine he is too busy wangling deals to work very hard at learning. OTOH he may be faking it to rehabilitate his reputation. I hear he has a good head for learning but never worked very hard or diligently when he was a kollel guy.

  14. Re Har Nof, M could have been in that shul that fateful morning and been one of the 4 Kadoshim; but instead, we lost Rabbi Moshe Twersky and three others.
    Hashem is “unknowable”. Irony of ironies.

  15. I don’t think the uneducated nature of the email can be ignored. While not the issue at hand, it speaks to the way our girls are NOT being educated properly and we know that a lack of education puts you at a higher risk to be taken advantage of. It is obvious that this Adina Cohen lacks an education and as a result has not learned any sort of reasoning, she has been taught to idolize her rabbis, something that seems to be a prerequisite to attendance at a Bais Yakov type school.

    • I agree. This sort of sloppiness also reflects a lack of respect for an audience. I understand a few mistakes in a personal casual email. But this was an attempt to persuade 70+ people. Yet she cannot be bothered to proof and spell check.

    • Which is exactly why I pointed out her inability to string a few coherent sentences together. The content, syntax and grammar were embarrassing!

    • Yea. And I’d like to quote myself from when I announced my petition: “the only thing Meisles has taught me was how to create a cult of seminary girls…”

  16. It is sad to see how extremely crooked our generation has become. The fact that there are people that would appeal for others to support the disgusting, repulsive, and lowly excuse for a human being that is Elimelech Meisels is extremely disturbing. Especially the fact that the author of this letter is a girl, who was fortunate enough not to be in the situation of the victims. When I first read the letter that was posted above, I thought that Cohen was delusional at best and naive. After reading these comments, that view has changed dramatically.

    For one thing, calling the victims “a few psycho girls” is uninformed, and crude. If Meisels has been around for so long in such a capacity, it is obvious that there have been many many many more Jewish girls who have been exploited by his desires and scarred for life. If anything, these girls who stepped forward deserve the biggest kavod and a huge round of applause for doing what they did. They didn’t have to potentially expose themselves, cause a lot of anguish on themselves and whoever else knew about the situation, or spend the tremendous amount of time dealing and confronting this pain in a very detailed way. Their perseverance and will enabled them to reach out to these Rabbonim and protect multitudes of Jewish girls – keeping both their bodies pure from Meisels’ pursuits and their minds clear from his crooked hashkafos. What kind of person with an ounce of common sense would stand behind such a monster and criticize those who are doing the right thing?

    The events brought down in the article a couple of days ago deeply disturbed me. The fact that Meisels led these girls to trust him and then completely violated them physically and emotionally is beyond horrible. Unfortunately, the craziness of the story, and the fact that many almuna of his institutions could totally see this happening, makes the whole thing that much more believable. And if such prominent Rabbonim such as Rav Fuerst, Rav Zev Cohen and countless others believe their testimony, how can Adina Cohen have the audacity to call their judgement flawed? Who is she, some silly little girl, able to challenge the opinions of several prominent Rabbonim and roshei yeshiva, who are much more familiar with the ways of Halacha, the ways of the world, and (unfortunately) the shortcomings of others?

    If anything, Adina Cohen’s letter and her subsequent response shed much light on the moral depravity of Meisels’ schools. It is one thing for an ordinary girl from a seminary to write such a thing, but a madrichah? Is that the type of role model any parent would want for their impressionable daughter? Maybe thats how things work in Meisels’ convoluted and crooked existence, but that definitely does not reflect the values of the Torah Ha’Kedoshah. But then again, Meisels’ inappropriate and menuvaldik behavior doesn’t reflect that either, so I guess it makes sense for one of his young proteges to act in a similar way.

    • “If anything, these girls who stepped forward deserve the biggest kavod and a huge round of applause for doing what they did.”

      I couldn’t agree more!

  17. Here is an update to this letter for whoever is interested:

    I reviewed a phone call from an unknown number on my phone. I answered. It was Adina Cohen, the writer of this letter. She began harassing me on the phone, blaming me for giving Lopin the letter (I had not). I hung up on her. A minute later, I receive a ruthless text from her which included the words “you b!tch, you’re going to pay for this.”

    These are the types of ppl we are entrusting 18 yr old girls with. Including the insane Mrs. Ullman, who completely lost it during the Bais Din meeting, I heard from a source. Everyone think about this for a minute.

    • Sheri, this needs to be explained to everyone here- if the teachers need training with Debbie groos then so do the madrichot. Period. They are entrusted with the safety of girls slightly younger than themselves. I went to seminary with Adina. She herself called r Cohen over the summer and heard directly from him how terrible Meisles was. But she refused to believe it. Even after she cursed me out, I tried calming her down and had a very extensive and long conversation with her trying to calmly explain Meisles guilt (including the fact that soon there will be a document leaked signed by both IBD and CBD of his misconduct). She said even then she will refuse to believe it. Sheri, this person is downright dangerous to have on a staff in a seminary. Period.

      • I agree she’s dangerous and should be removed. I don’t agree that stupidity isn’t at least partially curable, in certain cases. As Seriously? has indicated, it’s possible that Adina will realize her mistakes in the distant future, and have terrible charatah. She doesn’t come off sounding too bright in her email, but she’s young and there’s still hope. As for the teachers and principals who enable Meisels, I have lost hope for them. I naively thought that at least soem, or one, of them might actually apologize to the abused students.

