Coleen Balbert Resigns as Brooklyn DA Chief of Sex Crimes

Coleen Balbert

Coleen Balbert

Coleen Balbert, the Chief of the Sex Crimes Bureau at the Office of the Brooklyn District Attorney, informed her staff in the last few days that she tendered her resignation to the DA and is returning to the Manhattan DA office where she headed a similar unit according to DA sources. A  search is underway for a replacement. It seems that other promising candidates are leery about working for DA Kenneth Thompson who is turning off many of his executives with his misdirected temper tantrums. That was a factor in ADA Balbert’s decision to decamp.

Ms. Balbert was appointed in Janary 2014 at the start of Thompson’s term in office to replace Rhonnie Jaus, a long-term executive under Hynes who was tarred by the office’s lax prosecution of orthodox Jewish sex offenders. Thompson has also gone down that path and I expect it to eventually haunt him just as it eventually helped doom Hynes’ reelection bid in 2013.

I suspect Balbert was also frustrated by Thompson’s refusal to aggressively prosecute orthodox sex crimes and victim intimidation and bribery. To date the office has never delivered on promises to prosecute those involved in cooking up the bogus charges against Kellner as a way of helping serial boy molester Baruch Lebovits, nor have they prosecuted those involved in bribing and controlling a witness in that case. The staff who are implicated on the DA side include Joseph (Joe) Alexis, Miss Gregory, and Nicholas Batsides. Alexis got a promotion to head up Red Zone. Gregory retained her position as the head of the bureau for crimes against children even though her failures in the Lebovits case are legion.


22 thoughts on “Coleen Balbert Resigns as Brooklyn DA Chief of Sex Crimes

    • At least someone in the DA’s office actually cares enough about child victims to realize that they cant work for a boss who is an enabler-in-chief of child abuse predators, i.e. Thompson.

  1. To what extent has Thompson prosecuted sex crimes against children arising out of other ethnic/religious groups or does he ignore them all?

    • That is hard to answer. There is no transparency. The DA office does not report on all prosecutions for sex crimes or any other category. There are no easy ways to search and analyze the limited public court records. The details of plea bargains are either not available or require shlepping down to the courthouse. I am pretty well informed about most sex abuse cases that enter the brooklyn CJ system (or are ignored even though they know about it). This is because I have multiple sources independently of the public records. I am not aware of any other community with such determined opposition to the prosecution of their offenders or of any comparable case where the DA pulls back on its prosecution options and vigor. There were allegations that Hynes went easy on Catholic clergy. I know of a a few cases where that charge is very credible. I have no info about how Thompson handles Catholic clergy.

  2. This is what I told you was going to happen when you were railing against Hynes. As odious as the program is, the community makes it difficult to address it in a more immediate (and fair) way. And when you are dealing with the abuse of children, immediacy is paramount. I guess, in order to be consistent, you could either apologize to Jaus and Hynes or go ahead and throw Thompson under the bus too. Apparently you have elected the latter.

    • Yes, and as I repeatedly pointed out in the past, and yet again in this post, the DA can prosecute witness intimidation and other forms of obstruction of justice. The FBI managed to bust the divorce extortion, kidnapping and torture ring of Rabbi Epstein whose base was Brooklyn for many years. The trial is now underway in a federal court house. Hynes took a pass on the same ring when they dumped a tortured man by a cemetary in Brooklyn. The Australian Royal Commission revealed all these practices in more leading to leading rabbis losing their positions. There are many more such culprits in Brooklyn but they are all unscathed. All the DA needs is one whistleblower. Hynes had that in Sam Kellner and he instead turned around and prosecuted Kellner. Thompson promised to investigate and prosecute the misconduct involved in that frame-up. To date, as far as I know he has not done anything serious about that.

      so yet again, the point is that the culture of the community is a major impediment to prosecuting their sex crimes, and that does not seem to be worth any effort to the DA.

      Let us just suppose he can’t crack that nut, the least he can do is not give it aid and comfort. But instead Thompson made a show of visiting Moshe Gabbai Friedman, a man he knows perjured himself to save Lebovits and harass Kellner with dummied up charges.

