Beware of Child Molester Yona (Jason) Weinberg in Har Nof, Jerusalem

Yona Weinberg 3 at 2009 trialYona (Jason) Weinberg was convicted in June 2009 of 8 counts of sex crimes against two 13-year-old boys and was sentenced and served up to 13 months in local prison. At the time he was a social worker and also worked as a bar mitzvah tutor.

Weinberg is a registered sex offender under the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act.  Weinberg is assessed by the NY Criminal Justice Services as Risk Level 3, which is the highest level and means: “high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety exists”.

Weinberg, lived in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood until he left the US in September 2014,  months after further similar complaints were filed against him with the NYPD. A slow response by the Brooklyn DA and the NYPD gave him the time to flee. Since the current charges are misdemeanors, at present there is no likelihood of extradition. His MO includes grooming by asking kids to touch his clothing to measure it and physical violence against kids to intimidate them into retracting charges.

To the best of our knowledge, He currently resides with his wife and family in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

The Israeli authorities are aware of the situation.

The public is urged to be vigilant and take appropriate measures to protect and educate their children, calmly and in a manner appropriate to their age.

Under no circumstances should members of the public take the law into their own hands.
If you believe that a crime is being committed by a sex offender, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately as you would do in any case of suspected criminal activity.

For advice how to report a case of child abuse or for further information about child protection in Israel contact: “Magen”: 02-9999-678 / /


17 thoughts on “Beware of Child Molester Yona (Jason) Weinberg in Har Nof, Jerusalem

  1. Can you give more biographical info, ie what campes, chools and yeshivas this perp (and others in the future) attended? It would be very helpful. Also is there a jewish registry or list of such offenders?

      Bar mitzvah tutor convicted of sexual abuse: BROOKLYN – Yona Weinberg, 31, was convicted of seven counts of sexual abuse in the second degree and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, for sexually abusing two boys. Weinberg, a Flatbush Bar Mitzvah tutor and licensed social worker, will be sentenced September 9. He faces up to a two years in jail. The victims were ages 12 and 13 at the time. One was one of Weinberg’s students, from the Khal Beth Abraham synagogue, where Weinberg gave Bar Mitzvah lessons. The other was a client from Weinberg’s work as a licensed social worker for the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.

      Weinberg was convicted of nine separate crimes — seven counts of sexual abuse in the second degree and two of endangering the welfare of a child. Reichbach made the point that had Weinberg expressed any remorse at the sentencing — he remained “mute,” according to the judge — Weinberg might have been entitled to some consideration with respect to the duration of his sentence. In fact, throughout the proceedings Reichbach seemed dismayed by Weinberg’s failure to express contrition.

      Speaking from the bench the day after Yom Kippur at the sentencing of Yona Weinberg, who received a 13-month jail term, Reichbach said he found it “troubling” that the community “seeks to blame, indeed punish victims who seek justice from the … civil
      society,” according to a court transcript. He went on to add that the Orthodox community’s religious courts are “inappropriate” and “incapable” of dealing with criminal matters.

      Making his comments before a courtroom packed with supporters of the 31-year-old Weinberg — among them, according to his defense attorney, school principals, two rabbis and civic leaders — the judge spoke of receiving more than 90 letters attesting to Weinberg’s character and innocence. None of the letters, the judge noted, “displays any concern or any sympathy or even any acknowledgement for these young victims which, frankly, I find shameful.”

    • There are Jewish sites which include those who have been indicted, in the past, and also those who have undergone great scrutiny and are considered , for all intents and purposes, Rodfim. JCW (Jewish community watch) and I believe perhaps still the “awareness center”. HALL OF SHAME.
      Beyond that, in the secular courts, yes, there are records of offenders. How to access them, and perhaps differences in doing such amongst various municipalities, requires study. To be sure, i think, there are those who hang out here, who would easily know. That is, if you are seriously interested in investigating….

  2. While I would not be happy if he moved in next door to me, or even into my neighborhood I do realize that he has the right to start his life anew he served his time did everything that was required of him. That does not mean his neighbors should not be informed of his past to know to keep an eye out on him it just means he has a right to try to start living his life again.

    • He has not stopped his sex abuse: see

      He remains an offender. Anything that can be done to get him back in jail would be a public service. Boys should be warned about him. He should not be allowed into any spaces where he has free access to children, especially, unsupervised access.

      Another reason to deny him a “fresh start” is the unifinished business of his previous conviction. He never admitted guilt, expressed remorse, or apologized to hiss victims. He is an unrepentant serial offender likely to go on offending again.

    • Dave,
      Take note. Sexual predators are a class unto themselves.
      Recidivism is extraordinarily high. You read his tete a tete with the “supposed father’ This was one very very very sick guy.The likelihood of his being rehabilitated is more or less zero. LOL… ask our friend David Pelcovitz, magician of all trades, but considered the “axe” on the subject.
      Thank god this POS did the right thing. It have have been the only correct think he did in his lifetime. TRUE, none of us know what his childhood was like.
      When all is said and done, it doesn’t affect his outcome.
      However, for those who have cognitive difficulties in handling abuse issues, it is good that they follow and understand this kind of outcome, and why it occurs, and why it is the best of all possible worlds, for all involved..

    • He needs to be shot in the head. You’re totally ignorant of the scientific evidence and basic facts of human nature if you think people can be rehabilitated out of their sexual predation. Can you be rehabilitated out of your desire to have sex with women? Think about this for a few minutes seriously. And read up.

  3. Weinberg’s flight to Israel reminds me of Sholom Auslander writing about pedophile YU HS principal, George Finkelstein:

    “Three weeks ago, thanks to the reporting of the Forward, I found out what happened to George: He’d fled, like so many other Jews who find themselves under a cloud of suspicion, to Israel. …

    It’s no surprise that NAMBLA is changing its slogan to “Next Year in Jerusalem.” … I’m certain this is not what God had in mind for his Promised Land. “And you will reach the land that I promised you, and you will settle there, and you will bring with you there all your perverts and all your molesters, and all your murderers and all your embezzlers, and all your tax cheats and all your white-collar criminals, to live in freedom from all charges and fines and legal authorities that pursue them, and you will be for me a less-than-great nation with questionable ethics and perverted morals (Shalom Auslander,”

    “Curious George Finkelstein,” Tablet Magazine, Jan. 15, 2013)

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