Wolf Sender Is Out as Brooklyn DA’s Jewish Liaison

Wolf Sender

Wolf Sender

Wolf Sender is out. I got it wrong in the summer when he was slated to be fired but was given a reprieve. This time it is official.

It is possible that he is being made the fall guy for the Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson’s shiva visit to Satmar fixer and wheeler-dealer, Moshe Friedman, somewhere between Dec 2nd and December 7th. This got publicized together with the fact that Friedman’s son, Leo Friedman, gave approximately $30,000 to the Thompson campaign.

If so, that is absurd. The DA knew perfectly well that Moshe Gabbai was implicated in the Hynes-Vecchione orchestrated Kellner arrest on attempted extortion and witness bribery against the Lebovits family. Friedman gave since discredited testimony. Thompson should have known better. But he is too busy shoring up Satmar support for his longer range political ambitions.

Nevertheless, the bad press followed and Thompson is given to lashing out (e.g., firing) employees when anything goes wrong.

The December DA Chanukah party was another showcase of the DA’s growing ties to Satmar. They were the dominant group of community attendees. A host high level members of the DA’s office attended. Joe Alexis attended, making him the only zone chief.

Meanwhile, the DA’s office has succeeded is drying up the flow of new ultra orthodox sex abuse charges. The word has gotten out that this DA does not care much about prosecuting them. He certainly does not care about prosecuting witness intimidation. A year after taking office there has still been no prosecution of any of those involved in intimidating witnesses or corrupting the prosecution of Baruch Lebovits on multiple counts of oral sex with an underage boy. Thompson seems only to care about getting Michel Vecchione who he targeted during his campaign. But he still retains the staff who mucked up the Lebovits prosecution.

Wolf Sender was Dov Hikind’s man. That made sense since Hikind supported Thompson in the primary while David Greenfeld supported Hynes. I am wondering if Thompson will shift to a Greenfeld designee since Greenfield’s political power continues to rise and Hikind’s seems to be standing still or declining.

Update 12/30/14 1 a.m. – The New York Daily News reported this story about an hour after my posting.

Boorey Deutsch wrote on FaceBook:

A while ago i met Wolf in the elevator of the DA’s office and he asked me with a smile on his face “oh so your here again, whom are you putting in trouble now? your not done yet are you ah?”

11 thoughts on “Wolf Sender Is Out as Brooklyn DA’s Jewish Liaison

    • This BS artist is heading up some nonsense Americans against Antisemitism group together with that con artist Dov Hikind. That group is nothing but a source of income for Hikind and his cronies.

  1. Is this another false flag article from you, Lopin? Last time you reported Sender as being pushed out, you had to retract it as being false.Hope you’re right this time tho as other blogs are quoting you tonight.

    You were also Thompson’s best frum blogger supporter, with lofty predictions from you that Thompson was the best thing to ever happen to Brooklyn. Thompson was always a wannabee politician, and on paper not much better than Hynes. In reality, he’s worse than anyone could imagine.

    It appears you may have finally seen the light: Thompson is as bad as it gets, sacrificing the welfare of the abused for his own selfish ambitions Sender was hired as his conduit to the Satmar money and smells as bad as Thompson.

  2. Mr Lopin, don’t get excited , he is leaving in order to make place someone with a long big black satmar hat, we will we will still mis him!!!!

  3. The appointment of Mr. Sender was not the ’cause of the problem’ rather it was symptomatic of the problem with the administration who seemed more interested in having a ‘political liaison’ rather than a ‘community liaison.’ Without clear steps being taken by the administration to deal the the mismanagement of child sex abuse issue this will continue to be a liability for DA Thompson.

  4. With all that Satmar brown-nosing and ca$h, Thompson is starting to smell very bad.

    No abuse investigations or prosecutions, nothing. It’s as if all abuse and fixing in the frum world magically vanished with Thompson’s ascent.

    Sender will forever carry the pungent smell of the fixer-who-covered-up.

    We will soon need a special prosecutor to see what has been going on in the Thompson regime.

  5. Hahahahahahahaha. I predicted in many rants that everything Lopin said about Hynes would be “deja vu all over again” with Thompson, thus proving that it was never any “corruption” that led to the supposed non-prosecution of sex abusers and intimidators, but the epically diseased nature of the frum community itself that resulted in such injustice. So go ahead and berate Thompson now – he is your new straw man, shifting the blame from the Hasidic community that’s really responsible for making sex abuse cases unprosecutable in Brooklyn.

    I know you thought I had disappeared. I figured I’d check in a year later to confirm my predictions. I’m glad I did, even if no one reads this tardy comment.

    • Alas you are right about Thompson but wrong about the fault lying only with the community. Thompson has cut the same deals with the haredi community as Hynes. But his strategy is benign neglect instead of making a fuss like Hynes with Kol Tzedek. And as we discovered, the DA office under Hynes was truly corrupt. I suspect there are more revelations to come.

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