Bodenheimer Agreed to Sex Offender Probation

Rabbi Gavriel Bodenheimer

Rabbi Gabriel (Gavriel) Bodenheimer, convicted sex offender

Richard Wiesenthal commented on Rabbi Gabriel (Gavriel) Bodenheimer pleading guilty to child endangerment:

This bum stood in court and pled guilty to endangering the emotional, and physical welfare of a young child. He agreed to *”SEX OFFENDER PROBATION” for three years and is unable to enter his own sub standard school as well as any other school.

Granted the plea doesn’t include jail time, but to have a once respected Rabbi in the community stand in a court room and admit that he willfully hurt a child that resulted in sex offender probation says it all .What kind of a person does that: a predator, a pervert, and a person with no moral compass. I am afraid that this low life has a spinning top rather than a moral compass.

Any parent who has willingly sent their child to his school after he was indicted by a grand jury on the original charges is guilty of endangering their own children. I would have loved to see the bum go to jail. I support the death penalty for the likes of this predator. But I am more than pleased that the ordeal for the child and the family is over.

Kudos to the victim and his family for bringing the issue to the police, for following through, for the strength of the child to testify before a grand jury with compelling and believable testimony.

Mr. Bodenheimer’s sex offender probation is far more restrictive than regular probation and carries with it the shame of being a pervert and predator.

When Mr. Bodenheimer left jail after his arrest he wore a paper bag over his head to hide his shame. I think he should get a large supply of paper bags to wear over his head permanently.

While his probation will last only three years, his shame and the shame he has brought on his community and family will last a lifetime. In the meantime, the young man whose childhood innocence he stole can get on with his life outside of this disgusting community and develop into the outstanding, brave, and courageous young man he has already shown he is.

*Mr. Wiesenthal is right. Another person who was present in the courtroom informed me that Bodenheimer explicitly agreed to probation whose terms defined him as a sex offender.

Contrary to some rumors, Bodenheimer’s conviction for child endangerment was not based on physical abuse though he was also widely known for viciously beating students in Bais Mikroh, the school of which he was principal.

Many in the community insist that Bodenheimer’s openness as a physical sadist precludes his being a sex offender as if the two are mutually exclusive, or as if he would openly sodomize children just because he openly beat them. I mocked this attitude in a satirical post, Monsey Rabbis Declare: Bodenheimer Is Not Zimri.

His physical sadism probably helped him conceal his sexual sadism. Kids in his school were terrified of him. Any child he might have sodomized would have to be thinking “Rabbi Bodenheimer will beat me viciously if I complain about him.”

Some people are now claiming that his guilty plea to child endangerment was based on physical abuse. But the facts are otherwise. He pled guilty to sex offenses and that is reflected in his probation agreement.

Bodenheimer is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday, October 27th in the courtroom of Judge Rolf  M. Thorsen in the Rockland County Courthouse (1 South Main Street (4th floor), New City, NY 10956). At that time we will see pre-sentencing reports and probation terms which will further confirm his guilt as a sodamizer.


While he pled guilty to child endangerment, the terms of his plea involved conceding his guilt to other charges which were then covered by his plea to a lesser charge.

NYS WebCrims database (as of 7/3015) which reflects his guilty plea. Most felony charges were not dismissed, just "covered" by child endangerment charges.  He acknowledge fuilt for 7 very serious felony counts of 1st degree "criminal sexual acts."

NYS WebCrims database (as of 7/3015) which reflects his guilty plea. Most felony charges were not dismissed, just “covered” by child endangerment charges. He acknowledge guilt for 7 very serious felony counts of 1st degree “criminal sexual acts.”



35 thoughts on “Bodenheimer Agreed to Sex Offender Probation

  1. I’m sorry about my earlier post, assuming that the charges he pleaded to were based on physical abuse. I stand corrected. And if my comments don’t pass your moderation, can I politely ask what policy I broke, so that I may correct it?

    • i do not recall deleting any comments on this post. Perhaps you assumed they were deleted either because it took me a while to approve or because of some goof on your end in hitting the submit button or having it go through.

  2. FF: Any child he might have sodomized would have to be thinking “Rabbi Bodenheimer will beat me viciously if I complain about him.”

    I hadn’t thought of this angle. If implemented it may actually be more effective as an intimidation tactic than the usual molester threats of repercussions for telling anyone.

  3. I send my children to Bais Mikroh and some punk was out to get Rabbi Bodenheimer. Years ago it was accepted to hit children and parents accepted it. He has had to adjust to the accepted norms and has stopped beating the kids. Some people are gonna pay for the outright lies about him!

  4. So now we’ve gone from quoting lohud as fact to quoting the comments from lohud as fact. The FACT is that – as all who know the details of this case predicted – Bodenheimer has been cleared of all sex charges.

