British Judge Explains 13-Year Sentence for Todros Grynhaus

Todros Grynhaus

Todros Grynhaus

The London Jewish Chronicle reports Mr Justice Timothy Holroyde’s explanation for the thirteen-year sentence he gave Todros Grynhaus

This was a refined degree of cruelty on your part. You knew what you were doing and you knew what harm you would cause. You are an utter hypocrite. You professed your religion whilst cynically condemning your victims to suffer and giving false evidence seeking to cast blame on them.

“I have no doubt that you felt able to rely on a prevailing attitude of insularity which you hoped would prevent these allegations from ever coming to the attention of the police. You hoped that, at worse, you might have to pay a form of financial penalty as directed at the Beth Din.

“You believed that the combination of the girls’ sexual ignorance and the attitudes of some within your community would make it even harder for your victims to complain about you, and you came close to getting away with it.

“Even when the allegations were reported to the police, I am afraid the evidence I have heard shows that many in your community were taken in by your lying protestations of innocence. Others will have to examine their own consciences, and should reflect that, but for the courage of your two victims, your serious crimes would have gone unpunished.

“You are a highly intelligent man. You knew the consequences of your wicked actions. You saw the distress of the witnesses during the trial. You could have spared them that additional harm but you chose to brazen it out, twice giving evidence which you now admit was untrue. In my judgement there is a significant risk you will commit further sexual offences against a girl or girls.”

Members of the orthodox community often complain about the desecration of G-d’s name when such scandals are revealed. As far as I am concerned, the greater scandal is that it takes a judge outside the community to deliver such a clear statement of the harm such offenders inflict on children in the community. While such rabbis inside community eventually supported the prosecution effort it was only after colluding in covering it up. Worse, some opposed the prosecution to the end, such as Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon of Lakewood, NJ who still has influence in England where he grew up and was influential at the rabbinical seminary in Gateshead.


5 thoughts on “British Judge Explains 13-Year Sentence for Todros Grynhaus

  1. What is your source that Salomon opposed this lawsuit? Besides a couple of has-been asskanim, society in England is fully behind the victim, including rabbonim and laymen alike.

  2. Yerachmiel, how do you know that Reb Matisyohu was opposed to the prosecution? Almost every single Rov in England supported the accusers, and although Todros learned in Gateshead and R’ Matisyahu has alot of sympathy for his plight, he nevertheless supported prosecuting him for his crimes. I’m interested to hear where you get your information from, because you might want to double check the facts before you post.

    • Actually, rabbonim were divided but some important rabbonim, including the Rav Hair of Gateshead, supported the trial. My source re Solomon is an insider on this case. Matisyahu Solomon took this position both before the first trial which ended with a hung jury, and with the second trial.

  3. Rabbeinu Gershom required Ashkenazic Jews to refrain from having more than one wife because having two wives was simply unacceptable in the larger Christian society.

    The larger Christian society is repulsed–and it should be–by pedophilia.

    The biggest chillul Hashem is not the actions of these perverts and reshayim. It is the cover-up that often ensues, leading many non-Jews, with much justification, to wonder aloud what in Heaven’s name is prompting such primitive behavior and worse.

    • The inward turn of the Haredi world has made it both fearful of the outside and indifferent to general social values. They would rather abide some molesters than rely on the outside for help. I am speaking in general and there are some exceptions. But that is the general trend and mentality.

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