Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence Selects New Rabbi to Replace Disgraced Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Last night (5/30/15) the members of Congregation Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence, NY approved the appointment of Uri Orlian as their rabbi. His appointment was approved by 84% of those voting at their Saturday night membership meeting. This ends a year and a half vacancy that started with a forced sabbatical of their previous rabbi, Dovid Weinberger. He was forced to resign following allegations of extensive sexual exploitation of women.

I have extensively documented the history of this case on Frum Follies  starting with the post, Whither Goes Rabbi Dovid Weinberger? and including an image of his signed agreement to leave all aspects of work as a rabbi or educator.

The rabbis in the area blocked fundraising for Yeshiva Torah Vodaath after R. Yisroel Belsky attempted to defend Rabbi Weinberger by accusing the local rabbis of inadequate inquiry/evaluation of the matter. Reliable sources inform me that the local rabbis were backed by prominent members of the Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel of America including the Novominsker Rebbe, Yaakov Perlow and Shmuel Kaminetzky.

Rabbi Uri Orlian

Rabbi Uri Orlian

According to the website of the Yeshiva Community Shul:

Rabbi Uri Orlian has been serving as the Rabbi of the Yeshiva Community Shul since Fall 2010.
For the past five years, he has taught Advanced Talmud in the Mechina Program at Yeshiva University, where he has cultivated close relationships with his talmidim.  Aside from his teaching, Rabbi Orlian has also served for five years as a Sgan Mashgiach to students of all levels and backgrounds.  The Sgan Mashgiach role has provided both experience and training in the wide range of social and psychological issues that affect our community, aside from the more common religious/spiritual guidance about which talmidim approach him.
He has attended a year-long training in infertility issues with Machon Puah, and has attended training sessions in the area of marital intimacy as well as domestic abuse from the Shalom Task Force.
Rabbi Orlian grew up in Brooklyn, majored in Economics at Y.U., and earned his M.S. in Secondary Education and Administration from  Azrielli. He learned in the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim for a number of years, and received his semicha from the Lakewood Yeshiva, where he studied for five years.
Rabbi Orlian and his Rebbetzin, Nava, a Toronto native, married in Yerushalayim.  Nava teaches at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School, aside from consulting as an educator of the blind and visually impaired.  Together, they have established and directed the Mary and Gerry Swartz July in Jerusalem Program, an introductory educational/volunteer experience for Mechinah Men and Women.
The Rabbi and Rebbetzin have spent countless hours through countless interactions with their talmidim, talmidot, their fiancés and their families in dealing with a wide spectrum of family and dating/relationship issues.


5 thoughts on “Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence Selects New Rabbi to Replace Disgraced Dovid Weinberger

    • Does everyone know menuval weinberger is back in town? In his home on new McNeil. He needs money poor thing! How much will it take for him and his wife to realize they need to stay away!!! His wife looking for teaching job and before u know it he will be in a teaching position as well. What short memories ppl have. And where are our rabanim who threw him out????

      • His agreement didn’t specify where he could live. Just that he could not engage in rabbinical, educational or counseling work of any sort. If he attempts to do any of those things, it would be newsworthy and it might be possible to get some action to enforce the agreement.

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