Proof the Molester Wasn’t Haredi

Earlier this week I posted Yeshiva World News Finally Reports about a Child Molester.

As I explained they were reporting about the assault on an orthodox child because the alleged offender was presumed to be a non-Jewish Hispanic. That presumption is now confirmed. VosIzNeias reports, Mother Turns Son Into Police In Williamsburg Molestation Case. The article does not state the alleged assailant is not Haredi or not Jewish. But has anyone ever known a Haredi parent to turn in their son for child molesting?


One thought on “Proof the Molester Wasn’t Haredi

  1. Funny. So Sad that it’s funny. Chas v’chalilah, pen yish’me’uh. Anyway, why bother, the likelihood of any consequences are infinitesimal. And if things go wrong. there is always pidyon shuyim. But has anyone ever heard of a charedi sister turning in the brother that molested her? Lost shidduch chances for both of them… well for the female. No one will believe that the brother is guilty. but the stigma will remain with the sister. Charedi justice.

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