Breaking- Rosenblatt Announces He Will Not Resign

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt, the embattled rabbi of the Riverdale Jewish Center spoke to a congregational meeting yesterday evening (6/24/15) indicating he would not resign. He is taking this position even though most of his board wants him to resign over the scandal of his predilection for spending time nude with younger males.

Rosenblatt’s contract runs for a few more years and the board is willing to buy him out. They now will have to invoke the morals clause to fire him for cause or they will just have to fire him and then face the legal and financial consequences. Rosenblatt could bring a case to the Beth Din of America (BDA). It is not clear how they would rule. To date there is no proof of criminally prosecutable acts, though his sustained mutual nudity he regularly orchestrated in gyms smacks of impropriety to many including this blogger.

Update (6/25/15)- The New York Times issued a description of the member’s-only meeting and responses by his attorney/mouthpiece, Ben Brafman.  See:

Rosenblatt continued on his morally obtuse line when he managed to both say:

This is a crisis created by my own lapses of judgment…….I have brought pain to people, shame to my family and I have caused a desecration of the divine name.

But according to someone attending, his position was:

That the calls for him to no longer be the rabbi are disproportionate to what he did. And he said he looks forward to serving his community.


4 thoughts on “Breaking- Rosenblatt Announces He Will Not Resign

  1. I wish I had been in the locker room with him to see the brass set he’s got, attacking YCT every time he opens his mouth, all while getting his thrills ogling his rabbinical interns and young congregants.

    His board obviously doesn’t have nearly as big a pair as he’s got or he would be long gone.

    • They can summarily fire him but would then end up in court or beit din. I think they should be willing to go the distance but he does have a large contingent of support and he does have a contract. I suspect the board has more dirt on him and to win the fight they will have to go public with it. The problem for them is that it will disclose past board failings and might even open them up further to potential legal liabilities.

      The board blew it when they renewed his contract in spite of misgivings and the chickens have come home to roost.

  2. Another Erps has been arrested, this one said to drive a bus for the Monsey Viener yeshiva. Question is how is he related to the original?

    • The Erps are a large vishnitz family. I am told he is not a direct descendent of Baruch Erps who was dismissed by the Yeshiva of Spring Valley because of allegations of child sex abuse. I do not know about whether he is part of that extended family. I am still looking into it.

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