        • I strongly disagree with you. Even if Adina realizes what she’s done, it’s too late for that. She could have changed her ways months ago. Her regret means nothing to the victims and their families. She has absolutely no excuse. How do you deal with a girl who says she still needs to ask “daas Torah” even after a letter from both batei din will come out abt his guilt? Including hearing from r Cohen himself, plus having me explain to her things for about 2 hours. She goes as far as to call the victims “psychos”. I agree with Yerachmiel strongly on this. Sorry.

          • Please don’t apologize for disagreeing with me, that’s your right. Not trying to vindicate Adina in any way at all. She’s a Kool Aid drinker, no doubt about it. As a mother, though, I wouldn’t expect the madrichot to protect my daughter as much as I would expect the Em Bayit, teachers, and principal to do so.

          • Truthseeker, I disagree that Adina’s regret would mean nothing. I think it would mean something. Adina’s mind is trapped right now, as yours was when you first started commenting here on this blog, about how Meisels may have done something wrong, but the teachers and staff and school is amazing, and no matter what Meisels did, the school should remain in tact and the teachers are in no way at fault. It took some time, but eventually you realized that the problem was bigger than just one man, and that there were teachers and others who protected and enabled him to do what he did, and protected him.

            Right now, Adina’s mind is protecting her by tenaciously holding on to a lie. For some reason, her psyche cannot handle the truth. But that doesn’t mean her regret will be meaningless if she ever realizes that she made a mistake.

            But more importantly, Adina herself is not the concern. The concern is the culture of Meisels-worship amongst the staff of the Seminary. The is the problem. Adina is just one piece, a very small piece, of a much larger and dangerous picture.

            • Seriously, I’m trying to give over the number of times I tired to get Adina to “see the light”. U have rlly not experienced having 2 hrs of conversation trying to prove to her. She has emailed me not nice things even before this. I will not go into detail of the other things abt her and what she said about the victims and the terrible thins she has said abt me. It’s been 6 months since Meisles was exposed. I stay strong in my opinion that her regret would mean NOTHING.

            • Truthseeker, I understand that you feel strongly about this now. But please allow for the possibility that when you are a lot older, in 25 years from now, after a lot of life experiences, a lot of living, and a fair number of your own mistakes, you may feel differently and may grant a measure of compassion to someone who sincerely expresses regret for their errors.

        • Also, there are people I know who I consider to be marginally stupid, middle aged women, who at first disbelieved the Kolko (senior) scandal and this one as well. I found that I could penetrate that wall of disbelief by presenting the evidence frequently and arguing their excuses. Eventually, they forget that they ever disbelieved. Some people will never care, but for others, there is hope.

        • Madrichot in seminaries are like junior counselors at camps. They are children themselves and they are not the main adults in charge of the campers. In Seminaries, the Madrichot are very close in age to their charges – a year, two years, maybe three years older than the girls themselves. The adults in the room are the teachers and principals. That none of these adults were able to stand up for what was right, that none of them are now able to admit to what they did wrong and apologize, makes this all that much worse.

          Meisels may have chosen staff based on their loyalty, and Meisels himself may be a psychopath, not caring about how much he hurt countless girls in his care for his own sexual gratification. But the teachers and the principals have only protection of their jobs as their excuse. They put their jobs before the lives of girls they were responsible to protect, and that is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

          Most people rationalize their behavior to themselves, so that they don’t have to feel like a monster or like an evil person. This is why admitting that one is wrong is commendable, because it is hard to admit it to oneself, and even harder to admit it to others.

          It is not difficult to “klap” al cheit on Yom Kippur, whispering pre-prescribed words from a machzor. But it is extremely difficult to admit that you hurt someone while putting your own interests before theirs, while you were getting paid to do the exact opposite. Like a soldier in war, those teachers and principals were meant to protect their students. And like a soldier who hides behind civilians, using those they are meant to protect, hiding from their duties in order to save their own skin – the teachers ignored the complaints, fearful of losing their jobs.

          I would guess that those teachers are either rationalizing to themselves what they did, so that they are able to sleep at night. Or, like Adina, they are denying the facts. Either way, Sheri, it will be a rare individual who can stand up and apologize in a case such as this. Even rarer when considering the deep shame involved due to the sexual nature of what they enabled, and the fact that these teachers and principals are probably the main breadwinners in their families, and admitting error and apologizing will probably cost them their job.

          Unlike you, Sheri, I don’t, and never did, expect any of the teachers or principals to apologize. Yeshivish society does not have any model for such behavior. It starts with the all-perfect Gedolim, and filters down to the rabbanim, mechanchim and mechanchos. All purveyors of Torah must be perceived as perfect. It is a continuation of the belief that our society is better than all other societies, and our society needs to hold on to this perception to the extent that they will destroy any individual or group which disturbs that perception by pointing out any reality or fact which shows how untrue it really is.

  18. That’s the original spelling of the letter? Vey is mir! Adinele, if you are so incompetent, at least have it read through by someone who knows, it reflects very badly on the seminaries that madrichot are soooo weak in spelling & grammar.
    What became of jewish education? Spelling not a priority, everything only about not showing collarbones and knees? Keep them dumb, barefoot and pregnant?

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