Submit Your Questions to the Sauna Rabbi’s Q&A Session

Sauna TurkeyJonathan Rosenblatt has survived an attempt by his board to get him to resign following stories in the New York Times and the NY Jewish Week detailing his unconventional nude sauna and shower bonding with boys and young men. Now he is trying to refurbish his reputation in a congregation whose board voted 34-8 to seek his resignation.

His board has scheduled a members-only meeting tonight (Wed., 9/2/15). According to the notice:

Rabbi Rosenblatt announced his desire and intention to… serve and he provided a vision of the future of the congregation. At that time, members of the Board felt that it would be beneficial for the members to hear the Rabbi’s message directly from him…

The RJC membership is invited to a gathering with Rabbi Rosenblatt…

Submit written questions that you would like to have addressed during the gathering: 1) to a special box in the shul office; 2) by email to or 3) on index cards… during the gathering.

Questions and Answers street signsDisaffected members of RJC expect the questions to be censored  avoid his sauna predilections.

Folks, here is your place to post the questions you really want answered.

Please submit the questions you really want answered by Jonathan Rosenblatt and his executive committee. They probably won’t be answered tonight but at least there will be a record of his evasions.

Fire away folks! If you are a member of RJC and plan on asking the same questions or already have, please indicate that in your comments. Feel free to use pseudonyms, but not ones that are likely already in use like common single names or “anonymous.” I just want to avoid confusion about who is making what comment.

Note- commenting rules apply. No vulgar language, please!


6 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions to the Sauna Rabbi’s Q&A Session

  1. Dear Rabbi Rosenblatt,

    There have been allegations by previous and current members that you have a predilection for muscular younger males and you prefer realizing that by seeing them fully naked. Can you acknowledge this complaint with a denial so we can put to BED such mean spirited criticisms?

    Also, your response would be extremely helpful for prospective members vis a vis their decision whether or not to join the shul.

    Is the rumor true that you have a photographic memory, such that bringing cameras into the sauna would be overkill?

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of the urgency some of us feel.

    On the fence in Riverdale

  2. What is your understanding of the proper dignity of the rabbinate? Of effectiveness in commanding a congregation’s respect?
    Have you considered early retirement? I hear that Century Village has great saunas.
    When will you be going to the mikvah before Yom Kippur? Because I want to go a different time.

    • Well, now, if he were Chassidic, he most likely would be going to Mikveh every day. Now, I don’t know if that has some spiritual basis, or is to cover the possible sin of nocturnal zerah levatala?
      But, in keeping with dan l’kaf zechut,
      figure once a year. and figure that he does not go to the infamous molester’s shul in brooklyn, either. But our Riverdale exemplar (aka sauna guy) isn’t going to brooklyn. It would be helpful/informative to know where he does go.
      Let’s pray that real molesters don’t piggyback on his movements.

  3. Rabbi, which is more true: 1. is it that you want to see the boys’ penises or 2. Do you want the boys to see your penis? I guess it could’ve be both.

    • Based on accounts in the press and ones shared privately, both. But it wasn’t just genitalia. He was into the display of his own musculature and admiring those of younger males. He may very well be an exhibitionist and voyeur at the same time.

  4. Rabbi Rosenblatt, seeing that you have interesting and seemingly innovative approaches to spreading your teachings and Hafotzas Hammayonos, I would like to ask you the following question:

    By whom did you have Tashmish? Oops, I mean Shimush

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