QOTD About Yiddish

Yiddish Michael Wex

QOTD = Quote of the Day

Full of lamenting diphthongs and expressive opportunities to spit on the listener, Yiddish is to dissatisfaction what Italian is to romance.

Kelsey Osgood


4 thoughts on “QOTD About Yiddish

  1. Well Daas Torah scooped you again.

    Bottom line is that the psak which was signed by all lets the administration off the hook.

    You need to stop saying that the CBD really does not hold of it. they signed it. end of story. bad strategy and wrong because it is just not true

    if you want to say that the CBD caved to pressure (and no one threatened their lives I am sure so they did not have any extreme pressure)…that is fine but then explain why and how that happened. not conjecture.

    occums razor would tell you that the simplest explanation is that the CBD changed their mind because they realized they were incorrect. for you to say otherwise goes against that rule. you need to prove that they changed their mind for a different reason other than the simplest one.

    We also all need to realize that it is a possibility that none of the administration are culpable.

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