    • no, I quoted a frum follies comment. You confused the links. If you followed the asterisk or read on, you will see multiple confirmations of that claim. Please read to the end. He acknowledged 7 1st degree felony counts, but under his deal he is only punished for a misdemeanor sex crime but is treated as a sex offender in probation.

  5. I deleted the comment for sockpuppeting. You were using both the names Yefes and Shragi. Yerachmiel Lopin

  6. Why has no one else come forward besides this family of losers? Not a single one! He was principal for many years. Do students who graduated from the school and are adults now have anything to fear?

    • I remember being seven and being scared of some strict and nasty grown ups. I never had the hell beaten out of me. Bodenheimer beat the hell out of students and everybody knew about it. The students all saw that the staff never stopped him. If such a guy molests me and tells me not to tell anyone else, I would have to be very brave to talk. INTIMIDATION OFTEN WORKS. Worse, right now, some other victim of an abuser is reading your comment and thinking, if I come forward, who is going to believe me and how will it affect my family in the community. Even in the secular world most victims never tell anyone even as adults. Some go for decades before they tell their story to even one other person such as a therapist, spouse, or friend. Al achas kammah v’kammah in the frum world where it is a bizayon and it affects shiduchim.

  7. I finally have time to comment on this gully plea. According to my monsey sources the DA is telling people close to him who are pushing for a rigorous prosecution of charedie molesters that he let bodenhiemer off with virtually a slap on the wrist, as no other victims have come forward. and that ally happens when u have a real abuser, since abusers usually have struck many times before and someone comes forward even if they don’t want to press charges and go through a trial. [like in the weberman case ten other victims came forward]
    Also although he personally at the time he filled charges believed the kid and family, he at present time does not want to try this case due to the fact that family has very little credibility, so why risk loosing a case when can get a plea that makes the accused look guilty
    other sources are telling me that rabbi bodenhiemer has said that he will clear his name for those people on the fringe who the 40 year chinuch career with not a word against him (not even a hint of a slight rumor) is not enough, by winning a civil case, or by the fact that no civil case will ever be filled against him. bottom line at72 he does not care to retire when he by now has had enough and wants out anyway

    • If you are right, why in the world would Bodenheimer take a guilty plea when his lawyer, who knew the case’s strength and weakness quite well could have forced a dismissal or an easy win at trial? After all, it is the DA who has to prove the case.

    • Well sir, you may not think he is guilty , but he thinks he is guilty because he pled to willingly and willfully hurting the physical , emotional, and spiritual well being of a minor. For that crime to which he pled guilty, he will be sentenced to sex offender probation. Do the math.

  8. In today’s climate even with a very weak case, there is always a slight chance of conviction, therefore Askonim are pushing for guilty pleas even with very weal cases. When you are facing 25 yrs its not worth the risk, to save yourself embarrassment from a crowd that mostly thinks you are 100% innocent.

  9. Yerachmiel,
    Since you are NOT the FAILEDmESSIAH jackass, and you did grow up frum, unlike the said jackass, you actually know the community first hand socially.
    Let me make this clear:I don’t know Bodenheimer and had never heard of him before this became a news item,What I have read and understand to be true, is that he was a tough principal that did not spare the rod.I don’t like tough principals or teachers and believe that hitting students or ones own children, at least in todays generation, is an absolute no no, unless a child does something dangerous like crossing a street without looking, putting fingers near electricity etc, things that can be life threatening and a hard smack may be the only tool to let them know that that behaviour cannot be repeated under any circumstance,Besides for that corporal punishment had no place.

    Getting back to Bodenheimer and why he would take the plea if he was not guilty.
    If I was his attorney and got such a deal or even if accused and knew the accusations were wrong, would still take the deal.Why risk sitting many years in jail, if a prosecutor, in a charged environment, with jackass bloggers such as the Failed one and his anti chareidi bloggers twisting justices arm around to convict? Bodenheimer does not get sex offender status, because he did not cop a sexual offense plea, not time in jail and most probably no chance of losing a civil suit.
    Great deal for him, with minor inconvenience to his stature.At his age he most probably not looking to work anymore anyway.

    Now, since you have been following pedophiles and sex offenders for quite some time, does he sound like a typical offender?.When someone with power and close proximity to kids for many years only has one accuser.? When he was known as being a tough no sparing of the rod educator is it so unlikely that some students hate his guts?.

    You know that once upon a time not long ago, before the sunshine of the internet came around molesters lurked in frum society ,albeit a small percentage of teachers and the general frum population and mostly made up of a few mass-molesters with many victims.Today, the flip side has happened.Every frum person is supposedly a potential pedo.We have gone overboard, largely through the “help” of the failed jackass, who’s own grandad was a bona fide mafia criminal known as the Al Capone of St Paul the “honorable” Leon Gleckman’
    Sexual predators especially ones with “easy” targets like children don’t stop at one.They have a long trail,with numerous victims going back to early adulthood and finally stopping when the law catches up with them, if it ever does..If the case had any decent credibility we would have heard of many many others, yet, unless one is a gambling man, why risk a long sentence?
    Do you think that if Rubashkin and his family and legal team thought he could have gotten 27 years inside would not have copped a plea, even if the believed he was “almost” innocent?

