Matisyahu Salomon Subpoenaed: Accused of Manipulating a Child in a Custody Case

Matisyahu Solomon

Matisyahu Solomon

Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon is accused in court papers of counseling an eleven-year-old girl to deliberately be hostile to her mother as a way of manipulating a custody dispute between her parents.

Salomon is the mashgiach (spiritual advisor) at the large Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ since 1998. Before that he was masgiach in Gateshead, England, which is where he grew up.

Papers filed in Queens County Family Court accuse Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon of “assisting” a father in “wrongful attempts to alienate the daughter… from the mother.”

The mother submitted a motion to have the court issue “an Order of Protection directing Matisyahu Salomon… from having any contact with” the daughter.” There is a hearing on the motion on Thursday, July 16, 2015. Matisyahu Salomon has been subpoenaed to appear at that hearing.

As evidence for this contention, the motion includes a transcript of a conversation the daughter had with an outside party (and attaches the actual recording file). The eleven-year-old girl said:

I went to Reb Matisyahu [Salomon]… He told me there is no way to do it without a fight… He told me you can’t think about breaking people’s heart… There is no way to do it without court… He spoke to my father and he talked to me… He [my father] knows… He told me to do this… I have to do this myself… He told me I should talk to her and not speak nicely. He told me I should stop talking nicely. I should scream and be like that.

The girl is accepting Rabbi Salomon’s advice in the hope of having custody go to the father so she can live full time in Lakewood with girls who are frummer (more stringently observant). Mind you her mother is also orthodox and the girl attends an ultra orthodox school in her mother’s neighborhood.

The facts of the case are that the parents of this one and only child divorced when the girl was an infant. The father agreed to grant the mother full physical custody with limited visitation for the father. He then moved to Lakewood, married into a local family and used his daughter’s periodic visits to plant the desire for being more religiously stringent. Rabbi Salomon worked with the father to contrive parental alienation to persuade a court that it would now be in the best interests of the girl to grant the father custody.

The mother was reluctant to publicize the case but felt she needed to stop this sort of misconduct. The mother is eager to learn of any other instances of such manipulation by Matisyahu Salomon. If you are aware of such please contact me. I will treat your identity and information confidentially. If you wish, I will pass along the information to the mother. I can be contacted in the following ways:

  • Yerachmiel Lopin on FaceBook
  • PM on Twitter to @frumfollies
  • Insert a comment on the frumfollies blog using a pseudonym asking me to contact you. I alone will see the email address and will follow up.

Matisyahu Solomon Supoena in custody case


23 thoughts on “Matisyahu Salomon Subpoenaed: Accused of Manipulating a Child in a Custody Case

    • colluding with a parent to harm a child by manipulating it into disruptive and destructive behavior. Also improperly attempting to manipulate the courts. Oh, also, a mensch does not foment hate or put a child between his parents in a divorce.

      • I think you are using loaded terms that are not applicable or true. Besides, since when is ‘manipulation; or discussing a problem with a child a crime? it is done everyday by children to their parents , by friends, by neighbors , and by partners…so what??

        • Which terms are loaded, in your opinion?

          Do you really consider instigating a child to hate her mother is acceptable manipulation? That is much more serious than invoking the tooth fairy to ease the pain of losing a tooth.

        • Ruthy, are you nuts? How would you like it if you had a child and some third party they respected influenced them to be hostile toward you? Alienating children from their parents IS a civil wrong. Which is why it’s being dealt with in a civil, and not a criminal court.

    • A subpoena is not necessarily an accusation. But if you read my article you will see that the mother is accusing Rabbi Solomon of coaching and manipulating the child and she is asking for a court order for him to desist. So, yes, there is an accusation. It is coming from the mother, alleges misconduct by Solomon and is backed by tape recordings of the daughter’s description of Solomon’s behavior.

      • Coaching a child is very common in the orthodox circles when using the civil courts. I have seen many cases of this. Very sad that parents use the children as pawns without concern of the harm they do.

  1. In the Neustein case — the first such case I reported, back in 1996 — the fact that the mother’s young daughter, with whom she’d always had a loving relationship, suddenly began screaming as soon as her mother appeared was used against the mother. She was denied all contact with her child. The father, credibly accused of sexually abusing the girl, won a transfer of sole custody from the mother to him, and extensive evidence that the girl had been coached to be hostile toward her mother was ignored along with all other evidence against the father, who was backed throughout by Orthodox rabbis and the Ohel agency.

    Frankly, therefore, I’m not surprised to see this particular accusation against Rabbi Salomon; what’s unusual is that the mother went public with the evidence, so covering it up will be more difficult. Speaking of cover-ups, you may recall that Rabbi Salomon has publicly insisted it is “sometimes” correct to sweep sex abuse accusations “under the carpet.”

    Ironically, in such cases it’s perfectly common for mothers to lose custody when THEY are merely accused of coaching children to resist their fathers. This is what rabbis mean when they complain about “false accusations” in custody cases. I suppose they know whereof they speak…

  2. read an open letter to mattisyahu soomon that was 60 pages outlining his coverup of abuse

    • It is definitely worth reading. It describes his mentality of fixing things in private and sweeping them under the rug. It is also the single best chronology of the Rabbi Yehuda Kolko story and how “gedolim” covered up for this teacher who molested young boys. Its only limitation is that the chronology ended before he is finally arrested, convicted and is now being sued for child sex abuse.

      • In this connection, I’ll venture a plug for myself: my book (Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities) discusses in some detail the Lakewood cover-up in the Yehuda Kolko case.

        Sources who would not go public have told me for years that leading Lakewood rabbis manipulate family cases. Again — the same rabbis who reportedly do this commonly accuse other people of raising abuse allegations through such manipulation. Make of that what you will.

        Only time will tell what will come of this subpoena, but I suspect there’s a story to be told here.

  3. Mildred negron is a pro women referee, since she is asking for a oop he has a right to ask for a judge, not a referee, hopefully he will get a judge that is more fair. Mothers make these bogus accusations all the time, I just hope he gets a fair hearing.

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  5. These sorts of matters are usually resolved with undertakings. If Rabbi Solomon voluntarily undertakes to the court to desist from future contact with the daughter, the matter will probably go no further. I suspect this will be the outcome, knowing how these sorts of orders work.
    Applications for this sort of restraining order are a civil matter, not a criminal one, but breaching them may be a criminal offence.

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