Freundel Sentenced to 6.5 Years for Secretly Videoing 52 Women in Ritual Bath

Barry Freundel 1The Washington Post reports that Rabbi Barry Freundel was sentenced today (5/15/15) to 6.5 years for his 52  counts of ritual bath (mikveh) voyeurism. That works out to 45 days for each count. If he secures all possible “good time” for behaving and taking courses, he will serve approximately 3.75 years in the D.C. prison system. See also:

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14 thoughts on “Freundel Sentenced to 6.5 Years for Secretly Videoing 52 Women in Ritual Bath

  1. Quoting from the article linked, apropos of the prior thread:

    On Friday before he was sentenced, Freundel apologized to his victims and said he was seeing a psychiatrist to understand the “source” of his behavior.

    “I was wrong. I am sorry. I did terrible things. I make no bones about it. I was in a terrible place,” Freundel said, reading from his prepared remarks.

    • I have sent inquiries to the Washington Post reporters who covered the sentencing. I will certainly share it when I know it. I will also post a transcript of their statement if it is available.

  2. the rabbi who testified is matt hoffman, he was a personal friend of freundels, he received private smicha in lakewood and is a high powered attorney in NYC, he lives in new rochelle and is very active in the kiruv community there, he is not a pulpit or “professional” rabbi, freundel was his lawyer in the beit din case for his first marriage they have been defending each other for years,

    • Yes, by joining PACER, the repository of documents from the federal courts. The entire transcript of different events can be purchased for about 8 cents a page. To be exact, there was no trial because he pleaded guilty. This document would be the sentencing hearing. There would be seperate documents for all the letters of support submitted by the defense and all the letters submitted on behalf of the prosecution.

      Joininng PACER requires submitting a snail mail address and confirming your identity when mailed a letter to that address.

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