    • Absolutely correct. Why gamble even if you beleive you have a winning hand. If there are attorneys on this blog let them tell us that they would plead with their client to grab this deal even if they are 100% innocent..

      • But this was a terrible deal for Bodenheimer. He is a proud Yekke who will be forever tarred as a sex abuser. He had to give up control of his school or working with children in any other way. He is about 70 years old who has done nothing but education most of his life. At his age, this energetic, healthy man is being forced into unwanted, premature retirement. Granted, it beats going to jail. But let’s not make believe that this was like a traffic fine.

  10. Any logical person can see that Bodenheimer didn’t have a choice
    Take a chance at getting 10 -20 years in jail in a he said / she said trial without evidence, or take a plea..
    this proves nothing except for the lopsidedness of the justice system.

    • The burden of proof is on the prosecution and it is a high burder, “Beyond a reasonable doubt.” By your logic no one is guilty. If convicted the trial is unfair. If they please guilty, they did it because they were afraid of a trial. Bodenheimer had a good attorney and all the money he needed to defend himself.

  11. Yerachmiel,
    What are you saying? You think that if was not guilty he should not have copped a plea?
    We’ve tried to explain to you why that may not be true, since he stood to lose big time if he lost.
    Let me tell you something about myself,k?
    I was once arrested for a minor infraction in New York.The cop who arrested me wanted the overtime.After going thru the regular process in New York of Central Booking, overnight stay till one sees the judge, I plead guilty, although I was 100% NOT guilty.Why did i take the plea? I could not afford a decent lawyer,the “punishment” was a fine, and the real hard thing was being booked over night in Central Booking in New York was behind me.The arrest was one of those New York-Guiliani things, when people could get locked up for minor infractions, like having a suspended drivers license because one forgot to pay a ticket.
    So, i know that sometimes you are better off pleading guilty even if its not true

    • I answered you before. But would you plead guilty to retzichah, or sexual assaults when you had a fully paid for lawyer and it would cost you your school, your career and your reputation. Most of us don’t mind being known to have speeded. But almost all of us do not want to be known as child abusers. that is even more true of a proud yekke like Bodenheimer.

  12. Yerachmiel,
    That is your own opinion.I think many people will plead guilty rather than risking being locked up for years.
    As i said before, i don’t know if bodenheimer is a molester, but he sure does not fit the profile:Many years with kids, one accuser?And otherthings you certainly know

    • George, molesters come in many varieties. His fearsome beatings and community stature are such that there may be other victims we do not know about. Having watched many haredi cases I can say that most indictments/arrests are based on single victims willing to come forward.

  13. Lastly,
    Are you looking for people to agree or are you looking for respectful debate?
    If its the former, that’s another page out of the failed one.

    • George, I stand by my record for both truthful reporting, and thoughtful discussion and debate. Not sure where your kvetchy comment comes from. You seem to be running out of substantive things to say.

  14. It says that Rabbi Bodenheimer is not allowed to be in school but I know for a fact that he has been there. Is he already breaking the terms of his plea deal?

  15. Worried Parent –
    Although Yerachmiel doesn’t want you to know this, Rabbi Bodenheimer is not a sex offender. He is guilty of endangering the welfare of a child; the same thing you’re guilty of if you drive a child in a car without buckling him in properly.
    As pointed out:
    “But Bodenheimer will not be required to register as a sex offender and, as the relevant section of New York’s penal code (posted in full below) notes, a probation officer can allow an offender access to a school or other facility where students are present, as long as the school’s administrator agrees. That could mean that Bodenheimer will be allowed to enter Bais Mikroh….”
    While failedmessiah is no lover of Charedi Jews at least he is honest….

    • You are missing the probation terms that are part of the plea bargain. They specify restrictions and connection with the sexual aspects of the child endangerment. He will not be allowed to be involved in education in any way shape or form. He will not be allowed in school buildings, etc. The written text will become available at sentencing and you will see what I am talking about. But it already came up verbally when he entered his plea.

      Nice of you to credit Shmarya of Failed Messiah with accuracy, but he says the same thing as me:

      “The new deal calls for Bodenheimer to be sentenced to three years probation. He will also be barred from teaching or entering any school over those three years and will face other restrictions imposed on sex offenders. He will also be prohibited from having any contact with the victim.”

    • It depends on the terms of probation (which is separate from sex offender status). I spoke to someone taking careful notes in the court room and the terms of probation as stated during the court session include him being excluded from being schools or working with children.

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