Let’s Get the Enablers Instead of Just the Abusers

Bishop Robert W Finn

Bishop Robert W Finn

There is some good News from Kansas City via the Vatican:

The Holy Father Francis has accepted the resignation from the pastoral government of the diocese of St. Joseph-Kansas City, Mo. (U.S.A.) presented by His Excellency Msgr. Robert W. Finn.

According to Joelle Casteix,

In case you didn’t know: in 2012, [Bishop] Finn was convicted on one count of failure to report child sexual abuse. He covered up for Shawn Ratigan, a Missouri priest who was sentenced to 50 years in prison for producing child pornography……

As I have noted on this blog before, if Finn were to apply for a job at his own diocese, he would not pass the background check.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Get the Enablers Instead of Just the Abusers

  1. well that would eliminate all the rabbis in Nmb who continue to say bodkins is a good guy
    that would eliminate aguda leaders and torah umesorah leaders

  2. I believe there are a few child protective sites who have a “wall of shame” for those who abuse the innocent children – physically, sexually and of course psychologically. Parents SHOULD know of the danger in their midst, this I am a “pro-wall-of-shame” person. Yerachmiel, you are amongst the giants who blog the truth, being a moral person you have to do the job that others don’t do. Too much is hidden, too many souls are harmed – more due to those who cover and protect the violators as opposed to the violated. Would you be willing to gradually start the “Enabler Wall of Shame” for those who allow/hush the perpetrators of our children? After all, as @rabbis running for the hill said – it would eliminate rabbis who protect some guy in nmb – and that’s just a small “wanna-be-Brooklyn” community!
    The only people who should take cover are those who are on the front line; literally at war, who are experts at defending their people by overtly destroying the enemy within their midst. THAT IS COURAGE! Taking cover so that others can live in peace. But those who COVER UP heinous crimes against humanity, selfishly and foolishly with the warped and antiquated idea that it’s what’s best for the institutions, communities, the world and really THEMSELVES (they could be next…) are the faces that should be plastered on a wall of shame! Wouldn’t it decrease the likelyhood of…hmmm…let’s see – a “trusted adult” the “pidepipper” the best rebbe, coach, etc. being hushed and moved to other communities where he is sure to harm others until MAYBE arrested. What do you say Yerachmiel? It could start of slowly…and build over time – although there are at least way over 20 enablers you could slab on a wall immediately!

  3. I read the posting by Joelle Casteix that YL linked. It is “good news” only when contrasted with “no news.” Good that the Pope accepted Finn’s resignation — as she says, not so good that he did no more than that. Although no longer having a diocesan bishop’s jurisdiction and responsibilities, he apparently remains a bishop and has been treated as such after his resignation. See http://ncronline.org/news/faith-parish/despite-resignation-bishop-finn-will-preside-kansas-city-ordinations . For the “soft landing,” face-saving rationale behind his resignation/dismissal, see http://ncronline.org/news/faith-parish/canon-lawyers-origins-bishop-finns-resignation-unclear .

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