Barry Freundel Issues Public Apology

Unlike his lame apology at sentencing for mikveh voyeurism, this has the ring of truth. It is of course hard to know how sincere it is vs how much it is just an attempt to regain at least some of his old connections.

I suspect we never would have gotten it before his heavy sentence and the victim statements made at his sentencing, something he acknowledges in his apology. I leave it to his victims to decide whether they either believe he is sincere or want to accept it.

See the full text of the apology in the Washington Jewish Week.

I would appreciate the reactions of readers and his victims to this apology.


5 thoughts on “Barry Freundel Issues Public Apology

  1. Wow!

    If this is not heartfelt and sincere, it certainly has me fooled. I don’t think he should be stuck in solitary confinement, but it seems to have reoriented his thinking in a positive direction.

  2. I don’t know what you fellows are so impressed about. This letter didn’t cost him anything. He didn’t own up to anything that everybody doesn’t already know. The fact that he wrote this letter certainly puts him in a better light in the eyes of people so it could be merely self serving. After all he isn’t stupid. I’m not asking for Lishma and teshuva even shelo lishma will be ok, but the teshuva must consist of at least the following 2 things. 1) True making good (as much as possible) to those he hurt and an offer to do something real for them that would likely appease them and it should be at a significant cost to him in order for to be real. 2) Taking the full necessary steps to better himself so that he is no longer someone who might do such a thing. The letter is maybe fine and good but it is no indication yet of anything real. IMHO.

    • How about verbally stated Mechila, to each and everyone of his victims. not just the 50+ still within SOL, but over a hundred at least. How do we know that number, whatever it is? Well the authorities confiscated all of his tapes, computers, et al. Those not wanting to come public, still, deserve a face to face mechila from this menuval. Their names can remain anonymous. They can decline to meet with him. Reminds me of Madoff.
      Short of that, as a minimum, the menuval is still full of charah. (is that word allowed?).
      Someone could coordinate contacts , anonymously, something akin to Irving Picard recouping funds for Madoff victims, except that Picard made at least 35 million from this deal.
      But that story is not appropriate or relevant here, for another day, on a different site. Don’t want to appear as if I have an axe to grind, as some other posters have occasionally egregiously done on this very site. .
      (and no, for the record, I have never ever trusted a money mgr with my assets. or even mutual funds). Someone to take over responsibility to coordinate a long list of victims open to hearing a face to face Mechila. Those who are willing to have the scabs and scars disturbed. This will most likely not occur until
      She yavo hameshiach, and not the one in Queens.. T this phantastical fantasy might occur,
      will this go through?

      Gmar Chatima tovah to all of YL’s loyal readers. May it be a successful year for all of the CSA advocates/bloggers. and of course the survivors/victims.

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