New Satmar Purim Rules – Satire

Ayatollah Khameini and Obama costumes are OK. Zionist costumes are still forbidden unless embroidered in 10″ or larger letters with the word “Haman.”

This year a hashgachah is required on all Israeli flags to assure they are completely flammable. The flags must be labelled “only for burning which be completed before the Purim seudah. If charred elements escape into space you own, recite kul chamirah.”

Have a Freilich Pirim!


12 thoughts on “New Satmar Purim Rules – Satire

  1. i have a question:

    Are you sure this is satire?

    It doesnt qualify as funny, amusing, entertaining, engaging.

    It does , however, qualify as lame.

    Voltaire , you ain’t

    Stick to substantive reporting.

  2. I don’t care for Satmar but agree with bishvili nivraisi. Not funny. You should hire a joke writer.

  3. here is a Purim metaphor, When 2 people tell you you’re drunk, then, you’re drunk

    When 2 people tell you you’re not funny then, you’re not funny

    Please, pray tell, point out to 1 funny thought, or 1 funny phrase in your attempt.

    Now that Jon Stewart is retiring, and Colbert is moving on, there are a few unemployed joke writers available.that you might want to contact.

    One final note: When you attempt to satirize anyone or anything, and you turn out lame, then you’re actually benifiting the target. Satire is a dangerous tool, is not to be attempted by minors and amateurs.

    • I don’t understand why you are in a tizzy. So you don’t find it funny and others do. So one other person agrees with you. Big deal. At worst i misjudged the humor in one piece. It is based on the fact that satmar makes a show of burning Israeli flags on purim and other occasions and reviles the IDF and tziyonim. These are indisputable facts, as is the fact that the traits of groups are especially grist for mocking on purim. Why are you so agitated. Methinks a troller protesteth too much. Since I don’t know you, I cant say why.

      BTW, you have posted in the past under a different name. Please stick to one name. Please reread commenting rules about sockpuppeting.

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