Mendy Tevel to Be Sentenced to One Year Today

Rabbi Menachem M (Mendy) Tevel (aka Tewel)

Rabbi Menachem M (Mendy) Tevel (aka Tewel)

Mendy Tevel (whose legal name is Menachem Tewel) will be sentenced this morning (6/8/25) In Brooklyn Supreme Court. He pleaded guilty to one count of criminal sexual act in the third-degree in satisfaction of all the charges. He’ll get one year in jail and must register as a sex offender upon release. According to the press office of the Brooklyn Da, the victim was in favor of the plea for many reasons, including that he did not want to testify at trial. I am discouraged that the Brooklyn DA did not bargain for a long probation with conditions which would have helped protect children on his release This follows a long pattern of the Brooklyn DA going easy on orthodox Jewish sex offenders. This is especially important in Tevel’s case because he has in the past worked in his father-in-law’s community center in Los Angeles (JEM). Still more discouraging is that is one of the very few orthodox Jewish sex offenders prosecuted by the Brooklyn DA. I expect even less now that the head of sex crimes is ADA Miss Gregory. See also:

LA Chabad JEM Center Allows Indicted Child Molester Mendy Tevel to Cavort With Kids


3 thoughts on “Mendy Tevel to Be Sentenced to One Year Today

    • No. Tevel molested a teen boy.

      I think the case you are referring to involved Levitansky, one of whose victims was Sima Yarmush who chose to publicly use her name in talking about it an event earlier this year in Los Angeles organized by JCW.

  1. rabbis of LA wrote a piece defending their honor after sima yarmush. But, are silent regarding Mendy Tevel. Shameful bunch.

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