      The man was elected to protect citizens and instead he is screwing them for votes, votes he did not need to win his primary. Shameful.

      • Surely you must see the difference in resources and discretion between a federal and state agency. Furthermore you must recognize the priority on immediacy child abuse takes over divorce extortion. The Feds are generally more successful in ALL prosecutions, not because they are of a better moral fiber, but because they have the luxury of being more selective on their cases and are equipped with many many more resources.

        • And surely you can see that this is a serious widespread problem. Just one or two successful prosecutions and the the intimidators would think twice and enough more cases would come forward to significantly affect that culture. Yes resources are finite but not that limited in an office of over a thousand employees.

          • And I am saying that the District Attorney doesn’t have the same liberty to select cases in order to pick “just one or two.”

            • Nonsense. As nicely demonstrated on the ill fated Brooklyn DA show, stings can be set up. He has prosecutorial discretion. He lacks prosecutorial will to put it politely. Please don’t insult the intelligence of any one familiar with the workings of a prosecutor’s office.

  3. (By the way, I don’t think that the word “perennial” means what you think it does. Jaus was the head of Sex Crimes. Calling her “perennial,” is akin to saying that Eric Holder has been a “perennial” under President Obama. That isn’t what that word means.)

  4. What about Roger McCready? Is he still “out” every day in Crimes against Children? Why hasn’t KT axed him yet?

    • Still in. He has friends in high places in the administration. His protecting boss, head of crimes against children, ADA Gregory, is buddies with Eric Gonzalez, the #2 at Brooklyn DA. And Roger is still I am told in arears on pay by something like a half a year of pay for which he didn’t work and he is no great shakes when he shows up sober.

  5. Didn’t Roger McCready attend Xaverian High School with Hynes’ sons? Wasn’t he a big basketball star? Doesn’t that meet KT’s (admittedly vindictive) threshold to axe a Hynes hire? So you’re saying that the office now knows that he never worked those hours? Miss Gregory signs his timesheets containing hours that he never worked? How many has she signed? Didn’t Ama Dwimwoh do the same for years? Didn’t Hynes suspend her and her associate for not showing up to work for weeks at a time? How come he hasn’t been investigated by DOI or COIB?

    • Just to be clear, the allegation is not that time sheets were falsified, but that someone, probably his boss, Miss Gregory, is authorizing paying him, in effect advancing a half a year of salary. Payroll at KCDA will not issue a paycheck for hours not yet worked unless someone signs an override authorization.

      Thompson has a complex relationship to Hynes loyalists. Some defected during the campaign or played both sides. A prime example would be Joseph Alexis. Some were fully adopted, most notably, Eric Gonzalez who is the #2 in the office and is heavily politicized in how he handles decisions. Others were indeed fired or forced out. Interestingly, Susan Quirk, daughter of Dennis Quirk still works there though everyone thinks she was purely a political appointment by Hyunes. I have never been clear about the truth of various allegations against Ama, though I know they included being nasty and time sheet violations. Yet others described her to me as someone who worked way past her official hours. I always found it absurd that she was fired for being a nasty boss. That is endemic to KCDA. Indeed, I hear she was haughty and nasty. But, again, that does not seem to me like the real reason she was fired.

      Thompson is well aware of some of Miss Gregory’s eggregious failures and shortcomings. Speculations on her job security include, she secretly helped Thompson during his campaign, the influence of her father, celebrity comedian/activist Dick Gregory, and more recently the ascension of her buddy, Eric Gonzalez.

      Yes, you are right, Roger was a basketball star and an almost adopted houseguest of Pat and Charles Hynes from his teen years.

  6. My dear Yerachmiel, your insight and analysis are most appreciated – and quite accurate. Susan was promoted from ADA to SR ADA and then to Dep Bureau Chief in the “Crime Prevention” Bureau. Does that still exist under KT? KT knows that the courts would grind to a halt if he touched her. What about the Legal Lives Program for the kids?

  7. I merely asked whether he does it to those whom he shows the door, as those may consider a civil suit…moreover, read the puff pieces on him and his minions….

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