Dershowitz Sued for Defamation by Sex Abuse Whistleblower Sam Kellner

Sam Kellner

Sam Kellner

The Jewish Week reports that “Four years after his life was turned upside down by charges he committed extortion and bribery, chasidic sex abuse whistleblower Sam Kellner is fighting back against those he thinks wronged him in the press. Late last year he sued The Jewish Daily Forward for defamation. And last week he filed papers initiating a defamation action against Alan and Nathan Dershowitz, the high-profile lawyers who represented, Baruch Lebovits, who Kellner alleges sexually abused his son.”

“In March of 2014, after a review of the case, current Brooklyn district attorney Ken Thompson asked a judge to dismiss the charges against Kellner. Speaking on the day of the dismissal, ADA Kevin O’Donnell told the court that the witnesses against Kellner “lack credibility to such a degree that their testimony cannot be trusted” and thus the case could not be prosecuted.”

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

Alan Dershowitz (photo by Sage Ross) GNU License

 “On that same day, according to a summons with notice filed by Kellner in Manhattan on Friday, both Alan and Nathan Dershowitz made defamatory statements about Kellner.”

 “This is a reference to a column in The New York Times, written by Michael Powell, in which Powell wrote that after the dismissal of Kellner’s case, “Mr. Dershowitz roamed the hallway … playing with a grin the more disquieting for the fact that his eyes ran cobalt. He spoke ominously, as he has for years, of new evidence. ‘This case is not over,’ he said. Mr. Kellner ‘may very well still be going to jail because this tape is the smoking gun.'”

 Kellner, who is representing himself, “would not comment on the filing except to say that he is not suing “for financial gain.”

Baruch Lebovits mugshot for sex offender registry 9-29-14 “This is just to show for every kid, no matter how small you think you are, in the end the truth is going to come out,” he said. “This is to give courage to those people. The top-notch lawyers are coming against you. You feel like you’re just a loner. But justice is going to come out in the end.”

 Click here to read the entire article.

Dershowitz has also been sued for defamation in the connection with the Epstein child molesting case in Florida.



11 thoughts on “Dershowitz Sued for Defamation by Sex Abuse Whistleblower Sam Kellner

    • And furthermore, the denial that there were more than a tiny handful (3 or 4??) of victims, or complainants is astonishing. The rebbeim of the
      “special chicago beis din” have the same qualitative beitsim as all of the rest of them. We were only led astray to think, to believe for a moment, for a sheer moment that there were rebbeim yesharim im beitsim willing to stand up for truth and righteousness, and defend victims of sexual abuse. That was a figment of our imaginations. It never was. Or they were bought out or threatened as evidently is the status quo, particularly in places like Australia.
      Money. what, you say, our holy rebbeim can change their opinions based on THREATS and money? as in Australia, where no one even questions it anymore, Australia never received the western union telegram that we are no longer in the wild west.
      Well, the CBD has set us back decades. All who had tikvah, that there were rebbeim willing to stand up with a spine, and psak the truth. Well, chaval, that our hopes were so raised, and now, destroyed, completely, destroyed.
      There are several highly intelligent commenters here, , that are indeed ffb and disillusioned, this must be even a worse setback for them, than for me, still seeking emes. and rebbeim who give a XXXX for victims of abuse, whether male or female. Hey, they think abuse is some ritual of passage amongst ORTHODOX JEWS? OH, I never got that message either. My Rabbi has not received it yet either.
      Re the CBD, Y”S”Z”. busha cherpa shonda, they should be disbanded. pen yaaminu ba’hem.

    • Yerachmiel’s silence regarding this is deafening! We all know now that he only reports what fits his agenda.

  1. Looks like-game over. Thanks for your reporting on the Meisels scandal, Mr. Lopin, and thanks to Truthseeker. This story, which I have been following since the summer, has practically changed my worldview. I started with denial, and then I accepted the facts with horror and disgust. Now I’m starting to just not care anymore. I can only try to keep my own children safe, and if other people want to serve their kids up to avodas hamoleich, I simply can’t stop them. My girls have accepted that they will not be going to seminary in Israel, and if I had my druthers they wouldn’t go to seminary at all. It’s a complete waste of time.

  2. Sal,
    Indeed. Im hakol b’seder v’naki: why in the name of whoever, did it take this long for a statement of such importance to emerge??? Certainly I am not one to speculate, but I am sure, there will be other comments.
    Just amazing, that these objective rebbeim, ALL of them. took this long to whitewash this disgusting affair. Makes me want to upchuck.
    OK. I’m an outsider.
    Waiting for the cognescenti to weigh in here. please.
    Makes me sick. and i have no horse in this race,
    What I don’t have in this race, is a shemetz, of hargashat kavod for any of these rebbeim.
    Pas un shemetz of kavod, acknowledgement of their “daat torah” , efes zulato.
    makes me sick. Thank god I don’t ascribe to this , thank god, that i never let a daughter of mine go to any of these sems. thank god. for I would not have known.
    Hopefully the daughters, hypothetically, would have had their parents’ sense of critical thinking. but who knows?

  3. Hello? Did you go dark? There’s a JBT psak out there to digest. I am also hearing that the minority opinion will also be published soon. Hoping to see and discuss here.

  4. As much as it hurts to admit, yes, it looks like DT may have been correct all along.

    the CBD is basically agreeing to the IBD…so it appears that the CBD was incorrect.

    You have been very quiet on this issue

  5. To you my dear Sam kellner hatzlacha raba to your lawsuit,, Sam is a very very nice man a good man a tzadick, (1) he always supported us in our case (( the dascalowitz case)) and always rebbi kelner came to my bedside when I was in hospital,, always he came to visit me,, so I congratulate rebbi kelner. Good luck. (Moty.j.)

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