Gavriel Bodenheimer Trial Starts On Thursday, Dec 31,2015

Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer Bais Mikroh, Principal

Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer
Bais Mikroh, Principal

Rabbi Gavriel (Gabriel) Bodenheimer’s trial on ten felony counts alleging  criminal sexual acts with a child under eleven years of age is now scheduled to start on December 31, 2015, in front of Judge R. Thorsen in the Rockland County Courthouse.

It was originally scheduled for May right after Shavuos.

It is not clear if the prosecution is backlogged, the judge is backlogged, the defense has found ways to delay trial, or the witness is needing time to be ready or is wavering.

It would be nice if we could trust the prosecutor to do his best, But alas, Rockland DA Thomas Zugibe is indebted to the Haredi voting block. In the past it was clear he was not going all out in his prosecution efforts. At the same time he is worried about getting hurt in the polls with non-orthodox voters, as Charles Hynes was in Brooklyn, for going easy on Haredi sex offenders.

Bodenheimer, Principal  of Bais Mikroh elementary school in Monsey, was arrested in August 2014 on charges dating backing to 2009.

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16 thoughts on “Gavriel Bodenheimer Trial Starts On Thursday, Dec 31,2015

  1. That’s odd. Are you sure that date wasn’t given as a place holder meaning “eventually, if we must?” Why start the day before a long weekend? Even picking a jury will be hard, since many people available to serve on 1/4/16 will be away (and not in court) on 12/31/15.

  2. Monsey sources close to this case say that the prosecutor has no case. With over 40 successful and productive years in Chinuch, no one else has come forward to the D.A. with even a remotely similar complaint of sexual abuse. The D.A. keeps pushing off the trial, in the desperate hope that some other “victim” will come forward. But there are NO OTHER VICTIMS, because the sex abuse never happened. The D.A. knows that this one child who made this accusation is not a credible witness.

    Zugibe is afraid that he will look soft on the Orthodox community if he drops the charges, so he would rather lose this case, as he eventually will, if it ever comes to trial. There are no witnesses, no evidence, no corroboration — just one mixed-up kid making an accusation.

    • All this could be true. however, I have heard things like this before other trials that culminated in convictions. As for Zugibe, I doubt he would have indicted without believing he could secure a conviction at trial. It is of course possible that important new facts came to light since the indictment. But normally, DAs and cops work hard before arrests and indictments to be confident. Prosecutors hate losing cases. Occasionally, there is a rush to arrest when a crime was very recent. But in this case the alleged abuse happened a while earlier.

      I have known other victims dealing with police and prosecutors in that area and they were put through multiple interviews and checks to corroborate their claims before any action was taken.

      In short, I believe the prosecutor did his due diligence.

      • He probably is incident. There is no evidence to back up theses charges. Every kid knows today if they don’t get along with there rebbi all they need to do is make up such an allegation. The rebbi is immediately fired. Then he must spend thousands of dollars on lawyers just to prove his incident. I wonder Yearchemil, how come there is not a leveled playing field? If the allegations are true the rebbi/principle should have his picture posted for all to see. But what if she’s incident? What happens to the kid who made up the story? Is his picture anywhere ?

  3. As I predicted the D.A. will end up with egg on his face by the time its all over, not a little egg a lot of egg on his ugly face. The D.A. thought he would make a arrest and than get a guilty plea on child endagermant sort charge but the good Rabbi called his bluff forcing a trial and the rest is history as they say. My next prediction all charges will be dropped after next election
    The blame will be “we did not want to put the so called victim through this again or the victim is too traumatized to go through with testifying.

      • I could also write, as predicted, Bodenheimer was convicted/pled-guilty. But that would be fanciful. However, for the record, most folks indicted of sex charges end up convicted. Many of those who initially plead not guilty end up taking a plea rather than going to trial but it often happens at the last moment before trial. If I were a betting man I would put my money on Bodenheimer ending up convicted.

  4. I have never before posted anything on the Internet. However, because I feel do strongly about this I will make my first exception. I was a student at BM at the same time as this deranged accuser was. I have my own grievances against GB as well regarding his old school chinuch methodology. The problem here however is that when this case closes and everyone realizes his innocence and the easiness with which one can get indictments against people with whom they have beef, it will energize a whole new slew of child molesters who will be able to claim that they are being “bodenheimered”! Accordingly, Yerachmiel, if you were really bothered by child molesters you would start preparing an apology and use this case as “the exception which proves the rule” instead of preparing your excuse. (It would be nice if we could trust the prosecutor to do his best, But alas, Rockland DA Thomas Zugibe is indebted to the Haredi voting block. In the past it was clear he was not going all out in his prosecution efforts”)

    • I am impressed by hard some askanim and others are working on behalf of Bodenheimer. If they were confident of his innocence that would trust the DA to drop the case. Somebody is very afraid to have this case go to trial.

  5. Monsey sources say that you are mistakenly correct in your premise that, “Somebody is very afraid to have this case go to trial.” In this particular case that “somebody ” is Mr. Zugibe, which is why he keeps postponing the trial.

    Rabbi B. has insisted on going to trial to prove his innocence and has refused any plea bargain. The DA on the other hand, has a shaky, single, very troubled child making a lone accusation against his principal with absolutely no corroborating testimony to sexual abuse.

    The DA is stuck in a quagmire. He doesn’t want to appear weak on child abuse. He must wait til after the election to drop the case. If he cared more about justice and less about politics, he would have dropped the charges already, instead of trying to save face by pressing the Rabbi to accept a lesser plea .

  6. I believe that Rabbi Bodenheimer is a brother of Rabbi Michoel Bodenheimer, Rosh Kollel in Kiryat Sefer (brother-in-law of Rav Sheftel Neuberger, Menahel/President of Yeshivas Ner Yisrael in Baltimore, grandson-in-law of Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky).

    Criminal Complaint against Rav Sheftel Neuberger’s brother Isaac Neuberger for sexual assault against an adult male:


    Isaac Neuberger plead guilty to simple assault in a plea agreement earlier this year:

  7. Even if innocent there is always a risk of going to trial , we all know that. Look what’s happening in Brooklyn will all those convictions being thrown out. Many of then innocent whent to trial to clear there name and they ended up in jail for many years

    • He does not fit the profile of the false accused in Brooklyn. RGB is not a kid. This is not a crime where there is a lot of publicity for which somebody has to be found. He has funds for a high quality legal defense. No one beat a confession out of him. He is not being done in by a jailhouse snitch.

      The opposite is true. He is part of a group that the Rockland DA goes easy on and is reluctant to prosecute.

  8. Wow Jewish whistleblower that’s a huge connection rgb. Brothers brother in laws brother wow !! That sounds heredity to me no question we don’t need even a trial. Put him in a cell together with issak nueberger a known problem for many years a man of ill repute and throw away the key lets keep them conected a low life together with a man considered an honorable man through out a 40 year chinuch career Jewish whistleblower u keep on blowing that whistle you are doing an amazing job

  9. Jewishwhistleblower – I had been unsure of whether GB was guilty or not. However, now that you pointed out that his brother’s brother-in-law’s brother plead guilty to simple assault, it is obvious to all that GB is guilty of the ten felony counts of criminal sexual acts with a child.

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