Check Out the JBlog Review

Since October, The JBlog Review has been commenting on the postings on other blogs covering the orthodox world’s social and political developments. The reviewer seems to attend to  a range of blogs including Frum Follies, Daniel Eidensohn’s Daas Torah, Harry Maryles’ Emes Ve-Emunah, Cross-Currents, DovBear and a few others. The anonymous blogger “JBlog Reviewer” offers us no biographical information. I got tripped up when I first wrote about “him” and realized it could be her.

But that does not matter. What is important is that JBlog Reviewer writes well, gets to the nub of things and scores telling criticisms.

I do wish the blog offered an email subscription option (with the demise of RSS).

I urge folks to check out JBlog Review.



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